55 Desk Clocks Perfect for Your Office

Even in this age of smartphones, there is something alluring and charming about a desk clock. While they are no longer an essential item from a functional standpoint, desk clocks have become more of a collectible or a piece of art. Nowadays, desk clocks are stylish, gift-worthy centerpieces that will completely modernize the aesthetic of your office desk.

For those whose interests are piqued, you have come to just the right place! Today, we have searched extensively and curated a list of 55 of the best desk clocks which would be a great fit for your office desk. 

1. Oct17 Wooden Alarm Clock

front view of Oct17 Wooden Alarm Clock
Photo from Amazon

The Oct17 Wooden Alarm Clock is a multi-functional digital alarm clock. It is designed with a triangular, tip-proof design and an amber-hued, easy-on-the-eyes display that is always legible, whether it is day or night. This timepiece is perfect for people who value unfussy contemporary designs and prefer the warmth of wood over plastic. The display features the temperature, date, time, and humidity. The wood-grain finish of this clock also feels great to touch or run your hands over. 

Although this Oct17 piece is a budget clock, retailing at only $20 USD each, it gives any desk, be it in the office or at home, a very chic look.

2. Mondaine Official Swiss Railway Magnetic Desk Clock

front view of Mondaine Official Swiss Railway Magnetic Desk Clock
Photo from Mondaine

Off to a more well-known brand, Mondaine also produces some great table and desk clocks. If you want to add something chic to your desk, the Mondaine Official Swiss Railway Magnetic Desk Clock is for you. It offers a sleek and understated style that not every watch can carry. 

This desk clock features a modern look with a brushed silver body and a ball-tipped red second hand that is a trademark of all Mondaine watches. As for the body of the clock, it is also uniquely shaped, with a slightly reclining softly folded base. This compact base is great for small surfaces and since it is magnetic, the clock can be moved to any place you want it to. Not only does this desk clock look good, but it is also highly functional. 

Other than the silver variant, this Mondaine clock is also offered in rose gold or gold. Each piece costs around $275 USD.

3. BAPEX Desk Clock

front view of  BAPEX Desk Clock
Photo from A Bathing Ape

Do you need a clock that looks a lot like a grail watch? Take a look at the BAPEX Desk Clock. This piece comes from A Bathing Ape, a Japanese streetwear brand. Better known as BAPE, this clock carries a signature design that resembles iconic Rolex diver watches. It is a great addition not only for desks but also for man caves. 

This BAPE piece features a highly-recognizable look that is very similar to the iconic Rolex Submariner. It has thick geometric indices and even a luminous Mercedes hand. The second hand, indices, and even the BAPE logo are all coated in lume as well. This timepiece is powered with an AA battery and comes with a handy stand. It only costs around $100 USD!

4. Urwerk AMC Desk Clock

front view of Urwerk AMC Desk Clock
Photo from Phillips

Since we are on the topic of the best desk clocks, there’s no denying that more expensive watches can come with more benefits. Take for example this desk clock from Urwerk called AMC. This is a mechanical timepiece and costs a whopping $2.4 million USD. Other than being a desk clock, this piece can also wind a Urwerk watch that is placed into it. What is more impressive is that this is also an atomic clock, which means it will remain impeccably precise even as years go by.  

Aside from an accurate reading of time, this clock also has a power reserve and oil change indicators. It also features various gorgeous finishes such as sandblasting, chamfering, sailing, and the Geneva stripes. For its $2.4 million USD price, you get this desk clock as well as a Urwerk watch.

5. LaMetric TIME Wi-Fi Clock

front view of LaMetric TIME Wi-Fi Clock
Photo from Amazon

Gamers will be delighted with this clock. The LaMetric TIME Wi-Fi Clock comes with features that are not normally seen in a desk clock. That includes a social media counter, weather alerts, and even pixel art. Since it has Bluetooth connectivity, you can also use this clock as a Bluetooth speaker and you may enjoy personalizing it with its artsy 37 x 8 LED display. You can stream your favorite music with this desk clock, listen to radio stations, and even enjoy a cinema lightbox aesthetic. 

The LaMetric TIME Wi-Fi Clock also has an RSS feed which you can use to monitor subscriber count, important dates, e-commerce sales, and even cryptocurrency rates. This Wi-Fi clock can also connect to any smart home device such as those from Sino, Netatmo, Bosch, and Thermador. Controlled via Amazon Echo or Google Assistant, you can get all these useful features for just $200 USD!

6. Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Transparente

front view of Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Transparente
Photo from Jaeger-LeCoultre

Jaeger-LeCoultre is one of the most prominent names in the horology industry. The brand is most well-known for its Reverso watches. However, it also makes table clocks that are truly stunning. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Transparente is just one of them. 

This desk clock looks a lot like art more than just a simple desk watch. It is an homage to the almost perpetual movement created by Engineer Jean-Léon Reutter in 1928. The Atmos Transparente clock looks quite mechanical and complicated, but still has an iconic, understated Art Deco style that has been a trademark of JLC since the beginning. This desk clock has a total of 217 components due to its complex perpetual movement. It retails at around $9,450 USD. 

7. IWC Schaffhausen Portugieser 75th Anniversary Clock

front view of IWC Schaffhausen Portugieser 75th Anniversary Clock
Photo from IWC

IWC Schaffhausen is another impressive watch brand. Not a lot of people know this, but the company also produces timepieces other than wristwatches. IWC makes pocket watches and even desk clocks every once in a while, mostly for special occasions. 

For instance, take a look at the IWC Schaffhausen Portugieser 75th Anniversary Clock. This spherical glass wall clock was made to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Portugieser collection. This is a truly rare piece since it is limited edition and was mostly offered to known collectors of the brand. It is not very easy to find this wall clock, but once you get ahold of it, you would have to dish around $2,000 USD to $3,000 USD for it.

8. Yoshitomo Nara Walk On Flip Clock

front view of Yoshitomo Nara Walk On Flip Clock
Photo from MoMA

If you do not know him, Yoshitomo Nara is one of the most prolific contemporary artists today. This Japanese artist is known in pop culture for having made album arts for various popular musical acts. His art features childlike illustrations that are equal parts sweet and sinister. 

If you are a fan of contemporary art or just unique designs in general, Yoshitomo Nara’s Walk On Flip Clock is a great addition to your desk. It features a 12-hour format and 84 original illustrations by Nara that can be seen on the flaps for both hours and minutes. This is an amusing and whimsical piece of art that you can have right on your desk. It requires only one C battery and can be bought for around $350 USD.

9. Seiko QHL062YLH Victory Marathon Desk Alarm Clock

front view of Seiko QHL062YLH Victory Marathon Desk Alarm Clock
Photo from Seiko

It is not a list of best timepieces without an entry from Seiko. From a Japanese artist, let us now head on to a Japanese brand. The Seiko QHL062YLH Victory Marathon Desk Alarm Clock is exactly how it sounds. This is a clock inspired by a marathon timer. It is great for sports enthusiasts, especially those who are into running. 

This desk clock is a replica of Seiko’s professional timer and comes in a vibrant matte yellow hue. It does not just tell time, as you can also use it as a countdown timer, stopwatch, alarm clock, and calendar. For easier reading in the dark, this clock is equipped with a dial light and comes in a perfect travel size so you can take it anywhere with you. You can cop this desk clock for only $45 USD!

10. Suck UK Eye Clock

front view of Suck UK Eye Clock
Photo from Suck UK

Do you need a clock that is both fun and entertaining? We have something that may not be the smartest choice for a timekeeping device but is definitely an adorable addition to a desk. 

This Eye Clock from Suck UK displays Google eyes for both hour and minute dials. The eye on the left shows the hours while the one on the right follows the minutes. Because of its oversized eyes, this desk clock is not very accurate and you may have some difficulty reading time with it. However, that is not why we added this desk clock to our list. Rather than being a precise timekeeper, this is a novelty piece that is entertaining and can take away some stress from your workload. This timepiece is available for only $40 USD.

11. Olivia Riegel Windsor Desk Clock

front view of Olivia Riegel Windsor Desk Clock
Photo from Olivia Riegel

Every person has their own personal aesthetic. If your aesthetic is classic glamor and luxury, then the Olivia Riegel Windsor Desk Clock is one of the best options for you. 

Reminiscent of classic elegance, Olivia Riegel developed this Windsor Clock to show off a striking luxe feel that is not always seen with desk clocks. It is pleasing to the eyes with a silver-finished cast and hands. Marked with Roman numerals and lavish European crystals, this desk clock displays the elegance that dates back an era. Despite its luxurious exterior, this piece is actually quite affordable, since it retails at just $100 USD. 

12. BIZ4U LED Clock and Pen Holder

front view of BIZ4U LED Clock and Pen Holder
Photo from Amazon

The BIZ4U LED Clock and Pen Holder is an attractive desk clock that can also be used as a desktop pen holder, making it perfect for students as well as for office use. Its large digital display features a timer, alarm clock, calendar, clock, and thermometer, all of which are easily legible. 

You can set this clock with ease using the four clearly-labeled buttons on the right side of the digital display. This is a truly functional watch that does more than what is expected of it. It is also super affordable, with a mere $10 USD price tag.

13. Kyouei Design Water Clock

front view of Kyouei Design Water Clock
Photo from Kyouei Design

Unique and truly magnificent, this clock from Kyouei Design is for those who want a different kind of clock on their desks. The Kyouei Design Water Clock is more of an art piece than a functional clock, but it is definitely something that anybody will be fascinated with. 

The Kyouei Design clock features two dots that circle around any given liquid surface to tell the time. You can place it in a glass or even on a plate with some water, and the balls will float to display the time. This innovative clock costs around $230 USD.

14. Arne Jacobsen Bankers Desk Clock

front view of Arne Jacobsen Bankers Desk Clock
Photo from Amazon

The story behind this design is a truly fascinating one. In 1961, Arne Jacobsen joined a competition to see who could design the new National Bank of Denmark. Jacobsen won the competition and the construction of the building was completed in 1978, 7 years after his death. However, before he died, in 1971, Jacobsen designed the Bankers clock. When the National Bank of Denmark was completed, its bank carried a Bankers clock to celebrate Jacobsen’s work. 

The Arne Jacobsen Bankers Desk Clock is a tribute to Jacobsen’s work and carries the same design as the Bankers clock.  It is clean and understated, with defined lines for the markers and hands. The clock uses an in-house movement and crack-resistant lens, making it quite sturdy indeed. This desk clock costs around $115 USD in retail.

15. Casio TQ-140-1 Desk Clock

front view of  Casio TQ-140-1 Desk Clock
Photo from Casio

Simple and an instant classic — there is nothing like Casio when it comes to straightforward timepieces. The Casio TQ-140-1 Desk Clock is reminiscent of classic desk clocks from way back. It is easy to read with its oversized and luminous Arabic numerals. 

This Casio desk clock comes in various colorways, including black with a white dial, black with a black dial, all-white, and even red with a black dial. Each variant has luminous numerals and hands for improved legibility in the dark and comes with beeper sounds for the alarm. You can carry this watch anywhere with its compact size. In addition, this alarm clock is made from resin, so you can be sure that it will not easily break. It only costs $15 USD in retail.

16. Amazon Echo Show 10

side view of  Amazon Echo Show 10
Photo from Amazon

Not all desk clocks are simple timekeepers. Instead, some are really smart devices that come with an array of features useful in your daily routines. Case in point, the Amazon Echo Show 10

This desk clock has a 10-inch high-definition display that moves with you. It has speakers that are great for delivering premium and directional sound. With its 13 MP camera, you can even use this device to connect with friends and family via video call. It is also a great way to keep your home safe as you can access its camera even when you are away. 

You can ask this smart Amazon desk clock to play your favorite songs, podcasts, and shows as it connects to Amazon Music, Spotify, Netflix, and a whole lot more. That said, while it is a smart device, you can definitely use it to tell time, too! All you need to do is ask, “Alexa, what time is it?”, and you will receive an instant answer. You can get all these functions and more for only $249 USD!

17. Cartier Santos 100 Skeleton Desk Clock

side view of Cartier Santos 100 Skeleton Desk Clock
Photo from Cartier

Cartier is the epitome of luxury. One of its most iconic designs is the Santos de Cartier. To celebrate this collection, the brand put out a limited edition desk clock that bears its name and unique design. 

The Cartier Santos 100 Skeleton is a truly exceptional timepiece made from a variety of materials including stainless steel, solid yellow gold, and exquisite diamonds. Its spinel is synthetic and blue, with a grained silver dial for added texture. The markers come in black Roman numerals and it has lovely blued steel hands. 

This Cartier desk clock runs on the 6002 MC mechanical movement and has a power reserve of up to 8 days. It costs around $25,000 USD.

18. Verbarius Clock

front view of Verbarius Clock
Photo from Pinterest

Most clocks tend to show the time using fairly standard layouts. The Verbarius Clock, on the other hand, stands out as it tells time, literally. It tells time the way actual people do. This timepiece is unique because it allows people to process time as an audible statement rather than just a piece of visual information. 

The Verbarius Clock comes with five different preloaded languages including English, German, Spanish, French, and Russian. You can even add any other language you prefer using a USB port. This desk clock will literally tell you the time, reading it out for you in statements such as “forty-five minutes past four,” “fifteen minutes to five”, or “quarter to five”. It powers on with AC and comes with a backup battery in case of power failure. You can buy this cool and innovative timekeeper for just $200 USD.  

19. L’Epée 1839 Time Fast D8

front view of L’Epée 1839 Time Fast D8
Photo from L’Epée, 1839

The L’Epée, 1839 Time Fast D8 is a lot to unpack. This kinetic sculpture comes with a vintage-inspired race car aesthetic. It is a contemporary clock designed by Georg Foster.

This desk piece is the product of a collaboration between ECAL (Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne) and L’Epée 1839. It is powered by a mechanical movement that has 192 hours of power reserve and beats at 18,000 vibrations per hour. With 289 ultra-precise mechanical components, this is truly a magnificent work of art. It costs a whopping $30,000 USD.

20. Virgil Abloh x Braun Off-White Alarm Clock 

front view of Virgil Abloh x Braun Off-White Alarm Clock
Photo from Braun

Every streetwear enthusiast knows who Virgil Abloh is. The designer is the founder and creative director of the brand Off-White. Among the many collaborations he has had, this team-up with Braun is one of the most unique. In this collaboration, Off-White and Braun created an exclusive alarm clock, the Virgil Abloh x Braun Off-White Alarm Clock. 

This clock comes in two limited edition colorways — saturated orange or muted light blue. It has a very functional design with simple industrial elements. Featuring a simple minute track and four stick-shaped hands, this clock takes inspiration from the AB1, a clock designed in the 1980s by Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs. It costs only $70 USD to own.

21. Panerai Radiomir Table Clock

front view of Panerai Radiomir Table Clock

The Panerai Radiomir is already an iconic watch as it is. It is one of the many timepieces that made big watches cool. The brand then decided to take it up a notch by creating an even bigger Panerai piece in the form of a table clock. Take a look at the Panerai Radiomir Table Clock Ref. PAM000581

Measuring 65mm in diameter, this huge desk clock comes with a round base made of brushed steel, with the words “Officine Panerai” engraved on the side. The gold markers on the dial are engraved, as are the inscriptions “Radiomir” and “8 days.” 

Right behind the dial is a luminescent plate so you can see the time easily even at night. At the 12 o’clock position, you can find a large onion crown, mimicking the design of a pocket watch. This desk clock is powered by an in-house movement caliber P.5000 and costs around $4,850 USD.

22. KikerTech KHOME Desk Clock

front view of KikerTech KHOME Desk Clock
Photo from Amazon

The KikerTech KHOME desk clock is everything you need in a modern clock. It features an industrial retro design with gears and components, inspired by automatic clocks and watches. This is a real eye-catcher and looks wonderful in modern homes. 

This KikerTech piece features a black stainless steel frame so you can be sure that it is durable. Powered by a quartz oscillator, it is both accurate and reliable. This clock has a 12-hour AM and PM display and is quite sizable, measuring around 8 inches in length, 3 inches in width, and 6.5 inches in height. It costs around $70 USD to own.

23. Kikkerland Hourglass Desk Clock

front view of Kikkerland Hourglass Desk Clock
Photo from Amazon

If you want a unique and cool desk clock, then the Kikkerland Hourglass Desk Clock is the one for you. Designed in the shape of an hourglass, it tells the time on two different axes. 

This clock shows the hours on the bottom and the minutes on the top. A red line aligns the two axes, quickly and clearly showing the current time. This desk clock is powered using AA batteries so is very easy to maintain. Retailing at $100 USD, this is a unique and budget-friendly timekeeper.

24. Niceeshop Retro Flip Down Clock

front view of Niceeshop Retro Flip Down Clock
Photo from Amazon

There is nothing like a classic flip-down clock to place on your desk. The Niceeshop Retro Flip Down Clock is a quintessential timekeeper that is incredibly engaging to watch in action. This clock is operated by gears and stands tall on a desk. It is held together by a round metal base that helps keep it steady on your table. This desk clock can be yours for only 40 USD.

25. MoMA Notepad Desk Clock

front view of MoMA Notepad Desk Clock
Photo from MoMA

The Museum of Modern Art has a bunch of clocks that are worthy to be on this list. However, the MoMA Notepad Desk Clock is one of the especially unique ones that serves more function than just your typical watch. 

This MoMA desk clock is a clock and a notepad all in one. It boasts a traditional three-hand analog layout and a handy notepad with 300 pages. This desk clock costs only $30 bucks, so it is a great gift for either yourself or for other people.

26. Sharper Image Light Up Word Clock

front view of Sharper Image Light Up Word Clock
Photo from Amazon

We are all so used to telling time a certain way and reading it in another. Is it possible that we can read time the way we usually say it? Thanks to the Sharper Image Light Up Word Clock, you can now read time the way you typically tell it. 

This is a stylish desk clock, made from wood and steel, with a sleek black finish. With its sturdy rectangular build, you can put it on your desktop, nightstand, or even your dresser. This desk clock looks like your usual word search puzzle, except with letters that spell out the time, lit up in LED. You can easily power this clock with a USB power cable and adapter. This fun desk clock costs anywhere between $20 USD to $25 USD.

27. Divoom Tivoo Max Bluetooth Speaker and Smart Alarm Clock

side view of  Divoom Tivoo Max Bluetooth Speaker and Smart Alarm Clock
Photo from Amazon

Divoom is a brand that has been slowly rising in the mainstream market with its innovative and funky designs. The company has a collection of speakers that come with pixelated screens, perfect for a gamer aesthetic. 

The Divoom Tivoo Max is a Bluetooth speaker and smart alarm clock in one. As with the brand’s other speakers, this smart alarm clock has a cute pixelated art design. You can even customize the art display using an app. Since this is a smart clock, not only does it tell the time, but it can also give you quick notifications for phone calls, texts, and other social media alerts. For just $169.99 USD, this quirky and multifunctional alarm clock can be yours. 

28. DreamSky Digital Alarm Clock Radio

front view of DreamSky Digital Alarm Clock Radio
Photo from Amazon

We have seen all kinds of clocks already, but have you ever seen one that is also a radio? What is great about DreamSky Digital Alarm Clock Radio is that it has a very large screen with a soothing blue LED digit display. You can set it to either 12 or 24 hour-display, and you can even choose to dim the LED screen if it is too bright for you. 

With this alarm clock’s radio function, you can turn on the FM radio and listen to it on a high-quality loudspeaker or use a 3.5 mm earphone jack. The alarm feature of the clock allows you to set a buzzer sound, or even use the radio to wake yourself up. It also has a sleep timer so you can listen to the radio as you sleep. This clock can be charged using its USB port or with 2 AAA batteries. It costs only $35 USD.

29. Van Cleef & Arpels Automate Fée Ondine Table Clock

front view of Van Cleef & Arpels Automate Fée Ondine Table Clock
Photo from Van Cleef & Arpels

Rather than a simple desk clock, this piece is definitely more like a work of art. The Automate Fée Ondine Table Clock from Van Cleef & Arpels is a cross between jewelry and watchmaking. Developed in collaboration with François Junod, this table clock was crafted with the help of different artisans. From lapidaries, jewelry-makers, and gem setters, to enamelers and woodworkers — they had all the help that they could get with this watch.

In terms of its aesthetics, this table clock is topped with a gorgeous design of a water fairy sitting on a lilypad, next to two delicately crafted lotus flowers. Underneath this artistic image is a rotating section that boasts hour markers in the form of applied jewels. As time passes, this section rotates to tell the time, which is indicated by a single pink-colored stone on the base of the clock. 

As a true piece of art, the price of this table clock is unlisted. If your interest is piqued, you will have to contact Van Cleek & Arpels directly to find out its price. 

30. Daniel Arsham IKEA ART EVENT 2021 Clock

front view of Daniel Arsham IKEA ART EVENT 2021 Clock
Photo from IKEA

Everybody knows IKEA as the giant furniture retailer. That said, some of you might also know that the Swedish company frequently enters into various collaborations with artists such as Virgil Abloh and most recently, Daniel Arsham

During IKEA’s Art Event in 2021, Arsham was one of the many artists the brand collaborated with. For this event, IKEA and Arsham worked together to create the Daniel Arsham IKEA ART EVENT 2021 Clock. This is an analog clock attached to a sculpture of what appears to be a cloth being delicately blown by the wind. It costs around $45 USD.

31. Vitra Night Clock

side view of Vitra Night Clock
Photo from Vitra

Vitra has a whole lineup of clocks and it is hard to choose just one. That said, the Vitra Night Clock is a definite standout. This clock, made for the home by industrial designer George Nelson, is one of the few table clocks he created for the brand. 

The Vitra Night Clock features a very classic analog design and is made using various materials such as brass, acrylic glass, polyurethane, and solid walnut. The layer of acrylic glass protecting the dial is exaggeratedly round, giving this desk clock an intriguing fish bowl-like look. Powered by a high-quality quartz movement, this piece is a great mix between decorative and functional. You would have to dish around $350 USD for this clock.

32. Chanel Mademoiselle Privé Coromandel Table Clock

front view of Chanel Mademoiselle Privé Coromandel Table Clock
Photo from Chanel

The Chanel Mademoiselle Privé Coromandel Table Clock is a very artistic take on clocks. It has a floral motif that is directly inspired by fashion designer Coco Chanel’s Coromandel screens. In creating this piece, the brand made use of the glyptic technique of stone engraving. 

This table clock is made primarily using stark black obsidian. Its base comes in beige gold and is set with 132 exquisite diamonds. This is paired with a beige gold bezel that is also embedded with 176 diamonds. This clock is powered by a manual-winding mechanical movement with 8 days of power reserve. This is a limited edition piece that costs around a whopping $700,000 USD. 

33. Marathon Hotel Collection 72 Desk Clock

front view of Marathon Hotel Collection 72 Desk Clock
Photo from Amazon

Desk clocks are not all built the same. Take this Marathon desk clock that comes with a large, colorful LED display that tells the time and date. This clock belongs to the brand’s Hotel Collection and has an adjustable dimmer, which you can use to change how bright the display is. With 2 front-facing USB ports, it can also be used as a handy charging station. 

This clock also features two independent alarms that you can easily switch on and off, or put to snooze. It also has a unique angled display that makes for easy readability and a compact design perfect for your busy office desk. This table clock is also equipped with a backup battery that works wonders during power outages. It only costs $40 USD in retail.

34. econoLED Modern Digital Retro Clock

front view of econoLED Modern Digital Retro Clock
Photo from Amazon

The econoLED digital clock will turn your office desk into a spectacle as time flips through the oversized number panels reminiscent of the 1960s. The easy-to-read numbers in bold white ink complete the retro look of this digital desk clock.  Its highly accurate quartz movement and quality construction make it a very dependable product. Furthermore, this is a very affordable piece which retails at only $50 USD.

35. Gucci Table Clock

front view of Gucci Table Clock
Photo from Gucci

Everybody knows Gucci as, perhaps, the most popular fashion house ever. It is every person’s holy grail luxury brand. Just like with most of its products, this desk clock from Gucci is high fashion and Italian in style and craftsmanship. 

The Gucci Table Clock comes in stainless steel with a classy leather finish and the brand’s iconic G-shaped logo. Powered by a quartz movement, it is a highly accurate timekeeper as well. Retailing at around $700 USD, this is a great luxury clock to have displayed in your house.

36. Jacob & Co Astronomia Table Clock

front view of Jacob & Co Astronomia Table Clock
Photo from Jacob & Co

We have seen our fair share of works of art as desk clocks. This table clock by Jacob & Co definitely falls in the same category as well. The Jacob & Co Astronomia Table Clock is a great display piece for anybody’s office. It boasts an enchanting way of telling time and makes for a great conversation starter. 

This Jacob & Co table clock features four constantly moving satellite arms that rotate over the aventurine dial every 10 minutes. Specifically, the blue-lacquered aluminum globe rotates itself in 60-second intervals, and over the aventurine backdrop in 10-minute intervals. This clock is powered by a manually-wound in-house movement, the JCAM17. It is an artistic limited edition piece that costs $160,000 USD.

37. Georg Jensen Henning Koppel Desk Clock

side view of Georg Jensen Henning Koppel Desk Clock
Photo from Georg Jensen

What we love about the Georg Jensen Henning Koppel Desk Clock is that it looks great no matter where you put it. This clock was originally designed and created in 1978 by legendary silversmith Georg Jensen and the modernist designer, Henning Koppel. 

The updated versions of this desk clock feature the same minimalist design as the original, but with brand-new stainless steel casings for a sturdier build. They also boast bold black hands against white dials and are powered by precise quartz movements. If you are interested in this iconic, understated watch, you should be prepared to fork out around $100 USD. 

38. Coolree Design Spun Desk Clock

front view of Coolree Design Spun Desk Clock
Photo from Coolree Design

Simple designs are hard to come by, what’s more, one that is also incredibly unique. The Coolree Design Spun Desk Clock is great for an office with its straightforward and minimalist theme. This desk clock is hand-crafted from solid hardwood timber. For added style, you can even choose to have it come in an environmentally-friendly monochrome finish created with black Valchromat. It costs anywhere between $70 USD to $80 USD in retail. 

39. Waterford Lismore Diamond Clock

front view of Waterford Lismore Diamond Clock
Photo from Waterford

Waterford’s lineup of home decorations does more than just beautify the house. The pieces in its catalog also make any place look grand and luxurious at very low costs. The Waterford Lismore Diamond Clock is a great example of that. 

This table clock boasts a Waterford design that has been a trademark for almost 60 years. It draws inspiration directly from the 18th-century crystal designs of Waterford founders George and William Penrose. You can purchase this crystal table clock for around $150 USD or less.

40. Studio Lorier Pixel Desk Clock

front view of Studio Lorier Pixel Desk Clock
Photo from Studio Lorier

The Studio Lorier Pixel Desk Clock is another model that doubles as both a modern piece of art and a clock. This desk clock crosses the boundary between the analog and the digital. It features an analog time display, but has a very digital theme to it, with its adorable pixel design. According to Studio Lorier, it represents how the digital influence is beginning to affect more and more people in the modern era.

This desk clock is available in a variety of different hues including Mint Green, Pastel Pink, and Cool Grey. It is charged using AA batteries and costs anywhere between $80 USD to $90 USD. 

41. TWEMCO Classic Table Flip Clock QT-30

front view of TWEMCO Classic Table Flip Clock QT-30
Photo from Time Will Flip

Flip clocks are classic desk displays, and the TWEMCO Classic Table Flip Clock QT-30 is a great example. This oversized desk clock has measurements of 195mm by 103mm by 75mm and comes with a display so big and legible that you can read it from up to 10 meters away. It is powered by a 1.5V alkaline C battery that can last up to 3 years. Made in Hong Kong, this desk clock is extremely precise, deviating only 1.5 seconds per month, and retails at just $119 USD. 

42. Nomon Industrial Quartz Tabletop Clock

front view of Nomon Industrial Quartz Tabletop Clock
Photo from Nomon

We are all for unique tabletop clocks here. As such, we present to you the Nomon Industrial Quartz Tabletop Clock. This table clock comes in a design that will definitely stand out wherever you put it. That said, it is best placed against a plain background so you can read the information it displays more clearly. 

With its 37-inch height, this is a towering work of art that is sure to draw the eye. This table clock can be purchased for around $590 USD.

43. Piaget Altiplano desk clock

front view of  Piaget Altiplano desk clock
Photo from Piaget

Do you need a desk clock that you can take with you wherever you go? If you are someone who is frequently on the go and hotel clocks simply do not work as well for you, then the Piaget Altiplano Desk Clock is just what you need. 

This Piaget Altiplano piece measures a compact 76mm by 76mm and boasts a brushed dial in white. It has luminescent coatings on its hands so you can read the time even in the dark. It is powered by a quartz movement and also has a handy alarm function. This Piaget piece can be purchased for less than $1,500 USD.

44. Breguet Perpetual Calendar Art Deco Desk Clock

front view of Breguet Perpetual Calendar Art Deco Desk Clock
Photo from A Collected Man

There is nothing like a vintage clock to add to your desk setup. For those who enjoy retro looks, this clock from Breguet is something you should consider. 

The Breguet Perpetual Calendar Desk Clock features an understated art deco design. It has a polished silver case that pivots at a hinge. At the 6 o’clock position, you can find an elegant guilloche dial that comes with the brand’s signature blue Breguet hands. At the back, you can also find the clock’s hand-setting, calendar-setting, and winding functions. 

This Breguet piece functions with a lever movement that is manually wound. It has a power reserve of 8 days so you really only need to wind it once a week. On the secondhand market, you can get this piece for around $65,000 USD.

45. LED Word Clock

front view of LED Word Clock
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With the LED Word Clock, you can forget all about numbers, as it is designed with a matrix of words. These words are selectively highlighted to display the correct time as text, and the time on this clock is updated in five minutes intervals. This quirky desk clock is the perfect gift for the wordsmith in your life. What is even better is that it retails at a price of just $100 USD.

46. Ralph Lauren Home Brennan Desktop Clock

front view of Ralph Lauren Home Brennan Desktop Clock
Photo from Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is more than just a brand; it is a legacy. We all know Ralph Lauren as one of the most famous manufacturers of affordable luxury items. The brand has a line of home accessories and the Ralph Lauren Home Brennan Desktop Clock is a particular standout.

This desk clock stands out with its finely grained calfskin strap and hand-stitched details. It boasts a mix of Arabic and oversized Roman numerals and has a finely-polished gold exterior. This Ralph Lauren piece was created as part of a collaboration with the American clock manufacturer, Chelsea Clock. As a classy designer clock, it costs $895 USD in retail. 

47. IMHOF World Time desktop Clock

front view of IMHOF World Time desktop Clock
Photo from Arthur IMHOF

Made by  Arthur IMHOF SA in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the IMHOF World Time Desktop Clock is a vintage piece made for the worldly traveler. Unlike typical world time clocks, which tend to display aesthetics inspired by the North Pole, this clock chooses to showcase the visuals of the South Pole instead. It comes with twenty-four time zones and has 8 days of power reserve, so it only needs to be wound once a week. This desk clock retails at around $950 USD. 

48. MB&F + L’Epée 1839 Medusa Table Clock

front view of MB&F + L’Epée 1839 Medusa Table Clock
Photo from MB&F

As a collaboration between L’Epée 1839 and MB&F, the Medusa Table Clock combines the genius of both brands. It features an intricate, delicate design that resembles a jellyfish, with five stainless steel legs that keep the clock steady on a surface. 

The Medusa is a dual-configuration clock, made with hand-blown Murano glass. It features two rotating rings – one represents the hours, while the other shows the minutes. This table clock is also coated with Super-LumiNova, allowing for superb visibility in the dark. 

As a premium limited edition clock, there are only 50 pieces of the Medusa available. You can purchase it for around $30,000 USD to $50,000 USD. 

49. Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels 

front view of Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels
Photo from Amazon

Do you have trouble waking up? Or simply just recognizing your alarms? This clock is an easy way to solve that for you. The Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels is exactly what you think it is. It comes with oversized wheels so when the alarm gets triggered, it will start rolling around noisily. As such, you have no choice but to get up just to be able to turn it off. This is a remarkably loud alarm clock, and it even sounds like Star War’s R2D2. It is offered in a variety of colors, and you can purchase a piece for just $45 USD. 

50. Chopard Classic Racing Dashboard Table Clock

front view of Chopard Classic Racing Dashboard Table Clock
Photo from Chopard

We all know Chopard for its iconic watches. If you want a clock as trusty as the brand’s wristwatches, this is something to consider. The Chopard Classic Racing Dashboard desk clock features more than just time-telling functions. It also has a thermometer and even a hydrometer. It boasts a very sleek design, as it is crafted from palladium-finished stainless steel. The clock also comes with smooth black leather that is beautifully enhanced by the deep black dials. It functions with a quartz movement and costs around $2,046 USD.

51. Hermès Compendium

front view of Hermès Compendium
Photo from Hermès

We just cannot get enough of luxury desk clocks. They are extremely pleasing to the eyes and they even work like magic. The Hermès Compendium is a work of genius developed by the creative mind of Paul Dupré-Lafon. It displays not only Cubist design philosophies but is also influenced by the Art Deco style. 

The dials of this Hermès piece are carved from ivory and have the words “Hermès, Paris” inscribed on them. Aside from a quintessential analog dial, this table clock also has a barometer and thermometer with Feuille–style hands. The wooden base is even elegantly lined with leather. This exquisite desk clock costs around $10,000 USD.

52. Howard Miller Brayden Tabletop Clock

side view of Howard Miller Brayden Tabletop Clock
Photo from Howard Miller

High-quality clocks that are also very affordable are hard to come by. That said, the Howard Miller Brayden Tabletop Clock is exactly that. This clock comes with jade glass beveled on an arched aluminum base. It looks modern with a brushed silver finish but adds a bit of the classic with its traditional Roman numeral markers. You can purchase this simple and striking table clock for just $35 USD.

53. TAIT Design Co Desk Clock

front view of TAIT Design Co Desk Clock
Photo from Amazon

Hand-crafted clocks are a wonder, especially this one from TAIT Design Co. The TAIT Design Co Desk Clock is made from solid wood and metal, and every piece is assembled at the company’s studio in Detroit. It comes in five different colors, so you can get whichever model best suits your tastes and preferences. At $75 USD, this desk clock is super affordable and very stylish.

54. Louis Vuitton Tambour World Tour Desk Clock

front view of Louis Vuitton Tambour World Tour Desk Clock
Photo from Louis Vuitton

If you know and love the Tambour World Tour watches, then this clock will fulfill your love for that design even more. It features the same design, but on a lovely desk clock instead. 

The Louis Vuitton Tambour World Tour Desk Clock reinterprets the iconic Damier pattern on the leather. It is even great for travelers to bring along, as it comes with a GMT function. Made from stainless steel with a blue PVD coating, this desk clock has a sturdy build that can withstand some scratches and impacts. It is powered by a quartz movement and costs around $2,000 USD in retail.

55. Withings Aura Connected Alarm Clock

side view of  Withings Aura Connected Alarm Clock
Photo from Amazon

Smart clocks are the thing of today, and they will only gain popularity in the years to come. As such, we are naturally ending this list with one of the best smart clocks in the market.  The Withings Aura Connected Alarm Clock is both a smart clock and a visual treat, with its sky-blue orb design. 

Withings is also known for its really smart system that connects all of its devices, and the Withings Aura Connected Alarm Clock can also be used to connect to your smartphone. This clock can even connect to the AC to ensure that you have a great sleep. Each piece costs just $225 USD.

Considerations Before Buying a Desk Clock

People who work all day at their desks often need a good quality desk clock to keep track of the time. Whether you are a professional handling multiple tasks simultaneously or a student managing assignments, it is vital that these jobs are completed in a particular time frame. By choosing a desk clock that reflects your taste, you can be better equipped to monitor the time that you are spending on tasks. Here are some crucial points that will help you narrow down your choice of best clocks:

1. Look for the best features

Contemporary desk clocks are much more than a showpiece for your desk. They are not just a classy timekeeper but are also designed with many features that not only help you optimize how you spend your time.

Nowadays, these desk clocks are equipped with multiple charging ports, thus providing users greater convenience in charging their devices. Many table clocks also come with intelligent alarm systems that allow them to set reminders all day. You can also pick a unit that is designed with larger hologram letters, making it easier to see the weather forecast, date, and time better.

2. Choose the style that matches the room decor

Desk clocks vary in style. You can choose a modern design to give your desk a chic look. Or you can go with a more contemporary styling, which has experienced great development in the latter part of the 20th century. 

For instance, contemporary styling refers to those desk clocks which are designed with rounded lines and softened edges instead of hard edges that are characteristic of modern designs. With contemporary styling, your primary focus is on bold colors combined with natural elements. The point, ultimately, is that, when choosing a desk clock, you have to keep in mind its line, form, and shape, and how all these things integrate with your room decor.

3. Desk clock materials

Nowadays, you can find desk clocks designed from a variety of materials such as plexiglass, chrome, graphite, woodblocks, etc. These materials blend very well with both modern and contemporary desks. Some of them work well with transitional styling too, which features a mixture of traditional and modern designs. Choose a material that best suits your taste and goes well with your desk. Whichever beautiful desk clock you pick can easily serve as the focal point of your desk set collection.

What Do Desk Clocks Tell About a Person?

Besides being a useful timekeeper and a showpiece, desk clocks can also tell a person a lot about you. When you see a desk clock on someone’s table, you know that schedule and organization are important to them. 

In today’s day and age, people tend to schedule their time on laptops on phones. But the addition of a desk clock gives an indication that the individual places critical importance on keeping an organized schedule. The aesthetic clock is a subtle way of telling classmates and co-workers that not only do you appreciate stylish class, but you also like to remain on time.

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