Closer Look at the Hamilton Jazzmaster

Hamilton is the ultimate wristwatch company – with having the American passion and the Swiss precision the bag. Their timepieces like the Hamilton Jazzmaster brings the best of both worlds; showcasing their dedication with the consistent need for improvement, be it with the designs or their company as a whole. Stabilizing its roots in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the later decades of the nineteenth century, the company stood its ground on the same spot for over a century. Here, the designers and the production department produced pocket watches, railroad, and aviation watches.

They had their principles set from the very beginning. Hamilton watches stood firm on their ground and focused on quality and accuracy. This principle and work ethic helped them move to international grounds and become an A-lister brand.

Hamilton’s Shift – the Process 

After a century of working within American boundaries, Hamilton decided to expand its wings and wet their hands in international waters. Therefore, they merged with Swatch Group and moved to the heart of all watchmaking – Switzerland. This move helped Hamilton get that all-too-important seal of ‘Swiss made’ on its timepiece.

Hamilton Jazzmaster

Though the company went through unprecedented changes, both physical and artistic, it did not affect their designs and quality of products.

Keeping the par high and moving into Hollywood

For centuries, Hamilton watches have been known to produce the best of the best wristwatches. It has done a great job with such auspicious consistency that it caught the eyes of Hollywood A-listers. Hamilton has been the go-to wristwatch for Hollywood actors and actresses.

The timepiece has been worn by a number of celebrities in more than five hundred major, high-budget movies. The wristwatch is privileged enough to make appearances in movies such as Men in Black (the original), Independence Day, Die Hard, The Talented Mr. Ripley. And more recently in The Martian and Interstellar – where the timepiece played a crucial role in the plot of the movie.

Hamilton Jazzmaster

Hamilton Jazzmaster

Hamilton Jazzmaster is the best of both worlds. It retained its original, simplistic, retro charm while combining the rusty scenic theme with a more contemporary and modern twist. Though Hamilton has been known to have a number of intricate, luxurious, sporty, formal, and every other kind of design under its belt. Hamilton Jazzmaster has been the top of every Hamilton watches list for a significant number of times.

Drawing in the crowd while satiating the allure of older and much more loyal customers; quality before quantity is the hallmark of Hamilton watches.

Below are some of the top choices when it comes to Hamilton watches:

1: Hamilton Men’s Jazzmaster Thinline

Hamilton Jazzmaster

With a big dial, however, as the name suggests, the wristwatch is rather on the petite side. The simple yet elegant dial has a minimalistic quality to it. The 42mm dial houses Arabic numerals as hour markers. The refreshing aspect of the timepiece comes in the form of the date window, which is placed at 6 o’ clock rather than the usual 3. Though the timepiece does not come cheap, it is not as ridiculously priced as one would expect.

With a stainless steel body case, blue dial, and sapphire crystal window – this particular Hamilton model has everything a classic wristwatch fan’s heart would ache for.

2: Hamilton Men’s Jazzmaster Open Heart

The one Hamilton Jazzmaster which was meant to stand out is this one. With the most peculiar and innovative design, Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart is the one which would be the head turner in any event. The state-of-the-art timepiece has a distinct skeletal cut out right where a heart would be in a human body. The idea behind is to bare out the most important yet vulnerable part of the timepiece for all to see. The cut-out will show the intricate ticks of the timepiece and how it all works. The mere movement can leave one spell-bound.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart

The water-resistant (up to 50m) watch has different band options for everyone. It also has an anti-reflective sapphire window – as if we needed something else to further fall in love with the timepiece.

3: Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim Petite Seconde

This timepiece is made for those who have a slightly wider wrist and like to have a timepiece that covers their entire wrist. This particular model/design screams subtle luxury and formal occasions.

This model offers two designs; one where the dial house a sub seconds’ dial and the date display is at 3 o’ clock. If you’re not a fan of subdials, then you can opt for another design.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim Petite Seconde


No matter which design you opt to choose from Hamilton, it will be an excellent addition to your collection; however, having a Hamilton Jazzmaster will definitely be a safe but fancy addition and a classic collection.

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