Breva Watches: All You Want to Know About the Truly Unique Brand

When you think about unique brands in the watch industry, Breva watches should be top of your list. This is one watch manufacturer who did NOT follow the crowd when it came to designing its pieces.

From its origins to the models Breva launched over the years, the brand is in a league of its own. Is this a watch meant for collectors? Or is it the next brand you’ll wear on your arm?

Let’s find out.

Breva Watches — The Origins

There’s some romance entangled in the story of how Breva came to be. The name was inspired by the wind around Lake Como after all. But it’s also clear that its inventor was driven by passion and had appreciation for modern inventions. And of course, the weather.

The man behind Breva watches was Vincent Dupontreue from Paris. He was born there in 1977 and even his childhood was marked by the influence of jewelry since he sold bracelets when he was as young as 11. This also proves the sense of entrepreneurship that would come in handy later in his journey.

Later on in his life he worked at a clothing store but when his young age prevented him from managing his own boutique, he went out completely on his own. In the late 1990s Vincent opened a fashion brand, named after himself.

Vincent clearly had an interest in many industries because he later sold his brand, studied business and got into the art gallery business. All of this led up to his decision in 2010 to start up the Breva fashion watch brand.

Breva Watches Journey

Breva Genie 02

Vincent’s projects were always motivated by his love for being an entrepreneur. This particular project—Breva—had the added motivation of him wanting a unique way to forecast the weather. Some motivation came from the warm winds at Lake Como and it also resulted in the name, since ‘La Breva’ refers to this type of wind.

But Vincent wanted to do much more than simply give honor to the weather; he wanted to empower watch wearers to get forecasts from their timepieces. For this reason, you’ll find unique components on Breva watches, such as altimeters and even barometers.

It took some time to make this idea a reality. From the time the brand started it took three years until it launched its first impressive watch, the Genie 01, in 2013 at Baselworld in Switzerland. This is how the world came to have its first timepiece with altimeter, weather forecasting barometer and time components in one unit.

Best of all is that the designers didn’t lose sight of the aesthetic value of wristwatches. The brand’s watches are incredibly functional, but you can view any Breva watch and you’re bound to fall in love with the look as well.

Breva Watches

To date Breva watches has launched three main models: Genie 01, Genie 02, and Genie 03.

Each watch is unique, in terms of look and features. The Genie 03’s attraction is the small but effective mechanical Speedmeter which can measure air speed. There’s also power reserve indicators and a compass.

Breva Genie 03

You can imagine that it requires some space to fit in all the interesting components, but Breva watches does it while still providing a stylish watch. A bit bulky perhaps, but comfortable to wear. For example, the Genie 03 measures 44.7mm x 17.50mm.

The secret lies in the fact that certain features can open up to perform their tasks. On the Genie 03 the watch’s anemometer can lift above the face of the watch in order to catch the wind and give you the information you want.

On the Genie 03 the brand also showcased its knowledge in terms of movement design. Your watch comes with the Breva’s own automatic movement called the BRE03.001.

Another characteristic that makes the watches so attractive is the fact that you can see many of the components and gears through the sub dial of sapphire crystal. You can see how your watch works and even just by looking at the small parts you’ll notice the high level of craftmanship & workmanship the brand invests in its pieces.

Breva Genie 01

Breva Watches — Who is it for?

Some critics may say that Breva watches are simply a trend with features people won’t use. But the truth is that a watch that delivers accurate weather information, without the need to connect to the World Wide Web or without you making a call, could be of exceptional value. For example, it can help someone who is hiking in a remote area. When you have some information about the surrounding air pressure and wind it can help you determine if a storm is on its way.

Final Thoughts

Vincent was driven by his entrepreneurial spirit to bring something onto the market that’s truly different. Will it be everyone’s preference? Perhaps not. But is it worth your consideration to own something that will have people take a second look at your arm? Definitely.

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