14 Best Wedding Watches for the Bride and Groom

Weddings often take the top spot in one of the most monumental moments of a person’s lifetime. Every bride and groom wants their special day to be perfect.

A ton of preparation goes to every detail of the event — from the venue and flowers, down to the teensiest accessory that the bride, groom, groomsmen, and bridesmaids wear. And one of the most popular accessories that get the spotlight is the perfect wedding watch.

From a dainty Omega or Cartier for the bride to a classy Vacheron Constantin or Frédérique Constant for the groom, here are the best wedding watches for any romantic, picturesque wedding.

Timeless Wedding Customs

Wedding trends evolve throughout the years. We’ve seen the trend on wedding gowns go from big and puffy to a cleaner tight-fit look. We’ve also gone from the most grandiose themes to a more laidback motif. However, even though all these trends change from time to time, certain traditions never get out of style. Some of these wedding traditions include preparing wedding gifts, not only as a guest but as the spouse-to-be as well.

As tradition goes, guests bring congratulatory gifts to a wedding. It can range from the typical tools, gadgets, or even appliances they can use for the newlyweds’ new home to grand gestures, such as honeymoon trips, cars, or luxury goods. While we’d love to see a new car parked outside the wedding venue on our special day waiting just for us, receiving luxury goods – especially watches – can definitely send all the right feels for all the right reasons.

Customarily, watches are milestone souvenirs in a man’s life. But as the times change, more and more women also take interest in the value of watches. It’s not surprising though, especially when watches show greater value over time. Firstly, watches make great heirlooms. As Patek Philippe puts it, “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.” They couldn’t be more correct. Secondly, the watches you receive today can be a great investment for tomorrow. Most luxury watches either retain or increase in value over time.

Be it for the bride or the groom, the main stars of the event deserve only the best watches. But these timepieces shouldn’t take away the focus of the event, that’s why we pooled together just the right wedding watches for the big day. Whether you get it as a gift for someone else’s wedding or your own, these timepieces will surely make the special day truly timeless.

7 Best Wedding Watches for the Bride

One of the most underrated and overlooked bridal accessories would be a watch. Most people focus only on the obvious choices of accessories like a diamond necklace and a wonderful bouquet. And while these details are necessary, brides also deserve the gift of time as well. Good thing there are elegant choices of watches that are perfect for brides — classic, dainty, and truly exquisite.

Omega De Ville

The Omega De Ville collection gained a huge following since its launch. The collection includes streamlined designs that perfectly suit an elegant event such as a wedding. The De Ville is the brand’s first collection to feature the Co-Axial mechanical movement that Omega itself developed and hatched in-house. The classy look plus the unparalleled mechanism of the watches can truly elevate any important event.

front view of Omega De Ville watch
Photo from Omega

The De Ville series include watches that suit just about any motif you have in mind. A classic wedding motif goes along well with the time-honoured steel and gold combination in timepieces. You may also opt for diamond-studded designs if you’re looking to add a little sparkle around your wrist. If the special day includes a unique colour motif, you’d love to see a De Ville timepiece in red, blue, or even black. Whatever your look may be, there certainly is an Omega De Ville watch for you.

Chopard Happy Diamonds

As the popular saying goes, “Diamonds are forever”. Chopard proves just that with the release of the Happy Diamonds collection. The brand started out the collection with an 18K white gold model. From there, the Swiss watchmaking company completely changed luxury watches for women. The Chopard Happy Diamonds series consists of timepieces that embrace the sheer femininity in gold and diamonds.

front view of Chopard Happy Diamonds watch
Photo from Chopard

The key to a Happy Diamonds watch is, of course, the diamonds. But what makes it even more special than the precious stone is the intricacy in the designs of the timepieces. The neat design displays absolute glamour without having to take away the spotlight from its wearer. If anything, having a Happy Diamond timepiece on the wrist only promotes a bride’s flair.

Bulgari Serpenti

The uniqueness of the Bulgari Serpenti speaks volumes with its animalistic appeal. Bulgari has been, without a doubt, embracing its wild side by taking interesting inspirations from enigmatic creatures. What the brand does best is drawing out the best traits of these animals and putting these inspirations into elegant accessories. The Serpenti features the iconic bracelet that twists around the wrist. Despite its intricate design, the Serpenti is actually very comfortable to wear. Combined with its unique aesthetic, the watch’s flexibility makes a surprising appeal to its wearer.

Bvlgari Serpenti watch on the wrist
Photo from Bulgari

Serpenti watches come in either single or double coil versions. They also come in stainless steel or gold with various colours to complete their stylish motif. With a dramatic combination of colours and sometimes studs of diamonds on the bezel, the Serpenti will definitely make for a strong case for a bridal watch. Be it a grand or understated theme, this timepiece will not only be an iconic addition to your special day but also a watch you’ll want to wear for the days that follow.

Longines DolceVita

Taking a break from annular shapes, let’s get to the quadrate designs that a lot of women adore due to their neat appeal. The Longines DolceVita definitely suits a simpler event that aims to focus more on the moment than the fancy details of it. Longines came up with designs that truly blend with the function and doesn’t take away the essence of the watch’s purpose. Even if you opt for diamond studs on the dial, it still remains a simple reminder of the moment’s significance.

side view of Longines DolceVita watch
Photo from Longines

Despite its simplicity, the DolceVita collection still includes diversity in its layout. Some iterations have Roman numeral hour indexes, as well as simple line markers. They also come in either steel or gold, with a choice for leather or steel straps.

Patek Philippe Calatrava

Patek Philippe sure knows how to make a statement with their timepieces. The Calatrava collection, introduced in 1932, proves timeless with a sleek design and a clean overall look. Boasting not only the name it carries, the Patek Philippe Calavatra series includes timepieces made of gold or platinum. The dial designs range from unadulterated to artful, without having to sacrifice pure elegance no matter what the choice is.

front view of Patek Philippe Calatrava watch
Photo from Patek Philippe

Given that this collection comes from the well-established house of Patek Philippe, the Calatrava comes at a great value that transcends time and traditions. If worn to a special event such as a wedding, the watch will only carry stories to pass on from one generation to another. More than just an expensive timepiece, this watch is an invaluable heirloom in the making.

Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cartier

The one-of-a-kind design of the Ballon Bleu de Cartier surely is one for the books. It amassed a huge following soon after its release, as it carries the true Cartier aesthetic. The face of the watch features bold Roman numeral hour indexes in a shape that adapts perfectly to modern times. The blue winding mechanism shapes the unique trait of the watch with a truly exceptional crown. The sapphire crystal shaped to give a magnifying effect gives the watch an even more pleasing appeal.

Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch on the wrist
Photo from Cartier

As with any timepiece on our list, the Ballon Bleu de Cartier includes iterations that come in stainless steel or rose gold, as well as models with diamond bezels or hour markers. This special watch perfectly matches a special day and will definitely suit a clean, sophisticated wedding motif.

Hamilton American Classic

Hamilton came up with a brilliant idea of putting together all its most iconic timepieces in a collection to preserve its legacy. With classic designs such as the Ardmore, Boulton, and Bagley, the collection includes everlasting visage. Whether you’re into gold, diamonds, or steel elements, there surely is a Hamilton American Classic watch for you. Brides-to-be will also adore the selection of shapes and sizes offered by the collection that will definitely suit any style.

front view of different Hamilton American Classic watch models

The American Classic family has watches that come in both modern and vintage designs that could suit even the grandest of weddings. The dial designs also include various concepts. With such a wide array of choices, there will be a timepiece to satisfy you on your special day.

7 Best Wedding Watches for the Groom

Traditionally, watches play a huge part in a groom’s special day. Brides usually gift their grooms the perfect wedding watch, which, at times, is a family heirloom. If you’re looking to start a tradition of passing on an heirloom or simply looking for a watch that will perfectly capture the essence of your big day, these timepieces will be perfect for you.

Breguet Classique

As its name suggests, the Breguet Classique collection includes timepieces that are clear and focused, just as any classic watch would. The Classique watches exude designs that take directly from the traditional principles of Breguet watchmaking. The watches in this collection take inspiration from pocket watches, which are key accessories of gentlemen in the past. At the same time, these sophisticated timepieces boast a modern touch that every contemporary dress watch carries.

Breguet Classique white dial watch on the wrist
Photo from Breguet

If you need a timepiece that doesn’t take away the spotlight from you, this could be the right one. It has a time-honoured design that will transcend generations to come. It’s a strong contender not only for a special day accessory but also a future family heirloom.

Blancpain Villeret

Born in the village of Villeret, Blancpain leans on its roots with this collection. Referred to by the brand as “the most classical of the collections”, the Blancpain Villeret is the embodiment of the ideal aesthetic of the brand. The watch is marked with sleek lines and purity of the dial, and the double-stepped cases express timeless elegance. A strong choice for a minimalist timepiece, this collection will be a great signature piece on your special day.

front and back view of Blancpain Villeret Wedding watch
Photo from Blancpain

Where Blancpain excels is displayed in this collection. The timepieces in the Villeret family take the emblematic aesthetic codes that the brand historically follows and applies to the contemporary timepieces. The timepiece itself carries a story that’s for the books with classic grand feu enamel and serpentine hands in blued steel.

Chopard Classic

Once again making it on our list — this time for the groom’s wedding watch list — Chopard proves its ability to produce classic timepieces with a very aptly named collection. The Chopard Classic collection represents everything great Chopard is known for: Swiss watchmaking excellence and classic, understated appeal.

front view of Chopard Classic watch
Photo from Chopard

With watches that come in gold and steel, every man will adore the collection’s versatility. From grand weddings to a simple celebration, a classic Chopard will definitely be a great watch to spend your day with.

Frédérique Constant Slimline

Frédérique Constant has a rich history in producing classy dress watches that go from conservative to daring, with unique design features, especially for a men’s watch. Through watches that appeal to different styles, the Frédérique Constant Slimline collection definitely has a watch for every man. The series includes simple date watches that either embraces the simplicity of steel or take a bold turn with diamonds. Iterations with a moon phase window or a second sub-dial also come with the collection.

Frédérique Constant Slimline watch on its side
Photo from Frédérique Constant

Given the collection’s name, the Slimline is incredibly thin, especially for an automatic timepiece. Given its movement, it’s definitely a potential legacy that could begin on your wedding day.

Bulgari Octo

A lot of lists will leave this Bulgari timepiece out for a choice wedding watch. Firstly, the collection includes bulky choices of timepieces. Secondly, an octagonal watch is not exactly a customary choice of timepiece for a wedding. But for all these reasons alone, the Bulgari Octo still makes for a great choice for your wedding day. Launched in 2012, the cult following that the collection amassed grew bigger throughout the years and developed with the inclusion of Octo Finissimo, Octo Roma, and Octo L’Originale.

side view of Bvlgari Octo watch
Photo from Bulgari

The eight-sided case of the timepiece includes a round bezel with an octagonal flange on the dial. And despite what many believe, the Octo includes designs that are minimalist in nature. But if the motif requires, it also comes in grander designs, including a skeletonised dial or a brightly coloured dial or hour markers.

IWC Portofino

With the watch’s understated elegance, the IWC Portofino is the perfect dress watch that exquisitely suits a classy wedding motif. The well-balanced connection between form and function in the Portofino will definitely hold great value, not only for the wedding day but for the days or even decades that follow. This iconic IWC collection includes self-winding and hand-wound classics that embrace traditional forms with modern function.

front view of different IWC Portofino watch models
Photo from IWC

The designs of the timepieces range from classic three-hand date watch to a sophisticated chronograph. You may also opt for a leather strap or a mesh bracelet that is both comfortable and dashing in nature. You can choose to add a touch of blue, black, or plain silver to your timepiece and it will remain a remembrance of a moment that will last forever.

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony

Minimalist at its finest, the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony provides only the necessary information needed — no fuss, no unnecessary details. Taking inspiration from designs back in the 1950s, the watch gives a classic dressy look and feel. With the thinnest Patrimony watch standing only at 7.65 mm in thickness, the collection is a comfort to wear on such a hectic wedding day.

front and back view of Vacheron Constantin Patrimony watch
Photo from Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin included a dial with dotted minute markers that are almost invisible to the naked eye on the timepieces’ design. Its appeal rests on the dimension it adds to the timepiece, with the hour markers applied with great intricacy.

Ultimate Guide to Wearing and Gifting a Wedding Watch

Just as with any aspect of the wedding, a wedding watch also comes with certain standards that must not be ignored. After all, we want your special day to be perfect. So, before you pick a watch, make sure you know all the right things to do or the right things to look for.

man wearing round analog watch and gray suit jacket

Groom’s Guide to Wedding Watches

Firstly, the perfect tuxedo watch doesn’t overpower. If you’re wearing a suit, make sure that your watch doesn’t take away the focus of your look. Instead, your timepiece should be the glue that bonds your look together. To make your look cohesive, choose a minimalist watch that would latch your whole guise intact.

A simple hack to find the perfect watch is to match it with your tie or scarf. Your hands will definitely be a focal point during the wedding and the closest they often get to is on your face, torso, or your bride. Make sure your timepiece doesn’t take the spotlight away from any of those but instead elevates both yours and your bride’s look. With that said, pick a watch with a simple dial design. You can never go wrong with this. Unless the motif requires, don’t go for bold colours.

And we know how much men love sports watches. While we’re at it, don’t put that sports watch on. It’s a wedding, not a sporting match. Your watch should exemplify a classic yet memorable appearance, not a look you’d sport on any other normal day.

woman wearing analog watch and white dress

Bride’s Guide to Wedding Watches

Brides often opt for bracelets instead of watches for a wedding. The easiest explanation for that is the fact that it can be hard to find a watch that will double as jewellery. Lucky for you, our list includes watches that have diamond iterations to complete your look. Not only will you have a classy timepiece to tell a tale for tomorrow but also a piece of jewellery to glorify you on your very special day.

As tradition goes, yellow gold is frowned upon on a bridal ensemble. It’s easily frowned upon due to its stark hue that could take away the focus from your all-white ensemble. It’s best to veer away from anything yellow gold so that the timepiece won’t be too eye-catching and people will forget about you. But if you really want to have something gold in your timepiece, maybe a white gold option will work for you!

And finally, wear a dainty watch on your wedding day. It’s not customary for a bride to wear a chunky timepiece nor is it very aesthetically pleasing, so to speak. There are certain things people will look at on your wedding day: your gown, your wedding and/or engagement rings, as well as you. To add your watch to the list would take away the essence of the very event and will make it hard to fixate on the necessary details of the wedding.

As an overall rule, for both brides and grooms, don’t wear a counterfeit watch on your wedding day. You don’t want to remember your day wearing a watch like that. Instead, opt for a timepiece that looks expensive if an expensive timepiece is really out of the budget. But if you can squeeze it in, a luxury watch will definitely hold out, if not increase, in value if you choose to wear it on your wedding day.

Tissot black dial Couple's watches on a wedding invitation
Photo from Flickr

Guests’ Gift-Giving Guide to Wedding Watches

Watches are popular wedding gifts. From pocket watches to a watch set, timepieces are a popular choice of gift for newlyweds. If you’re looking for a wedding gift for the bride or the groom, you should be on the lookout for these standards.

If you do intend on giving a watch as a wedding present, might as well buy a his-and-hers watch set. This can hold great significance for the bride and groom in the future. It will also save you a ton of time thinking of two separate gifts to give. After all, it’s a celebration of the union you’re attending. It’s about two people becoming one. To give two separate gifts really never makes sense for a wedding.

Before you make that wedding gift purchase, make sure you know what the bride and groom like. If you truly want to be covert about your gift of choice, a simple observation definitely works wonders. Their style choices weigh heavily on the watch or watches you’re about to purchase. But if you’re truly unsure about the watch you’re about to purchase, make sure you know the return and exchange policy of the shop you bought the watches from. Most shops have very lenient policies while others can be quite stingy, so make sure you ask about that part to keep yourself from getting hassled later on.

With that said, make sure you’re buying from a legitimate shop or seller. There are a lot of shops that offer his-and-hers watches that are perfect wedding gifts. But not all can be trusted, especially when you’re buying online. If you can’t afford to personally buy a watch, quick research, or a visit on forums will definitely lead you to the right dealer. This also goes with the authenticity of the watch you’re purchasing. Giving a fake watch as a wedding gift will definitely put a dent in your friendship with the groom and bride, not to mention the legalities it entails. So, make sure you’re only buying authentic watches.

A great way to make watches more personalised is by having them engraved. Engraved watches as wedding gifts are trendy these days. You may have their names engraved on the watch or have the date of the wedding permanently marked on it instead. Whatever it is you choose to put on that watch will forever remain a lovely memory to the bride and groom.

The Perfect Watch for the Perfect Day

Everybody wants their wedding to be perfect. That’s why a lot of effort goes into the smallest details of a wedding. Whether it’s a simple celebration or a grand traditional experience, a wedding must always be perfect. At the end of the day, its memories will linger on.

That’s why picking the perfect wedding watch is fundamental for your big day. It has to match your attire, as well as the venue where it will take place. Your timepiece will mark a new chapter in your life and therefore must culminate not only the precious moments you spent with your future spouse but also the overall motif of your wedding. But a watch, after all, is just a watch. It shouldn’t overpower the essence of the event, which is to focus on the union of two souls. It’s not a battle of grandeur or a tournament of elegance. It’s a momentous occasion that will be symbolic for the rest of your lives.

Watches are a classic symbolism in any given event. It marks a new life and a new world to explore. To wear one at your wedding will only hold greater value as time passes. Watches ultimately are great assets. It holds not only symbolic but also monetary value. What you wear on your wedding day can be worn by your offspring on their very own weddings. It can be an important heirloom and legacy that you can carry with you through the rest of your life and even longer.

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