Top Dive Watches Under 1000

Dive watches are very popular. You don’t have to be a professional diver to own a fancy-looking dive watch. And you can definitely buy one well under $1,000!

These dive watches were built during a time when diving computers weren’t around. And believe it or not, dive watches weren’t exactly collectible during the 50s or the 60s. They were only built according to the names that they were given.

The modern versions of such watches these days don’t just function the way their ancestors were used to back then. They are one of the most coveted timepieces of the generation as far as this writing goes.

But you’re not going to find dive watches under $1,000 if you’re not savvy with retailers. That’s why we did you a favor and put together a list of some of our favorite dive watches here to give you a great head start.

Best Dive Watches

1: Orient Mako XL Dive‌ ‌Watch‌

The Orient Mako watches have some of the most popular designs imaginable. Their XL version comes at a robust 44.5 mm at an unbelievably low price of approximately $165. But make no mistake, the price of this‌ ‌magnificent‌ Orient timepiece does not reflect the impeccable quality.

front view of Orient Mako XL Dive‌ ‌Watch‌

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It consists of a shielded crown, a stainless steel diver timer bezel, and a day/date window. It also has a gorgeously matching link band of stainless steel. If you don’t prefer the classic stainless steel version of the‌ ‌watch, you can switch to emerald green or navy blue among other color choices.

2: Citizen ProMaster Professional‌ ‌Diver‌

The Citizen‌ ‌ProMaster‌ ‌features the brand’s proprietary Eco-Drive technology in which the watch utilizes the power of either natural or artificial light and then converted to energy without requiring you to change its batteries.

The attractive uni-directional bezel, stainless steel case, dark blue polyurethane strap, and blue dial are a thing of beauty. This diver from Citizen also comes with a one-way rotating elapsed time, is ISO-certified with a water-resistance of up to 200m of depth.  You can easily view the features and dials of the watch even when your meters below the surface of the ocean, thanks to the illuminated hands of the dial.

front view of Citizen ProMaster Professional‌ ‌Diver‌ watch

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It also features high-quality Japanese quartz movement which tells the time very accurately and makes the watch highly durable. You won’t need to worry about taking the watch in harsh conditions. Why? Because the dial is made of tough mineral glass, making your timepiece immune to scratches and bumps.

3: Seiko‌ ‌Fifty‌ Five ‌Fathoms‌ SNZH‌ Watch‌

Let’s take into account it’s excellently-detailed features. This watch from Seiko has a Japanese automatic movement, a fantastic appearance, and amazing affordability. The Seiko 5 ‌Automatic‌ ‌Black‌ ‌Dial‌ ‌Stainless‌ ‌Steel‌ ‌Watch‌ is pretty much the most quintessential watch that you could possibly own.

If you found a couple of diver watches from the brand, you will notice that the case pretty much has a universal fit that measures 42 mm x 45 mm x 14 mm. These proportions exude comfort and wearability without the usual brushed and polished surfaces.

front view of Seiko‌ ‌Fifty‌ ‌Fathoms‌ SNZH‌ Watch‌

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The face comprises a black dial, which includes luminous gold-toned hands and gold-toned baton hour markers. The dial also comes with a 3 o’clock date window position, with the rest of the dial shielded by a Hardlex mineral crystal.

The stainless steel strap measures 22 mm. They can be exchanged with different strap-like sailcloth, for instance.

4: Citizen Eco-Drive ProMaster

Although slightly more expensive than some of the other watches on our list, The Citizen ProMaster Eco-Drive is still an excellent watch to own.

The Citizen Eco-Drive ProMaster is another watch that utilizes the brand’s Eco-Drive power system in which it can charge on its own using either natural or artificial light so that you never have to rely on batteries ever again. It even self-winds on its own without you ever having to touch anything.

front view of Citizen Eco-Drive ProMaster watch

It comes with a 200-depth meter with a 7M depth display. And 8‌-hour‌ ‌pusher‌ maximum depth, autostart dive mode, and power reserve indicator that complements a diver’s or swimmer’s needs. The stainless steel case perfectly complements the black dial and black polyurethane strap.

The dial features a round face with an analog display and a gloss finish. It was made with a rubber band, protected by a scratch-resistant mineral crystal, and is ideal for outdoor applications. It’s also anti-reflective so you won’t encounter any glares that could obstruct your vision.

5: Seiko Men’s Automatic‌ ‌Analog‌ ‌Watch‌

Seiko Automatic‌ ‌Analog‌ ‌Watch‌ features some of the finest combinations of Japanese meet Western engineering. It is a common favorite among watch owners due to its affordable price, but also its state-of-the-art features and functions.

front view of Seiko Men’s Automatic‌ ‌Analog‌ ‌Watch‌

Dive watches like this are especially handy for recreational scuba diving and other water-based activities in general. This makes sense as the watch is certified to ISO 6425 which is the standard for diving watches. It boasts a sporty look and can withstand water depths of 660 ft.

The face of these dive watches is covered by a non-reflective Hardlex crystal that is not only shock-resistant but also extremely durable. The markings of the watch are large enough to be legible in any condition, even in poor visibility.

It’s also eco-friendly as the brand uses Lumi Brite luminescent paint that is completely toxic-free and healthy for both the wearers and the environment.

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