Diving Deeper with the Citizen Promaster Diver

Over the past three decades, the Citizen Promaster has proven itself as one of the best dive watches on the market. It earned its place with innovative tech, sure-fire dependability and an unusually accessible cost. Let’s delve into the details of how this popular watch became a legend. 

Over 30 Years of Citizen Promasters 

The Citizen Promaster series officially debuted back in 1989, when Janet Jackson’s “Miss You Much” topped the U.S. music charts, Michael Keaton’s Batman broke box office records and the Berlin Wall came tumbling down on live TV. Or, to be more accurate, three Citizen Promasters debuted that year: the Aqualand, the Altichron and the Promaster Sky. The trio hit the world stage as the Titanium Professional collection. 

The Aqualand has remained nearly unaltered over the past three decades. It was actually a reboot of a standalone model that was first produced in 1985. It got some serious attention at the time as the world’s only dive watch with a digital depth gauge. The first Altichron was notable for an altimeter that was capable of registering 10,000 meters above sea level and 300 meters below. The Promaster Sky was the forefather of Citizen’s satellite and radio-controlled watches that were to follow. 

Citizen Promaster Diver

Today, the collection still sticks to the thematic trinity that’s made it a success: Land, Air and Sea. The message is simple. If you’re taking off in flight or diving deep in the ocean, this is the timepiece you want along for the adventure. But of course, we can’t all be so daring in everyday life. So the watches also exude a casual cool or a bold expedition to brunch. The Citizen Promaster Diver emerged as the line’s best seller.

All About the Citizen Eco-Drive

You can’t really talk about Citizen watches without first mentioning the Eco-Drive. Citizen impressed the watch world when it first introduced light-powered timepieces in the 1970s. They perfected the technology for the mass market by the 1990s. Say goodbye to batteries! Today’s ultra-efficient Eco-Drive watches absorb both natural and artificial light through a solar panel under the dial, storing the energy in a lithium-ion cell that can charge a watch for anywhere from a few months to an astonishing few years! While Citizen Promaster watches were popular in their pre-Eco-Drive days, this amazing power capacity is surely an important ingredient to their popularity.  

Basic Black is Always in Style

Citizen Promaster Diver

There are a variety of Citizen Promaster Divers to choose from, but let’s first look at the most popular model, the BN0150-28E. This analog quartz timepiece is solar powered with a stainless steel case, available with a sturdy polyurethane strap or stainless-steel bracelet. It’s quite basic — but in the best of ways! The black dial has simple all-white markings. The three hands are equally simple, albeit wide to complement the somewhat hefty design. The hour, minute and second hand each have generous applications of lume. The minute hand is the watch’s most eye-catching aspect, an orange-edged arrow that provides a pop of color on the otherwise black-and-white palette. 

Most people who buy dive watches don’t actually do deep ocean dives. But it’s nice to know this watch is water resistant up to 200 meters. That gives you a peace of mind for the pool, shower or unintended water hazards. The lume also shines quite brightly and is easily chargeable with any light source. Speaking of power, the reserve is staggering and you can go months on a single charge!    

Bring on the Blue

Another popular model, and a visually pleasing one at that, is the BN0151-09L. It’s pretty much the same watch as the BN0150-28E but sheds the black motif for an eye-catching blue design. Both pieces lean to the hefty side, with a 43-mm case diameter that really expands to 48-mm if you include the crown. But they wear lighter on the wrist than their dimensions suggest.

Citizen Promaster Diver

Aided by a slim 12-mm profile that makes them lightweight in the world of dive watches and perfect for everyday use. The bezel is quite simple, with painted markings on the aluminum. While the standard blue silicone strap is popular, the accessible size and understated look of the dive watch makes it easy to swap out straps for different looks. Pair it with a leather strap for a dressier, yet still sporty, look that goes well with dress-casual attire. Or go more rugged with a nylon NATO strap that’s more fitting for weekend adventuring. Versatility is one of the things that’s kept the Promaster Diver in vogue for so many years.    

Make Way for the EcoZilla!

People are bound to notice if you strap on a Citizen Promaster Diver BJ8050-08E. With a case width of 48-mm and weighty thickness of 18.6-mm it’s hard not to take note. But, like all in the line, its simple styling makes it wear slimmer than its actual size. Unlike other models in the collection, this one is a lefty. Detractors would point out that a crown at the nine o’clock position can dig into the wrist on an active outing. True to its nickname, the watch has a monster 60-click bezel with polished scallops. It comes with a rubber strap but this ready-for-action watch always wears well on nylon.   

Citizen Promaster Diver

While these are the most popular, they’re just a few of the choices in the Citizen Promaster Diver line. You can get totally blacked out with a BN0195-54E, go with a touch of green on the CA0715-03E or take things up a notch with the pricier BN7020-17E, a seriously pro dive watch that’s water resistant up to 1,000 meters. However you like your Promaster Diver, you can enjoy knowing you’re part of over 30 years of history.

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