3 Different Types of Watches You Should Own

For many people, watches may not make a big difference in the appearance of an individual. These few people may take all watches as the same kind; in other words, as a tool that shows nothing but numbers. Well, in that case, every one of them underestimates the part that watches play in their everyday life. So, what are the different types of watches?

Watches are not only about showing time, but they also have some other amazing features that make them unique and precious. Once you get to know more about watches, you will understand how complicated they are and how they differ from each other.

Once you understand the types of watches, you can shortlist your priorities. Accessorize yourself with the best kind of watch for your wrist. Here are three different types of watches you should definitely own.

Dress Watch

These particular types of watches are most suitable for business occasions and formal events. A good dress watch is slim and elegant so that it fits perfectly under the sleeve of your shirt or suit. A dress watch is supposed to be sober so that it does not draw too much attention and look glamorous at the same time.

Cartier Tank watch on its side
Cartier Tank

Dress watches go good with a smart pair of shoes and a classy belt. These watches are made simple, which means there are only an hour and minute hand, although some unique additions may be made, like adding a date window.

To maintain the simplicity of the watch, bezels are made completely black, metallic, or white. A good dress watch can make your personality look even better and give your formal attire a subtle shine. For the people who care to stay in the minimalist lifestyle, dress watches can be a great option.

Dress watches may come in different variants and designs. But mostly, they are considered the best with their simplicity. A finely brushed bezel with basic style strap can define a perfect dress watch.

Options: Rolex Datejust, Frederique Constant Slimline Watch and Cartier Tank

Casual Watch

Unlike clothing style statements, casual watches are the ones that never go out of style. They are neither luxurious nor large and attention-seeking. Casual watches are intended for everyday use and for people that are fond of simple watches and do not require much from them.

front view of Seiko Astron watch

These are the best option for when you’re not going anywhere specifically, and you need not bother with a unique watch for the event. You can wear them on casual weekend get-togethers, while going for a movie, etc.

Since these watches are for everyday-wearers, there’s nothing amiss with picking a moderate alternative when you are on a low budget. You can find a lot of different types in casual watches with calfskin, nylon, or metal in various sizes, designs, and colors.

Most importantly, they are the most reasonable ones and maybe the best decision as a gift, mainly if you are unsure of the person’s choice and liking to whom you need to give a watch. Now, this, of course, comes down to the matter of preference.

Here is how you can select the best casual watch. It should be water-proof if you accidentally wear or put it on a wet surface. The watch can be worn with a wide range of outfits (brown or copper, preferably). Find one that is robust and sporty yet discrete and attractive. It should be simplistic and must not interfere in everyday work (loose bracelets are the worst in this case). Lastly, it’s perfect if the case is made in steel and the bracelet in leather.

Casio G-Shock digital watch on the wrist
Casio G-Shock

Options: Casio F91W-1 Classic, Casio G-Shock

Sports Watch

These are definitely not like dress watches but can classically pull-off a whole look if worn in the right way. They are sleek, durable, and made in quality material always. They are made to resist any trauma, which also very well indicates their durability.

When you buy sports watches, you can quickly expect them to come with odometers, compasses, GPS, altimeters, pulse monitors, etc. For exercises that include physical developments, a dress watch would go wrong. In sports watches, however, the band, case, and watch dial is made with materials that enable you to concentrate on the movement – no compelling reason to stress over your watch snapping off your wrist or the glass breaking mid-game.

Characteristically, they are large but very lightweight. They are made with flexible nylon or rubber straps. Sports watches solely feature functions that are related to sports and handy activities. They can be digital and analog, or both.

front view of Garmin Forerunner watch
Source from Amazon

Sports watches can be a perfect choice for professional use as well. They are made in bold colors that go very well with suits, tuxedos, etc. Their big and attractive design makes them quite a saver in terms of regular and professional usage.

Options: Timex TFE901 Ironman Classic, Garmin Forerunner, and Seiko Men’s SSC233 Sport.

Different Types of Watches Verdict:

Watches are a huge deal for some people, while for others, it merely doesn’t matter. For people conscious about their looks and style, watches can be a very troubling thought. We hope that this article helped you with figuring out what basic designs in watches you should own.

It’s not about how expensive of a watch are you buying; it depends mostly on how you carry it with your outfit. If you are picky and have a lot of troubling deciding on watches, then we’d suggest you buy one from each design. Happy shopping!

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