A Guide to Gevril Watches And Their Best Models

Gevril is an underrated watch brand that not a lot of people are aware of. However, while it may not be as a well-known brand as Rolex or Omega to the general public, Gevril watches definitely have certain notoriety amongst those knowledgeable about the watchmaking industry. This is primarily because Gevril has a rich heritage that is clearly reflected in the beautiful timepieces it has in its arsenal.

Today, Gevril is regarded by watch enthusiasts as one of the best watchmakers to check out if you want something outside of the big names. Without further ado, let us take a look at Gevril, its history, and everything it has to offer.

A Brief Background on Gevril Watches

The story of Gevril Watches dates back to the mid-18th century with Jacques Gevril, who was a rising watchmaker at that time. 

In 1758, Gevril, along with Pierre Jaquet-Droz (known for founding the famous, storied luxury brand Jaquet Droz), presented his creations to King Ferdinand VI of Spain. Ferdinand VI immediately took a liking to their pieces. Shortly after, Gevril chose to stay in Spain, where he became the Royal Watchmaker, in order to further enhance his skills in the craft. This has become a crucial part of the brand’s history, as it has always prided itself on serving the Spanish Crown with distinction.

In the 1990s, Gevril was acquired by a Swiss distributor, which prompted the brand’s re-launch at the 1995 BaselFair. This eventually led to the brand being sold to a Swiss businessman who was incredibly passionate about the watchmaking craft and who wanted to see Gevril thrive once more. Today, Gevril continues to operate out of its New York headquarters. Its main factory, however, resides in Switzerland, with every Gevril watch produced passing the strictest of Swiss quality control standards.

Overview of Gevril Watches Collections  

At present, the Swiss brand has two main collections, known respectively as Gevril and GV2. Both of these watch lines consist of a wide variety of watches that are further categorized into smaller sub-collections. 

Gevril Collection

The Gevril collection offers a total of 216 watches that are grouped into 18 different sub-series. Each named after a famous neighbourhood in New York, these sub-collections include the Guggenheim, Lenox, Chambers, West Village, Hudson Yards, Five Points, Yorkville, Seacloud, Vanderbilt, Mulberry, Madison, Wall Street, Wall Street Chronograph, Vaughn, Avenues of America, Wallabout, West 30th St, and Canal Street.

These sub-series all feature a wide assortment of designs, from sporty and casual to dressy and chic. The Gevril collection also has a rather large price range, with the most affordable model selling at $2,795 USD and the most expensive watch retailing at around $35,000 USD. One interesting thing about the Gevril collection is that all the timepieces in it are designed for men, unlike the GV2 lineup.

GV2 Collection

The GV2, on the other hand, offers over 400 Gevril watches that are categorized into 34 sub-collections for both men and women. The GV2 Men’s series comprises the Rovescio, Marchese, Squalo, Scuderia, Motorcycle Sport, XO Submarine, Potente, Giromondo, Contasecondi, Liguria, and Triton. Meanwhile, the GV2 Women’s line consists of the sub-collections named after regions in Italy, such as Genoa, Lombardy, Piemonte, Spello, Verona, Turin, Milan, Padova, Astor, Naples, Bari, Rome, Astor II, Berletta, Siena, Venice, Matera, Palmanova, Ravenna, Florence, and Marsala

The GV2 men’s line consists of mostly sporty and multi-functional watches while the women’s range showcases more artistic and classic-looking timepieces. Unlike the Gevril collection, the GV2 watches actually sell at quite a narrow price range despite how numerous they are. The least expensive GV2 watch is available at $1,895 USD while the most expensive model is priced at just $3,895 USD. 

Best Gevril Watch Models

Now, let us take a closer look at the best-selling models offered by the brand. 

1. Gevril Hudson Yards Diver

Front view of the Gevril Hudson Yards Diver.

The Gevril Hudson Yards Diver is a classic and handsome sports watch that is highly reminiscent of the robust Rolex Submariner Date. This model is actually inspired by the well-known upscale gated community on the lower west side of Manhattan, which explains its sophisticated exterior.

The Gevril Hudson Yards Diver is presented in a 42mm stainless steel case. This is coupled with a refined stainless steel bracelet that shows off gold-plated centre links, adding to the luxurious look of this timepiece. Fixed on top of the case is a ceramic elapsed time scale bezel in rich blue. With its brilliant gold-rimmed edges, this bezel strongly resembles the classy Rolex Bluesy. On either side of the case, you can also find a gold-plated helium release valve and a screw-down crown at 10 and 3 o’clock respectively, blending well with the blue-gold bezel.

The dial of this watch follows a fairly straightforward layout. It showcases a lovely deep blue finish that goes well with the bezel. This dial is adorned with triangular hour markers, a rectangular date window, and large torch-shaped hands. All of these elements are coated in lume and outlined in gold, allowing them to stand out more clearly against the blue backdrop.

Powering this timepiece is an automatic Sellita SW200 movement, which you can catch a glimpse of through the transparent caseback. It also has an impressive 300-meter water resistance rating, making this watch suitable for most water activities.

If you want a robust Gevril watch that looks much more than it costs, you can get your hands on this piece for just $4,495 US.

2. Gevril GV2 XO Submarine 48

Front view of the  Gevril GV2 XO Submarine 48.

Next, we have the Gevril GV2 XO Submarine 48. This is another excellent Gevril diver watch, but this time, from the brand’s GV2 collection. It has a robust yet elegant design that is quite similar to the watches from Bell & Ross. This Gevril piece is a must-have for those who appreciate chunky timepieces.

This Gevril G2 watch comes in an oversized 48mm IPYG case in lavish gold, coupled with a dark blue rotating bezel and a matching Italian leather strap. Its dark blue watch face is a little busier than that of the aforementioned timepiece, comprising luminous hour indices, broad sword hands, a small seconds counter, and a handy dual timezone display on its inner bezel. A small red hand can be found in the small seconds sub-dial, adding a hint of vibrancy to this watch face.

Unlike the previous model, this Gevril timepiece comes with a solid caseback that is engraved with the GV2 emblem. Underneath this caseback, you can find an MS05G Caliber. This is a Swiss automatic movement that boasts a solid 100-meter water resistance rating.

For $3,295 USD, you can get this rugged yet refined dive watch.

3. Gevril Vaugn Pilot 

Front view of the Gevril Vaugn Pilot.

The Gevril Vaugn Pilot serves as a more casual timepiece for everyday use. Even with just a glance, you can already tell that this is an aviation watch. We would even go as far as to say that it is the perfect alternative for those who love IWC’s iconic pilot models. 

This Gevril watch is housed in a 44mm stainless steel case, paired with an Italian leather strap in grey. The matching, serious grey dial features a clever cockpit-inspired layout. It consists of luminescent losange hands, Arabic numeral markers in a neat typeface, and a compact date display at 3 o’clock. On the underside of the watch is an exhibition-style caseback, which unveils the Sellita SW200 movement running inside. Finally, you will not have to worry too much about getting this timepiece wet, as it comes with a decent depth rating of 50 meters.

This Gevril pilot watch retails at $3,695 USD.

4. Gevril Wall Street 

Front view of the Gevril Wall Street.

For those who absolutely adore the iconic Rolex GMT-Master II but do not have the budget to afford it, the Gevril Wall Street is the ideal alternative. With its stylish Pepsi bezel, this watch is the perfect representation of a classic sports piece, making it a no-brainer purchase for many. Aside from that, this model actually derives its inspiration from the beautiful New York City skyline, which makes it a great conversation starter as well.

This Gevril watch utilizes a 43mm stainless steel case, coupled with a matching five-link bracelet and a two-tone bezel made of ceramic. This GMT bezel comes in striking red and blue hues, strongly recalling the popular Rolex Pepsi.

Standing out against this colorful bezel is the watch’s jet-black dial. The design of this dial actually has strong Rolex Submariner influences too, as it looks remarkably like the dial of the Rolex Submariner Ref. 16610 Black. It is furnished with hour markers in various geometric shapes, luminous Mercedes hands, and a magnified date complication at 3 o’clock. An additional GMT hand in bright red is used to indicate the watch’s second timezone. This watch face is also protected by an anti-glare sapphire crystal, which gives wearers a clear and legible view of the dial.

The Gevril Wall Street is driven by an automatic SW330 Caliber. This is a Swiss-made movement with a substantial power reserve of 56 hours. In addition, it also boasts a 200-meter water resistance rating, making it a reliable companion for all your water adventures.

This high-end Gevril watch is priced at approximately $4,195 USD.

5. Gevril GV2 Triton Automatic 

Front view of the Gevril GV2 Triton Automatic.

If you are looking for more avant-garde Gevril watches, then the Gevril GV2 Triton Automatic is perfect. This limited-edition model is one of the most unique timepieces in the brand’s entire catalog. It has an unconventional build that feels almost futuristic and out-of-this-world. Without a doubt, it is a great option for those who enjoy eccentric watches.

This GV2 timepiece uses a 48mm submarine-inspired gunmetal case and a calfskin leather strap in black. This case has a one-of-a-kind shape, with two spinning rotors mounted on either side of it. A long, handle-like strip of metal is used to attach the bottom half of the watch’s case to its strap, adding to this watch’s bulky look. On the underside of the watch, you can find a solid caseback that has been printed with the image of a turbine.

Complementing the watch’s caseback is its dial, which also showcases a turbine-like design. It is decorated with rectangular hour indices, Arabic numeral markers in a bold white typeface, and arrow-headed hands in bright red which add a splash of colour to this otherwise monochrome watch face.

Inside this unusual watch case, you can find a Swiss-made MD3G movement. This automatic caliber has a decent power supply of 40 hours. In addition, this watch can also withstand water pressures of up to 50 meters, allowing it to survive any splashes or showers.

If you are a fan of cool and quirky watches, this $3,395 USD model might be just the right one for you.

6. Gevril GV2 Milan Diamond 

Front view of the Gevril GV2 Milan Diamond.

Next, we have the Gevril GV2 Milan Diamond, which will surely appeal to all the ladies who love the iconic Cartier Santos watch. It is the epitome of luxury and elegance, making it an ideal accessory for all kinds of formal occasions. Furthermore, despite its opulence, this Gevril watch still has an air of simplicity around it, which gives it a rather versatile edge as well. 

This GV2 watch is presented in a slender 27.5mm square case in exquisite rose gold, coupled with a genuine black patent leather strap. Sitting atop the case is a fixed which is embellished with gorgeous cut diamonds, while on the right side of the case, you can find a lovely push-pull crown in rose gold with a blue cabochon spinel, contributing greatly to the watch’s luxurious look.

The watch’s white dial, on the other hand, exudes a more simple and straightforward appeal. It is furnished with just small black sword hands, bold Roman numerals in a slanting typeface, and eight more diamonds embedded throughout the minute track.

The Gevril G2 Milan Diamond is powered by a Ronda 762 movement. This is a Swiss quartz caliber with a 50-meter water resistance capacity and an outstanding ten-year battery life.

Selling at just $2,795 USD, this is definitely a lovely women’s watch that boasts truly splendid elements

7. Gevril Vanderbilt Open Heart

Front view of the Gevril Vanderbilt Open Heart.

The Gevril Vanderbilt Open Heart is a stunning watch inspired by Alva Vanderbilt’s grand Manhattan mansion. Just like the iconic residence, the goal was to create a timepiece that would immediately be noticed by all around it. This is why everything about this model screams prestigious and refined. 

The Gevril Vanderbilt Open Heart has a very quintessential build, with a 47mm stainless steel case and an Italian calfskin leather strap in black. The silver dial showcases a sophisticated open heart display, giving you a clear view of the lovely, gold-plated movement inside the watch. This dial is also adorned with elegant, blued steel Breguet hands and slim Roman numeral hour markers. The underside of the timepiece is sealed shut by an exhibition caseback, which means that you get a glimpse of the watch’s automatic MD3G movement from both sides. Lastly, this model has a solid 50-meter water resistance rating, meaning it can withstand some splashes here and there.

With its classic and sophisticated design, it is no wonder that this $2,995 USD Gevril watch is one of the brand’s best-selling pieces.

8. Gevril Five Points Automatic

Front view of the Gevril Five Points Automatic.

Next, we have the Gevril Five Points Automatic which is a staple watch option for everyone. This watch boasts a very quintessential and minimalistic design, giving it a timeless appeal that is great for both formal and casual occasions. Indeed, you really cannot go wrong with a timepiece as versatile as this one.

The Gevril Five Points Automatic utilizes a 43mm stainless steel case and a genuine Italian leather strap in black with white stitching. Complementing its case is a clean, silver-white dial. This dial follows a very straightforward, almost austere layout, comprising rose gold-plated hour indices, carefully-beveled dauphine hands, and a quaint date aperture at 6 o’clock.

Flipping the watch over, you will find a see-through caseback which gives you a view of the watch’s automatic Sellita SW200 movement. Held together by 26 jewels, this caliber has a respectable 38-hour power supply and an accuracy rate of +/-15 seconds per day.

With a price tag of just $2,995 USD, the Gevril Five Points Automatic is a must-have for those who love classic dress watches.

9. Gevril GV2 Scuderia Chronograph

Front view of the Gevril GV2 Scuderia Chronograpp.

The Gevril GV2 Scuderia Chronograph is a gorgeous sports watch that takes inspiration from the wonderful world of Italian racing. Everything about it screams fast and furious, especially with its incredibly robust, masculine exterior. Any racer would be lucky to have this watch as their racing companion. 

This GV2 watch shows off a rugged black-tone stainless steel case measuring 45mm in diameter, coupled with a checkered black leather strap. Fixed on top of the case is a tachymeter bezel in metallic red that gleams handsomely under the light. As a racing piece, the dial of this watch has a rather crowded display that is packed full of handy features. It consists of applique hour indices in red, thick silver skeletal hands, a 24-hour layout, a date complication at 4 o’clock, and three sub-dials.

The three chronograph sub-dials are easily the most fun part of this watch. They serve as the 60-second, 30-minute, and 12-hour counters. Each sub-counter bears a different design. The 60-second counter, which is outlined in silver, resembles the speedometers found on racecar dashboards. The 12-hour sub-dial, on the other hand, has a checkered finish, recalling the starting lines of racetracks. Finally, the 30-minute counter comes in the red, green, and yellow hues frequently associated with traffic lights. Aside from being plain, quirky fun, these differing sub-dial designs are also a testament to the amount of thought Gevril places into its watches.

Driving the Gevril GV2 Scuderia Chronograph is a Ronda Caliber 5130D. This is a multifunctional Swiss quartz chronograph movement. It comes with a battery life of up to two years and an excellent accuracy rate of +20/-10 seconds per month. Finally, it has a depth rating of 100 meters, so you do not have to worry about this watch getting wet.

The Gevril GV2 Scuderia Chronograph costs approximately $2,295 USD.

10. Gevril GV2 Marchese

Front view of the Gevril GV2 Marchese.

Last but not the least, we have the Gevril GV2 Marchese, which marries sophisticated Italian style with excellent watchmaking. This timepiece is equipped with many functions but has all of them displayed in a classic and visually-appealing manner. Patrons of brands like A.Lange & Söhne and Jaquet Droz will surely enjoy this handsome timepiece. 

This Gevril watch is housed in a 44mm octagonal case made of stainless steel. This is coupled with a supple leather strap in brown. Complementing the silver case is a matching silver dial. It is adorned with blued steel Breguet hands, slender Roman numeral hour markers, a small seconds counter, and a big date display placed unusually at 1 o’clock. The blued steel hand of the small seconds counter is designed to look like a tiny aeroplane, adding a quirk of personality to this stylish watch face. In addition, this dial also bears a truly unique day indicator. This day display arcs over the upper half of the dial, listing out all seven days of the week.

Driving all of these functions is a Ronda 7004.P quartz movement. This caliber has a substantial battery life of two years and a depth rating of 50 meters.

Priced at $2,595 USD, the Gevril GV2 Marchese is a great option for those who love classic timepieces with impressive watch complications.

Final Thoughts

Despite not being a popular brand among the general public, Gevril watches truly boast a lot of potential. Its portfolio offers beautiful timepieces that function excellently, thanks to its Swiss heritage. The brand also has an incredibly diverse and vast selection of watches, meaning you are bound to find the ideal timekeeper just for you. Indeed, the ten Gevril watches we have listed above are really only scratching the surface. If you want to expand your collection beyond the mainstream luxury brands, then Gevril is definitely one you should check out! 

Photo Credits: Gevril Official Website

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