5 Fashion Brands That Also Make Impressive Watches

Most of the time when fashion brands release watches as part of their product offering, they’re accused of slapping their logo on something they have no business producing and get labeled as “cash grabbers.”

And sometimes, that is arguably fair; just like it would be different for watch brands to release a handbag or a pair of shoes For the most part, fashion brands should stick to what they know and focus on creating fantastic fashion pieces.

However, there are instances when fashion brands absolutely nail it and produce watches that make members of the horological community swoon. Today’s article will be focusing on such fashion brands and their watches, so keep reading.

1: Chanel

This iconic French brand has long been a key player in the high fashion industry and is no stranger to producing stunning wristwear. Chanel was founded back in 1910 in Paris by Gabrielle Chanel. The company started out as a producer of high-class women’s wear and has evolved into a fashion empire.

Chanel J12 Watch

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Even though it is a fashion brand, we permanently feature Chanel watches in our online collection. Admittedly, the brand does produce jewelry watches. But scattered throughout its collection are notable timepieces that set Chanel apart from the rest.

Said timepieces include the watches found within collections Chanel J12, Monsieur de CHANEL, Code Coco, and Mademoiselle Privé. Chanel is fast becoming known for producing watches that are chic, stylish, elegant as well as durable, and incredibly reliable.

2: Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is the fashion designer who started the Ralph Lauren Group, an American brand that produces clothing, accessories, fragrances, and home wear that toe the line between mid-range & luxury. The Ralph Lauren Group has been operating since 1967.

Ralph Lauren watch
Source: Ralph Lauren Official Website

The brand is incredibly successful in each of the four categories it operates in. So, nobody was surprised when they added watches as part of their product offering.

The watches that Ralph Lauren produces feature truly unique designs. They have stellar craftsmanship and more than one collection nods to the brand’s equestrian roots. Ralph Lauren watches that are worth keeps your eye on. Be on the lookout for the Stirrup Collection, the Slim Classique Collection, and the Safari Collection.


GUCCI is a luxury Italian fashion brand that has been producing clothing and leather goods since it was established by Guccio Gucci in the 1920s. Over the years, the brand has successfully infiltrated many niche markets, from belts to vehicle upholstery. It has also become quite adept at manufacturing beautiful fashion watches.

Gucci Le Marché Des Merveilles
Source: Gucci Official Website

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GUCCI holds its own when it comes to watchmaking and the models found in its G-Timeless, Eryx, Gucci Drive and Le Marché Des Merveilles collections speak to this. Its watches are classic, somewhat daring, and incredibly stylish by modern-day standards.

4: Hermès

Another fashion brand that occupies a permanent spot on our website is Hermès, a French manufacturer of leather goods, homeware, lifestyle accessories, perfumes, and jewelry that has been around since 1837. More recently, the brand has tried its hand at watchmaking—and has been remarkably successful as well.

Hermes Cape Cod Watch
Source: Hermes Official Website

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The most beautiful Hermès watches can be found in few different collections namely the Clipper collection, the Galop collection, the Medor collection, the Cape Cod collection, and the Slim selection of watches. Hermès watches are a beauty to behold and deserve their spot on our wrists.


It’s not just high-end fashion brands that are capable of producing beautiful watches. American clothing brand GUESS is here to prove that. The brand was established in New York just under forty years ago. So, it is the youngest brand on our list by many years.

GUESS is an incredibly popular brand because it offers high-quality items. This includes stuff like clothing, shoes, and accessories at reasonable prices and is accessible to most everyday consumers. Their products aren’t the most affordable for all, but they are nowhere near as expensive as the other brands on this list.

Guess watch
Source: Guess watch official website

GUESS watches are sleek, sophisticated, and stylish. This fashion brand offers a range of watches for both men and women and it has a variety of standout models from its numerous collections. These models include the Silver Tone Stainless Steel Watch, the Blue Stainless Steel Watch, and the Silver & Gold Tone Stainless Steel Watch.

Final Thoughts on Fashion Brands

All we can say is that if these brands continue producing fashion watches of these standards, the big watch brands we all know and adore needs to up their game to keep up with their unexpected rivals.

Fashion and watches undoubtedly go hand in hand with one another. But should they? Are fashion watches something you would consider wearing? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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