Why Luxury Watch Collectors Still Love Casio G-Shock

There are two kinds of luxury watch collectors in the world. The first stick to only the premier timepiece manufacturers, and I don’t blame them for it. Preferring expensive options doesn’t make them snobs. Instead, they just like what they like. The second kind appreciates watches from the most affordable to the most luxurious, which is a commendable approach as well. One type of timepiece that the latter group absolutely loves is the Casio G-Shock collection. I explain why in the sections below.

A Purposely Clunky Design

While much of the watch world tries to make sleek and conventionally attractive products, Casio goes the other way with their G-Shock series. They don’t attempt to make pieces that fit into the traditional categories of dress or sport. Instead, they create watches that are incredibly clunky. The beauty of doing so is that people are drawn to this look, rather than repelled by it. If I had to say why, it is the fact that they build their watches with function in mind, rather than looks. Ironically, what comes out is a rugged piece of machinery that people love on an aesthetic level.

casio g-shock
casio g-shock

Incredible Resiliency

The primary reason why people love these watches is how resilient they are. The famous origin story of them is that researchers at Casio were trying to build the world’s most versatile watches. Rather than conduct all of their experiments in a lab, they took a more straightforward approach. It was dropping the G-Shock prototypes out of a third story window and seeing if they survived. Once they achieved that goal, they moved on to a variety of others. What we get today is the result of decades of innovation.


The most committed watch collectors often think about a brand’s history when considering purchasing a product from them. One aspect of doing so is looking at the company’s significance in the history of horology. If you look into the past, you cannot deny that Casio has played a crucial role in the timeline of watch manufacturing. One way in which they are is their decision to go all in on quartz movements and digital displays before most other brands. The result was them creating multiple classic pieces that are instantly recognizable. Their wrist calculator products come to mind right away, but there are scores of significant watches in their history.

Wanting a “Beater Watch”

casio g-shock
casio g-shock

You hear “beater watch” a lot when you hang around timepiece collectors. The definition of this term is a product that can take a beating and is one that you don’t care about too much. The reason collectors like these pieces is that they can wear them while camping, gardening, and carrying out any other rugged task. While expensive sport watches are resilient too, many people do not want to risk an item that they spent thousands of dollars on. Instead, they throw on a Casio G-Shock, which will thrive in those conditions and won’t be an expensive loss even if it doesn’t.

An Excellent Deal

The amount of watch you get for the price tag is astounding when it comes to the Casio G-Shock collection. At the lower end, you have pieces that cost just over $40 or $50, and even the most expensive of them rarely exceed $200. While they do have quartz movements, the amount of resilience you get for that low price is impressive. Most people report that their Casio watches last 2-10 years without needing any service, making them an excellent deal.

Celebrity Appeal

As much as we like to think that celebrities don’t affect our taste, they often do. Luckily, in this case, that influence does not motivate us to spend way too much on a subpar timepiece. Instead, it makes us want to buy one of the best deals in the watch world. A few famous fans include Kanye West, Ed Sheeran, and Chris Martin of Coldplay. Even better, these people are not paid by Casio, as far as I can tell. They just love these watches like the rest of us.

Endless Options

While all G-Shock’s have a similar vibe to them, there are many options to choose from. The following two categories are the most significant of them.

  • Looks – These watches come in a variety of shapes and colors, so you can get one that is perfect for your taste.
  • Functions – The most basic Casio G-Shock watches only tell you the time, date, and day of the week. Advanced models support temperature measuring and other advanced features.

Overall, the Casio G-Shock collection is one of the most popular and well-made in the world. Everyone from outdoorsmen to billionaire celebrities love them, and there is an excellent chance that you will too. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to purchase one for yourself. Given the incredible reputation they have, you will almost surely be satisfied with your new watch.

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