Brew Watches: 5 Things to Know

If you’re looking for a watch that embodies luxury, quality, and creativity, then Brew Watches is your brand. Anyone looking to make a statement will definitely find a Brew Watch appealing.

Characterized by stylish visuals and equally impressive performance, Brew Watches will have anyone looking dapper. Keen to learn more about this stunning brand of watches? Keep reading as we list five things you’ll find fascinating about Brew Watches and why it’s among the top watch brands.

1: Brand Inspired by Coffee

There’s absolutely nothing random about the brand name. The word ‘’Brew” is synonymous with coffee—and so is the brand. It’s pretty cool that Brew Watches were first inspired by industrial espresso machines. Jonathan Ferrer, who is the brains behind the brand, has an immense love for coffee. The combination of warm and contrasting colors on espresso machines was also an inspiration of his.

case back of Brew Watches
Photo from brew-watches official website

As such, you’ll find that all Brew watches have a similar blend of colors and textures reminiscent of espresso machines. Moreover, one timepiece from Brew Watches—the Retrograph watch —is specifically designed to time how long it takes to brew an espresso coffee! But this doesn’t take away from the stylish design that makes the watch suitable to wear with any outfit.

2: Very Affordable

One would expect to dig deep into their pockets to own one of these exclusive timepieces. But lucky for you, that’s not necessarily the case. Brew Watches continue to release affordable quartz watches despite the exquisite designs. You’ll definitely find something to suit your budget.

Case in point: the Brew Mastergraph is one of the latest releases to come out of the brand. Available in three different designs, its clean and retro-style appearance is consistent with all Brew Watches. By donning this exquisite timepiece, you’ll definitely be the envy of your friends.

front view of Brew Mastergraph watches
Photo from brew-watches official website

The stunning design of the Brew Mastergraph is somewhat similar to the Rolex Cosmograph. This just goes to show that these affordable timepieces can easily compete with high-end watch brands.

3: Ideal for Everyday Wear

Careful consideration is put into designing every component of Brew Watches. Each strap is made using supple Italian leather to produce a truly distinctive timepiece that is far from ordinary. The cases are made using solid stainless steel which is polished by hand.

So, given how chic Brew watches are, it’s easy to assume that they can only be worn for special events. But they’re suitable for just about any occasion. The precise dimensions found on the watches make them comfortable for everyday wear.

Brew Retrograph watch on the wrist
Photo from brew-watches official website

4: Made of the Highest Quality

Brew watches use impressive quality. You can expect the timepiece to last for years before you have to think of replacing it. This is because the brand goes the extra mile to ensure that all watches meet specific standards.

The watches are tested and are hand-assembled. After being assembled, Brew watches are further tested to make sure that they’re both pressure and water-resistant. But be sure to practice extra caution near water because the watches aren’t entirely waterproof.

closer view of Brew Mastergraph watch
Photo from brew-watches official website

You do have the option to return the watch if you feel that it doesn’t meet your standards. That’s how confident the brand is in the quality of its products. Thanks to their 14-day return policy, you can return the watch provided that you have the receipt and that it’s free from damage or signs of wear & tear.

5: Brew Watches Come with a One Year Limited Warranty

Malfunctions happen with any product, including watches. The brand understands this and decided to cover all their products with a one-year limited warranty. Note that the warranty only covers the watches against manufacturer defects.

closer view of Brew Retrograph watch
Photo from brew-watches official website

If you happen to notice any issues with your watch, you’re free to drop the manufacturer an email. The support staff will immediately respond with instructions on how you can send the watch back.  Note however that damages caused by accidents, tampering, or mishandling of the product will automatically void the warranty.

Brew Watches Conclusion

With plenty of designs to pick from, you’re bound to find a watch that suits your individual taste or preferences.

If you don’t need one for yourself, Brew Watches make the perfect accessory to gift a loved one, be it for Christmas, an anniversary, or a birthday. With that said, will you be getting a Brew Watch for yourself or a loved one? Let us know!

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