Boo! 8 Spooky Watches for Halloween

Sure, you’ve got a few ideas about costumes for Halloween, but have you thought about what you will put on your wrist? Celebrate ghouls and goblins with watches that perfectly match the witching season. From skull motifs to ghost designs and spine-chilling spiders, here are watches that perfectly complement your Halloween.


1: Hublot Celebrates with Skulls Watches

While technically odes to the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead, Hublot’s Big Bang Calaveras make great accessories to wear during the Halloween season. The limited-edition Calaveras from the Swiss watchmaker capture the colorful spirit of the undead with floral designs integrated into the carved-skull motifs.

For even more colorful fun, check out the Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull line. These singular timepieces feature dials that are embroidered with traditional Day of the Dead-style skulls in an eye-popping variety of hues. Honor the spirit world with designs in vibrant turquoise, fiery orange, bold blue, and soft pink. Spooking has never been such fun!

2: Bejeweled Skulls with Romain Jerome Watches

Romain Jerome is another luxury Swiss watchmaker that pays homage to Día de los Muertos. The first incarnation of their Day of the Dead-inspired watches features simple skull appliques on black dials with black PVD-coated cases of stainless steel and black leather straps featuring tang buckles.

They later got more elaborate. The subsequent Clásico models have bezels with mini skulls and floral engravings. Some pieces in the Clasico line have faces that are covered with miniature skulls, and skull appliques with diamonds and rubies for teeth.

3: HYT Spooks with Liquid Time

Yet again hailing from Switzerland, HYT gets into the skull-watch game with a twist…fluid! While water clocks have been in use since ancient times, HYT was the first to figure out how to put the time-honored technique on a wrist. How about a black-and-gold titanium timepiece with fluid that flows around a skull to show the hour? Last year HYT debuted its first pocket watch and continued its love of skull-themed designs. With no hands, the Skull Pocket shows the time with clear and colored liquids that meet to indicate the hour.

4: Creepy Crawlers on the Invicta Sea Spiders

Get sporty with your Halloween accessorizing. Available in a variety of bold colors and intriguing designs, the Invicta Sea Spider is a tough and lightweight timepiece that goes with just about anything. Many of the models are perfect for trick-or-treating. Most notably are the watches with large spider charms that sit astride the 7 o’clock position, seemingly poised to crawl across a dial with a spider-web texture.

5: Gucci Gets its Ghost On

Gucci has famously teamed with snowboarder-turned-artist Trevor Andrew for the Gucci Ghost line of clothing and accessories. It began as a fluke. In 2012, Andrew was looking for a last-minute Halloween costume and cut two holes in a Gucci sheet to go out as a ghost. His alter ego “Gucci Ghost” was born! He soon incorporated the iconic double-G Gucci logo in his art. The company took notice and Andrew’s affiliation was made official.

Flash forward and Andrew joined forces with Italian fashion designer Alessandro Michele to create the Black G-Timeless Gucci Ghost Watch. A unisex timepiece that captures the spirit of Halloween, the watch has a playful ghost on its black face and a sapphire crystal lens. A black stainless steel PVD-coated case and sturdy black rubber strap complete the spooktacular watch.

6: Enjoy Fright Night with Fendi Watches

How about a demon-eye design that seems to stare daggers at you? Pick up the Fendi Black Stainless Steel Monster Watch.

Bold luminescent yellow eyes peer out from a pitch-black dial. The watch’s hands seem to form menacing eyebrows when they’re at the ten and two o’clock positions. Dual chronograph hands create feline-like pupils on the glaring eyes. A black satin-brushed stainless-steel case and Fendi’s trademark Cunoio Romano calfskin leather strap complete the eerie timepiece.

7: High-End Horror with Richard Mille Watches

If you’ve got extra half a million dollars lying around, pick up a Richard Mille Tourbillon RM 052 Skull for this year’s Halloween. That is if you can even find one of the prized 21 watches that were made. Arguably the world’s most-unique skull-themed watch, the RM 052 incorporates the bold skull on its face into the movement. Crafted with grade 5 titanium, the skull’s jaws hold the tourbillon cage’s ruby, the skull’s rear is the movement’s center bridge and bridges connecting the case to the movement form a skull-and-crossbones.

8: Swatch Watches Tells Monster Time

For something more accessible, how about a monster-friendly Swatch? Southern California artist Kenny Scharf brings his playful brand of whimsical art to this color-splashed timepiece. A ghoulish face that’s at once friendly and fierce adorns the watch face, while bright green snake designs trail across a plastic strap. It’s a fun and affordable way to show your Halloween spirit!

Whether you go for luxury with bold skull watches or make mischief with weird and wonderful designs, a Halloween-themed watch is perfect for both tricks and treats.

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