Why the Citizen Nighthawk is a Great Choice

Let’s take a look at how to use a Citizen Nighthawk, the Citizen Eco-Drive, and why the Nighthawk is one of the most popular among Citizen watches and an excellent choice for your watch collection.

Anyone who has even heard of GMT watches is probably aware of the Citizen Nighthawk. It’s a modern classic by any measure and one of the most iconic entries in the Citizen line. Invented and reinvented, revamped, revived and enjoyed by new generations around the world, the Nighthawk has exhibited a level of popularity and staying power like almost no other watch on the market today. If we’re talking about design, value and affordability, there’s nearly no mass-marketed watch like it out there. 

Citizen Nighthawk, Aviation-Inspired Style

While the Nighthawk owes its style roots to pilot watches, it’s come to be more known as an everyday watch with some serious pilot credentials. Hefty but not too bulky, sporty but not squarely in the sports camp, this is a watch that likes to see action and tells the world that you’re the adventurous sort. You may not be a pilot, but for sure you have a high-flying spirit!

Citizen Promaster Nighthawk

Priced for Everyone to Enjoy

Depending on the model you want, you can pick up a brand new Nighthawk for somewhere between $300 and $400, or a bit over or under. Shop around online and you can often find used, refurbished and even new Nighthawks in the $100 to $250 range. This makes the watch one of the most affordable timepieces of its kind on the scene.

Time-Tested Toughness

It’s hard to beat a Citizen Nighthawk in terms of toughness and durability. A solid stainless steel case (some PVD coated) can take some serious knocking around, as does a scratch-resistant mineral dial window. Its quartz movement has been long tested for extreme accuracy over extended periods of time. Most models are resistant to water up to 300 meters, making them perfect for swimming, snorkeling and showering.

The Dial

Citizen Eco-Drive Nighthawk

There’s no getting around this one. The Citizen Nighthawk has a busy dial. If minimalism is your thing, you’re probably not going to look twice at the watch. For everyone else, a face full of admittedly cluttered elements is the selling point of this watch. It’s designed for aviation and pilots of old who needed to pack lots of info on their watch faces. Luminous hands and markers glow quite brightly at night, making it an excellent choice for evening outdoor activity and adding a more than subtle nod to the watch’s name.

Functions You Will Actually Use

You may not be jetting across the country every day but the GMT dial makes it easy to track a separate time zone. Why would you need to do that? Say you wish to know the time zone of a friend you are about to call across the country, or perhaps what time it is at your company’s satellite office in another state. Then there’s the slide rule bezel. You may say you’ll never need one, but the Nighthawk’s bezel allows you to do basic math such as multiplication, division and unit conversion on the spot. While originally designed for aviators, the slide rule can be used by anyone who wants to do everyday computations.

How Do I Use a Slide Rule Bezel?

Say you want to multiply 45 x 50. Rotate the 45 on the outer bezel to meet 10 on the inner scale. Look to the 50 on the inner scale and the number that lines up with the 50 is your answer. Imagine you want to divide 300 by 45. Rotate the bezel to position 300 to line up with 45 on the inner scale. The number on the bezel that lines up with 10 on the inner scale is your answer. But most useful of all is probably to calculate tipping. Say you want to leave 20% on a $50 check. Rotate the 50 on the bezel to 10 on the inner scale. Look to 12 on the inner scale and the corresponding number on the outer bezel is your answer!  

Citizen Eco-Drive Nighthawk

The Staying Power of Eco-Drive

While it may sound ultra-modern, the Eco-Drive is actually more than 40 years old! The Crystron is Citizen’s first light-powered watch. It debuted way back in 1976, the same year Apple Computers was founded.

The Citizen Nighthawk, like other Eco-Drive-powered watches by Citizen, draws its energy from light and maintains power for 180 days at a charge. What about replacing the battery? Nope, you’ll never need to as the Nighthawk stores its energy in a lithium capacitor. Just let that solar panel under the dial absorb light and convert it to electrical energy.

So the Citizen Nighthawk has features you can surely use, a price you can afford and looks you would just love to put on your wrist. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get yourself a Nighthawk today!

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