5 Desk Clocks Perfect for Your Office

Even in this age of smartphones, there is something alluring and charming about a desk clock. Although they are no longer a necessary item from a functional standpoint, desk clocks have become more a collectible or a piece of art. Nowadays, desk clocks are stylish, gift-worthy centerpieces that will completely modernize the aesthetic of your office desk.

We have searched extensively and reviewed the features of some unique desk clocks to find a few desk clocks which would be a great fit.

1: Oct17 Wooden Alarm Clock

Oct17 Wooden Alarm Clock
Source from Amazon

This is a multi-functional, digital alarm clock designed with a unique triangular, tip-proof design and an amber-hued, easy-on-the-yes display that is always legible, whether be it day or night. This timepiece is perfect for people who value unfussy contemporary design and prefer the warmth of wood over plastic. The display features temperature, date, time, and humidity at a glance. The wood-grain finish of this clock has a great feel. Although it is a budget clock, it gives any desk, be it in the office or at home, a very chic look.

2: BIZ4U Best LED Clock

BIZ4U Best LED Clock
Source from Amazon

This attractive desk clock can also be used as a desktop pen holder, making it perfect for students as well as office use. It features a timer, alarm clock, calendar, clock, and thermometer. It is very easy to set this clock as there are only four buttons.

3: Kikkerland Hourglass Desk Clock

Kikkerland Hourglass Desk Clock
Source from Kikkerland

If you want a unique and cool desk clock, then the Kikkerland hourglass desk clock is the one for you. Designed in the shape of an hourglass, it tells the time on two different axes. This clock shows the hours on the bottom and the minutes on the top. A red line matches the two to show the current time.

4: econoLED Modern Digital Retro Clock

econoLED Modern Digital Retro Clock
Source from Amazon

The econoLED digital clock will turn your office desk into a grandstand as time flips through number panels reminiscent of the ’60s. The easy-to-read numbers in bold black ink complete the retro look of this digital desk clock.  Its accurate quartz movement and quality construction make it a very dependable product.

5: LED Word Clock

LED Word Clock
Source from Amazon

With this unique clock, you can forget about numbers as it is designed with a matrix of words. These words are selectively highlighted to display the correct time as text at five minutes intervals. This desk clock is a perfect gift for the wordsmith in your life.

Considerations before buying a desk clock

It is not uncommon for people who work all day at their desks to need a good quality desk clock to keep track of time. Whether you are a professional handling multiple tasks simultaneously or a student managing assignments, it is vital that they are completed in a particular timeframe. By choosing a desk clock that reflects your taste, you can make your desk better equipped to track the time that you are spending on tasks. Following are some points that will help to narrow your search down:

Look for the best features

Contemporary desk clocks are much more than a showpiece for your desk. They are designed with many features that not only help you optimize how you spend your time but can also work as an important device. Nowadays, these desk clocks are equipped with multiple charging ports, thus providing users’ convenience while the intelligent alarm system allows them to set reminders all day. You can also pick a unit that is designed with large hologram letters to make it easier to see the weather forecast, date, and time better.

Choose the style that matches the room decor

desk clock

Desk clocks vary in style. You can choose a modern design to give your desk a chic look. Or you can go with contemporary styling, which has experienced great development in the latter part of the 20th century. Contemporary styling refers to those desk clocks which are designed with rounded lines and softened edges instead of hard edges that are characteristic of modern designs. With contemporary styling, your primary focus is most likely one thing: bold colors combined with natural elements. But all the while paying particular attention to line, form, and shape. Choosing a desk clock with these things in mind will help you find a piece that is in keeping with the room’s décor.

Desk clock materials

Nowadays, you can find desk clocks designed from a variety of materials, including plexiglass, chrome, graphite, woodblocks, etc. These materials blend very well with both modern and contemporary desks. It works well with transitional styling too, which features a mixture of traditional and modern designs. You can choose a material which best suits your taste and goes well with your desk. These beautiful desk clocks can serve as a focal point of a desk set collection.

What do desk clocks tell about a person?

When you see a desk clock on someone’s table,  you know that the schedule is important to them. Typically people schedule their time on their laptops or phones. But the addition of a desk clock gives an indication that the individual gives critical importance to schedule. It is a subtle way of telling classmates and co-workers that you like to remain on-time without saying out loud.

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