Checklist for Buying Your First Luxury Watch

Are you planning to buy a luxury watch? Here are some things you have to take care of while purchasing a luxury watch that highlights your personality. Choosing the right watch may feel a little daunting, but some good caliber sense will get you the perfect one.

The watch you wear reflects a lot about you; it shows you have produced some quality work to reach this level. There is no longer any essence in picking your phone to tell what time it is, and therefore, you need a masterpiece on your wrist for that.

The following are some factors to consider when buying high-end luxury watches.

Checklist for Buying Your_FIRST LUXURY_WATCH

1: Watch Dial Type/Display- Digital or Analog

Let’s talk watch dial types. If you are a casual party person and you need stylish luxury watches that you could wear to your casual occasions, you definitely shouldn’t go for a digital watch.

The same old-fashioned watch with ticking hands would give a classy look on the wrist, and yet is it the most stylish option to consider.

side view of Rolex GMT Master II black dial watch

Fortunately, there are some options that give you the elegance of both worlds, meaning analog and digital displays. Some of these stylish brands may give you a smart look to be worn with formal attire.

2: Band/Strap Material

Leather watch straps are the most loved variety in straps. They have their grace but have a tendency to wear off with time. In summers, you sweat, and that may damage your leather strap, so if you are looking forward to wearing it in the heat, you have to switch it up with a nylon strap.

However, talking about the metal strap, it always gives a superior and robust look to your business attire. It serves as the perfect all-rounder and works to make you stand out by complementing the masculine wrist on every occasion.

Omega Speedmaster watch on the wrist

The most commonly used are rubber straps, also called resin. They go with almost every attire and look smart even with a sharp formal suit. A rubber strap does not reflect poor quality; it just ensures secure functionality with rough use.

3: Watch Movement – Quartz, Mechanical or Automatic

The oldest and the most retro option is to go for mechanical watches that have springs and cogs to power the watch movement. The hands have to be wound every day. Some men think this classic opinion is just some nuisance; others enjoy minority with the ritual.

Similarly, automatic luxury watches are a perfect option. You are not required to wind them by yourself after putting them on the wrist. Instead, they wind themselves using a motion sensor.

IWC Automatic black dial watch on the wrist

Quartz is a watch-powering option that is offered with batteries. The battery life may rely on between 12 to 36 months. They have high accuracy and are comparatively lesser in price.

4: Watch Features

What kind of watch features do you want? You may need a sound alarm system if you consider putting your phone away for a sweet sleep. A stopwatch is also a convenient option to use during your gym time. It is way better than using your smartphone for it. Quality luxury watches may give you a stopwatch going up to the length of 24 hours.

front view of Omega Seamaster watch

A smart digital watch can also be synchronized with your phone or your computer. But it needs to be updated to the latest software so that it doesn’t go outdated.

5: Water Resistance 

No watch in this world can guarantee the label of ‘waterproof’ honestly. It is not what you think water resistance is. A watch that has 100m water resistance does not authenticate that it will work excellent 100m under the water.

To test water resistance, there are some laboratory-based experiments done. These tests are comparable to be checked with static water pressure and one hour of setting it in 10cm water. Real-life examples show a watch will never come across static water pressure. It will always be moving like diving or a shower.

front view of Omega Seamaster watch

6: Quality Signs 

The seal of Geneva is the certification that ensures that the watch is built with complete class. Only a fraction of 24,000 watches from Switzerland out of 30 million manage to get the prestigious badge of Geneva.

The Swiss law has set rules that the seal is applied to the movements of those particular watches that follow the strictest basis of Swiss law. There should be a tiny description of the origin of the watch inside the creation of the dial.

7: Watch’s Weight 

The strong built is reflected by the weight of the watch you have invested in. So, make sure that you go for an excellent design. However, a watch that is too heavy for your wrist will also not suit your everyday use.

Watches that are heavy go nicely with professional and formal events and gatherings. There are certain brands that make watches solely for this sort. However, if you are not a fan of heavy watches, some brands make perfect and sleek designs.


After learning the roles of luxury watches above, you must have got an idea of what it takes to create a luxury watch that stands out on every occasion. Some watches require status and personality to go with them. So, keep your watches safe and invest in them respectively.

The timepiece you buy may change your personality and how people look at you. It might be worth more than you ever expected. It is always a sweet feeling to get praises for your watch on unexpected and expected occasions.

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