Choosing Between Different Watch Movements

When it comes to jewelry, people have always been fond of watches. Watches and add grace to their personality as well. In fact, watches have now become a part of everyday life. Everyone has different taste on the basis of which they choose different styles and series of watches. So if you are in a dilemma of selecting a watch to present to someone, you have to consider some main points to choose the best from the stock. Like watch movements.

Let’s start discussing the different types of watch movements that are out there. The movement of a watch is considered as “the heart” of the watch. It handles the inner mechanism that encompasses the sweep of the watch’s hands around its face. There are three types of movements we’ll go over.

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Different Watch Movements

1: Mechanical Watches

A mechanical watch is actually a special piece reflecting the true craftsmanship and engineering after the manufacturing process of a watch. Mechanical watches have the power preserved in the mainspring. If the coil is long, the period of power reservation is long too. The usual length of the mainspring is 9-13 inches. Mechanical watches are the masterpieces of the craftsmanship. Let’s discuss some of the features.

Character: The springs and gears that make the caliber of a watch are termed as character. The tiny little gears and springs that combine to form the movement of the watch truly reveal the engineering skills of manufacturers. These are the most time important and time-consuming part, making the watch work magnificently.

Movement: Mechanical watches do not make the “ticking” sound. The watch works smoothly with the smooth movement, symbolizing the calmness.

Battery: Like in quartz, a battery is not needed for the mechanical watch to work. This manual winding watch has the ease that you don’t need to move yourself to the jewelry store to change the power cell of the watch. The power is stored inside the spring.

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Regular Winding: The watch requires regular winding. This allows people to wind their watches once a day. This might be annoying for some people, but others enjoy this thing.

Accuracy: Not all mechanical watches are accurate. These watches have an accuracy of 99.99%. But the accuracy starts to taper off with age. To tune up its accuracy, you need to take it to the jeweler every 5 to 10 years. The environmental factors can also change the accuracy.

Sensitive: A mechanical watch keeps the time running smoothly with the help of the movement, consisting of gears and springs. These elements are sensitive to dust, moisture, and magnets, etc. which can destroy the smoothness and working of the watch.

2: Automatic Watches

Automatic or self-winding watches are much like mechanical watches, but they do not require manual winding. The watch gets the power your movements throughout the day while wearing it. The “rotor” present in the watch is connected to the mainspring. The rotor then winds the mainspring as it moves. The slipping clutch helps the watch to prevent from getting over-wound.

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Character: Just like a mechanical watch, the watches have the same craftsmanship factor. The power is stored in the spring, and the movement consists of gears and spring.

Smooth movement: Unlike a QUARTZ watch, the movement of an automatic watch is smooth.

Self-winding: A self-winding watch doesn’t require the user to wind the watch regularly. The movement of your hand automatically winds the watch to preserve the power.

Accuracy:An automatic watch has the accuracy same as that of a mechanical watch. However, it will lose some accuracy over time and will also need tuning. It will provide accuracy up to 99.99%.

Sensitive:The watch movement, also known as “the heart” of the watch, is sensitive to the environment.  The sensitivity is the same as that of a mechanical watch.

3: Quartz Watches

Quartz watches are incredibly accurate and affordable. Mostly, quartz watches are preferred more than mechanical and automatic watches.

Accurate: A quartz watch is the most accurate of all the watches. These watches never miss a second throughout the day.

Durable: If you are a worker and have a rough and tough job, quartz watches might be the right decision for you. These watches are durable and strong that can help you keep your work going.

Affordable: These watches are of an affordable price. You can buy an elegant design watch along with the strong features at a low rate. A good variety is available, and the price is still affordable.

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Less maintenance: Besides changing the battery every year, there is little maintenance you have to perform on a quartz movement watch.

Sound: This watch produces a ticking sound that might be unpleasant for some people. If you are such a person who doesn’t like the ticking sound, you must go for an automatic or mechanical watch. However, some people like the ticking sound of a watch.

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