Closer Look at Seiko SKX013

Seiko is one of the oldest and most knowledgeable watchmaking companies in the world. The brand has had a lot of success and experience. Seiko still strives to achieve new heights with the same zeal and zest. Which was all from its founder, a mere 22-year-old Kintaro Hattori. He opened a small repair shop where he would indulge in designing a few wristwatches for his towns’ folk. Hattori had dedication, discipline, put in the hard work, and willingness to achieve more and more.

The drive to be better and to learn resulted in Seikosha. That was a company where Hattori designed his very first wall clock. Just a few more seasons later, Hattori successfully created Japan’s very first pocket watch. This act is one of the huge milestones for Japanese watchmaking art. It later resulted in Hattori designing Japan’s first wristwatch soon after – the Laurel.

Seiko SKX013

Bouncing Back 

Seikosha was burned to the ground after the Great Kanto earthquake, though they rebuilt everything quickly. The designers at Seiko started using different technologies to create Diashock – shock-resistant devices. These components were supposed to protect the minor and sensitive parts from breaking apart if the wristwatch falls for any unforeseen reason. The years went on, but Hattori spent his days and nights working on a new era of timepieces. Soon after, Seiko’s pocket watch was appointed the Japan National Railway’s official railway watch.

Seiko’s Firsts

From first automatic chronograph and quartz watch to six-digit LCD quartz watch and multi-function digital watch, Seiko also claims to be the first at designing diver’s watch and the TV watch. Seiko has its fair share of firsts under its belt as well. The manufacturers at Seiko really outdid themselves when they somehow managed to fit a TV into the wristwatch. If that was not enough, they went ahead and added a voice note and analog quartz, and a number of computer functions, among other things.

They may not be seen adorned by the A-listers on red carpets of after parties in Hollywood. But die-hard wristwatch lovers and experts still know where the true essence of wristwatch’s history lie, and where it all started.

A Closer Look at the Affordable SKX013

Seiko has a number of incredible timepieces and designs. Seiko SKX series is the divers’ wristwatch designed by the company. The SKX series timepieces are extremely affordable, yes, but they are tough as nails, and almost nothing can ruin the timepiece or the mechanics that they entail. The popular, well-designed, and well-made timepieces are also long-lasting and better than before.

Seiko SKX013

Seiko SKX013 is, unofficially, one of the most affordable timepieces. Despite being easy on the pockets, the wristwatch does not compromise on quality. This particular series is resilient, artistically crafted, and has the highest amount of precision. If you are a hardcore fan of the 007 model, you are going to love this one as well. To the naked eye, or if you are not paying close attention, it will look almost exactly the same. However, it is slightly dainty looking than the 007.

Beating the odds and all stereotypes with the timepiece being highly affordable, Seiko SKX013 is a grab- at-first-sight kind of watch. It offers the luxury and fashion and all the works of the timepiece that comes with Seiko all the while being affordable as well.

Seiko SKX013’s Functions

ThisSeiko SKX013 timepiece has an analog display with at least two years of warranty to boot. It had forty one hours’ worth of power reserve. A round case with a solid case back and uni-directional bezel. It had the screw-down crown and the stainless steel case. All of this adds up to present the timepiece from one of the most experienced companies, working their best to provide for every client and keeping their pockets and range in mind. The water-resistant timepiece has a safety lock feature as well. This particular diver’s wristwatch has been able to grab and maintain attention for quite a few respectable people and at respectable arenas.

Truth be told, Seiko SKX013 may not be the most fashionable or fancy wristwatches that have come under the brand of Seiko, but an automatic timepiece which can truly stand the test of time and brutal surroundings is a pretty awesome deal.  In 1964, the designers at Seiko left the world in a daze by adding the function of a stopwatch into the tiny dial of the wristwatch.

Seiko – A Redefining Era

Over the years, the management and CEOs have changed; however, the drive that Hattori had back then has somehow managed to creep its way through the century into the current manufacturers and designers. They still work vigorously to improve their designs, add modern novelties, yet keep their ancestor’s essence and message alive.

To top it all, Seiko is, to date, considered the Japanese powerhouse of all the wristwatches. They’re an uncrowned king of all affordable timepieces. Bearing in mind that the manufacturers at Seiko create all the required components in-house and have never outsourced their work. Nor do they plan to do so, being affordable is a big feat. All in all, the Seiko SKX013 does not have the overall profile or the aura of 007, but it can rival the best from even Seiko itself at any given moment.

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