Breitling Watches: Which One Should You Buy?

If you look at the range of Breitling watches over the years, you’ll know this is one brand that never made the mistake of ‘getting stuck in a rut.’ On the contrary, Breitling’s watch designers often set the pace in the industry, adding innovative features to watches and remembering to meet the need of the wearer, whether it’s a pilot, an athlete, or a businessman wearing it.

What else made it possible for this brand to survive and flourish in a very competitive industry? We have a few thoughts on the matter.

Breitling Since 1884

The Breitling brand started in 1884, when a talented watchmaker, Leon Breitling, manufactured both measuring tools and timepieces. His brand from Switzerland gained the industry’s respect because of his innovative approach. For example, he managed to simplify chronograph designs that were also easier to manufacture. They looked sleek and maintaining them was relatively effortless. All of these, watch owners appreciated.

After this great start, Breitling was a family-run business for decades. After Leon, there was Gaston who kept up the family reputation for thinking out the box. In 1915, it was thanks to Gaston that Breitling gave the market one of the first chronographs fitted with an additional button – a push-piece close to the crown – to change how chronographs are used on wristwatches.

Next in line was Willy Breitling who did need assistance in running the company, since he was very young when his father passed away. During this season of Breitling’s history, the company manufactured one of its most famous pieces, namely the Navitimer. This is an excellent example of the brand’s practical approach, with the flight-specific slide rule, making it the chosen timepiece for many pilots.

Willy eventually decided to sell the brand, purely because of his deteriorating health and his children being too young to take over such a successful brand. In 1979, he sold Breitling to an entrepreneur.

Breitling Today

Lucky for us, Willy chose well when selling Breitling to Ernest Schneider. Ernest understood both watchmaking and being a pilot, so he could continue leading this impressive and practical brand. Another change took place in 2017 when the brand formed part of CVC Capital Partners. Under the supervision of the CEO, Georges Kern, the brand still impresses with its products.

Today, you’ll find Breitling watches that suit various types of lifestyles. While Breitling always exudes style, quality, and craftsmanship, you can find one that suits you whether you’re a business professional, a surfer — have a look at the Breitling Superocean range— a pilot, or a nature lover that often hikes in the wilderness.

Breitling Superocean Heritage

This classic brand gives you the chance to pick a timeless look, but you can also look ultra-modern with different colored straps. So, which Breitling will you wear?

We review some of the best ones.

Breitling Watches to Consider for Your Arm

1. Breitling Navitimer

The Breitling Navitimer will probably be at the top of the Breitling lists for years to come because it’s been popular ever since its launch in the 1950s. You’ll see the face is quite busy while its stand-out feature is the slide rule bezel, designed especially for pilots to find useful. But of course, anyone can wear this to look stylish and have an interesting accessory on your arm.

With the wide range of sizes—as small as 35mm and as large as 46mm—you can buy according to your taste. Do you want an automatic or a chronograph watch? They’re all available in the Navitimer range and there are also many color schemes and strap types to pick from.

2. Breitling Superocean Heritage 57

The Breitling Superocean Heritage range gives more proof of the brand’s ability to meet specific needs with their designs—this time for divers. It’s not a recent development, with dive watches on the company’s product list for a few decades already.

The Breitling Superocean Heritage 57 is a crowd favorite, with oversized indices and a ceramic bezel that’s concave and bidirectional. The case is 42mm, which is a comfortable size to wear for most people and on the self-winding mechanical watch, you can get as much as 42 hours in reserve power.

Take your pick of colors, designs, and strap types to suit your preferences!

3. Breitling Top Time Limited Edition

If you collect watches, one of the best Breitling’s to invest in will be the Top Time. Some may find the Zorro dial striking—exactly what you’re after when it comes to making a statement with your accessories. There was an original Top Time launched in the 60s, but it made a comeback and this one works for both men and women.

You get a 41mm case,  up to 48 hours in reserve power after self-winding and the leather strap is the final stylish element you need.

Breitling Watches Final Thoughts

Breitling never stopped innovating, but the brand manages to keep a sense of classic style in its modern designs. Are you a pilot, a diver, or a travel-junkie? Whatever profession or field you belong to, a  Breitling watch might just work out for you!

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