Casio G-Shock Watches: Skeleton Series

With skeleton watches becoming increasingly popular, Casio G-Shock gets in on the trend with a collection of skeleton watches that is truly like no other. Enter the Clear Skeleton Series.

Most watch lovers are familiar with skeletonized watches which let you see the inner workings of the timepiece from the face much in the way an exhibition case back lets you see all those cool turning gears from the watch’s reverse side. So how does it work when you don’t have the intricate workings of a traditional mechanical watch?

True, Casio’s skeletonized analog and analog-digital G-Shocks don’t put on a show as eye-catching as mechanical watches, but it’s still pretty awesome to get a window into the inner world of your watch. The Casio G-Shock Clear Skeleton line is no doubt inspired by Casio’s Baby-G collection, but the roots go much, much deeper.

Casio G-Shock

A Trip Back to the 80s

Okay, for some this will be hard to accept, but we should be honest about Casio’s history. We should expose the unvarnished truth because, well, in the mid-80s and early 90s, Casio was the go-to brand for the ultra-nerdy. Casio gave tech-hungry geeks calculator watches, a flip-top database model, and a watch with a rudimentary fantasy game for the Dungeons and Dragons basement dwellers. There was a 1987 model that, for reasons that seem bizarre today, could dial a touch-tone phone on voice command. But that was back then, and time literally changes all things. Nerdy eventually morphed into trendy and today we celebrate nerd-chic style.

The Skeleton Series DW-5600SK-1 takes us on a nostalgic trip back to the early days of Casio, welling up memories of Rubik’s Cubes, Sony Walkman and Members Only jackets. This is largely because of a case that stays true to Casio’s old-school square shape we first met back when the classic DW-5200C dropped in the U.S. in 1984. The new 5600 also has some of the functions we recall from yesteryear, like the Flash Alert and EL backlight for use in low light.

Casio G-Shock, A Blast From the Past

But the 5600 goes for a more futuristic feel with a gray metallic mirrored face around its digital display. Add in the future-is-now feel of a smoke-grey translucent band and a clear bezel. Two complementing metallic tones blend well against the semi-transparent resin to give the watch a real contemporary feel that makes it good for everyday wear and not the odd accessory you throw on for a lark.

Casio G-ShockAs with all G-Shocks, they’ve got the line’s signature Seven Elements: resistance to water, electric shock, physical shock, gravity, vibration, low temperature, and overall toughness. They also have some standard Casio G-Shock features including water resistance up to 200 meters, a stopwatch, countdown timer, and twelve and 24-hour formats.

Casio G-Shock Honors the 90s

While the entire skeletonized series has an 80s vibe, we would be remiss in not pointing out the 90s influences. It was in the 90s when Casio broke free from high-school science classes and exploded across mainstream America, notably with the G-Shock DW-5900 and its iconic three-eye LCD display. Fans of The Big Lebowski know that John Goodman famously brandished a G-Shock in the classic 90s film. That same case shape, which helps to make the G-Shock the instantly recognizable watch it is today, is now available in a skeletonized version.

The DW-6900SK-1 Skeleton bridges both decades. It’s an analog-only watch like the 5600 and shares the same metallic mirrored face, but has a rounded case that’s more in line with the G-Shocks we know from the 90s, such as the Frogman diving model that bowed in 1993. The new 6900 is similarly water-resistant to 200 meters and has the same translucent case and strap as the 5600.

Casio G-Shock

Keeping with the greyscale theme, the GA-700SK-1A Clear Skeleton is also a watch that would be at home cruising the mall for an Orange Julius and Hot Dog on a Stick in the 80s and early 90s. This offering in the recent series is an analog-digital model with 3D hour and minute hands alongside a digital readout. Made of the same transparent resin with a similar grey metallic face as the 6900, the GA-700 also features Casio G-Shock’s signature big front button and a front Super Illuminator LED light.

Here Comes the Color with Casio G-Shock

What would a trip back to the 80s be without a big bold splash of neon? Tt stays with the semi-transparent smoky and dark grey theme on the outer case and band. The GA-400SK-1A4 is sure to grab attention with its bright pink bezel, hands and eye-popping pink accents. For a fun, lighter look, the GA-400SK-1A9 has an all-clear case and band with a vivid two-tone lemon-lime bezel.

So break out the leg warmers, spray up your hair for some extra altitude and set your smartphone to “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go!” The 80s are calling and Casio G-Shock has skeleton watches that are perfect for the occasion.

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