Closer Look at the Longines Heritage 1945

Watches are one of the most sought-out products in the market. With a plethora of choices in the market, consumers are likely to be confused as to what watch is the right one for them. But there are many consumers who have a taste for vintage collection with a touch of modernity. And yet, there are very few brands that cater to these consumers. Keeping in mind the need to reintroduce the watches of the 1945 period, Longines introduced their Longines Heritage 1945 collection.

These Heritage models are, in essence, a tribute to the pioneering spirit which inspired Longines’ earliest designs. It also pays tribute to the company’s origins. To be able to stay connected to its roots has always been the company’s motto. It frequently tries to combine elegance, refinement to history, and tries to bring forward timeless beauties. It has done this now by introducing its Heritage 1945 collection. There are many exceptional pieces in this collection, with a range of differences and unique elements.

Longines Heritage 1945

With the collection, Longines has paid tributes to a number of heroes. The Longines Weems second setting watch pays tribute to Philip Van Horn Weems who introduced the navigation system. Meanwhile, the Longines twenty-four hours is a reissue that is specially designed for Swissair pilots in the 1950s. Similarly, the American pilot Charles Lindbergh is remembered through the Lindbergh hour angle watch. These are just few amazing watches in the collection. There are countless others that are equally good.

Longines Heritage 1945 Case

One of the biggest factors that make a watch stand out is its case. The Longines Heritage certainly doesn’t disappoint there. This is because it combines the Heritage look with a touch of modernity that is able to appeal to all modern customers. The shape of the watch is round, which is the most liked shape among customers. It is also made up of stainless steel. This material does not only give it higher strength and durability but also makes it look classy. The glass on top of the watch case is made up of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. This protects your case from scratches and spots, therefore, making it last longer.

Longines Heritage 1945

It also has an anti-reflective coating on the underside which allows you to see the time clearly even in the presence of unsuitable light. The dimensions of the case are 40mm. It’s neither too huge nor too small; this was to ensure that the watch portrays the right period that it pays tribute to while also being comfortable to look at. The watch has water resistance up to 3 bars. This means that your watch can easily withstand water splashes.

Dial and Hands

Another very important factor that customers take into notice while buying any watch, and especially a Longines Heritage 1945 watch, is the dial along with the hands it features. This is because they want a watch that is truly reflective of the time period while also being easy to look at. This means that the dial and hands need to be just the right size and shape. The dial is of copper color, which makes it look stylish and classy. The hour markers, however, are painted in Arabic numerals and indexes.

Longines Heritage 1945

One look at the Longines Heritage 1945 takes you back to the 1945 time period, the hour markers and their design also add to this image. The hands are colored blue. This was to create perfect color contrast between the dial and the hands. It not only adds to its overall look and design but also increases its availability. The copper and blue color combination is one of the biggest reasons why people like this watch so much.

Movement and Functions

People who are in the habit of collecting these vintage watches or simply wearing them are very particular about the movements and functions of the watch. The Longines Heritage 1945 is made keeping in mind the consumers’ needs and requirements. Like many other watches in the Longines collection, the Longines Heritage 1945 too is automatic; this is to ensure the perfect running of the watch.

It also has the L609 Caliber. This encloses and protects the movement of the watch and displays the time. It also has a self-winding mechanical movement that beats at 28000 vibrations per hour. Not just that, but it also has 42 hours of power reserve, which is much higher than many other watches in the market. This hence adds more to the overall appeal of the watch. Its functions also include the hours, minutes, and seconds timing at 6 o’clock.

Longines Heritage 1945

Longines Heritage 1945 Strap

Regardless of how many technicalities a consumer looks at, such as the movements, dials, etc., the choice of buying or not buying any watch often boils down to how good its strap is. Keeping in mind the fact that the watch is reflective of a 1945 time period, it comes in a leather strap. This is because these were in trend in the 1940s.

The face and back of the strap both are made of calf leather. The color of this Longines Heritage 1945 strap is beige. It is not only the perfect color because of its association with the time period, but it also makes the perfect combination with the blue colored hands on the case. Together, the case and strap create an amazing color contrast, which makes the watch all the more stylish and elegant. Moreover, the strap has a buckle and even comes in XL size.

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