Breitling Watches: Top 5 Collections

When you visit Breitling’s website, you instantly see why they’ve become somewhat polarizing in the last couple of decades. Front and center, they have a picture of three big-name celebrities: Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, and Adam Driver. What watch enthusiasts often wonder in these situations is whether that brand is genuinely excellent or if they just spend a significant sum of money on advertising. The good news is that Breitling watches do make fantastic products, despite their emphasis on ambassadors and endorsements. I highlight some of their top collections in the following passages.

1: Superocean

Two factors go into the Superocean being Breitling watches most popular collection. The first is the simple fact that it is a dive watch, and divers are likely the most widespread style of timepiece. The second is that these products are incredibly versatile and well made. Between their top tier movements, fantastic materials, and impressive craftsmanship, the Superocean collection is a sure winner.

Breitling Superocean

One thing that illustrates this point is their water resistance. While the chronograph versions have somewhat typical 200m capabilities, many of the models in this collection can function up to 1,000 meters in depth. For reference, most divers go to 200m or 300m. That resilience is a testament to the quality of these pieces. My one complaint is that the power reserve on these products is a bit low, but that is not a huge deal.

2: Colt

The Colt collection is my personal favorite, and the biggest reason why is its appearance. The men’s versions have an especially masculine vibe about them, while the women’s are a bit more dainty and elegant. This diversity is a theme in the colt line, given how many options you can choose from. The primary areas where you can do so are with movements, complications, and sizes.

If you want a large 44mm dial, you can get a colt with some serious size. On the other hand, men who like smaller watches can go with a 41mm or even lower. The same goes for movements, as you can choose between ultra-reliable quartz and automatic mechanical. Overall, these pieces are great to look at and have excellent functionality too.

3: Navitimer (1 & 8)

While the Superocean and Colt are bit more popular, the Navitimer might be the most recognizable Breitling watch. They are the brand’s top aviation watches, and many of them have hyper-crowded dials that hold a ton of information. To be honest, I am cheating a bit when I group the 1 and the 8 together. The former is larger and has a more distinctive look, while the latter is more understated.

Perhaps the best thing I can say about the Navimeters is that high-level watch collectors love them. The truth is that there are scores of companies that make excellent divers and dress watches. What you don’t see every day is an aviation piece that has such a unique look. If you’re a true enthusiast with a ton of watches under your belt already, a Navitimer 1 might be your best pick.

4: Avenger

These timepieces have interesting shapes, color schemes, and designs that might fit your taste perfectly. Many of them also have chronographs and multiple subdials, so if you love complications, the Avenger is an excellent choice. They also have two options when it comes to inner bezel function. One is a tachymeter, which is typical of the aviation style. The other is a GMT clock, which is very useful for those that travel a lot or work with international businesses.

Breitling Avenger

What is so interesting about this collection is that its products seem to be hybrids between divers and aviation watches. They have excellent water resistance capabilities and a typical diving bezel, but also have components that make them great for aviation. If you love this synthesis of style, getting yourself an Avenger is a great bet.

5: Chronomat

Our last Breitling watches pick is the Chronomat. As you can likely assume from the name, each of these pieces has a chronograph, which is a complication that many watch collectors love. What jumps out at me right away, though, is how eye-catching these timepieces are. Though their designs are somewhat conventional, there is something about the color scheme that demands your attention.

Breitling Chronomat

I think that effect comes from ultra-polished metal and interesting combinations of tones. Take the CB0110121C1P1 for example. It has a blue leather strap, silver case, rose gold bezel, blue dial, and rose gold dial components. That strange grouping makes for an alluring product.

What are your impressions of Breitling watches?

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