5 Best Ways to Use Your Hiking Watch

To know how you can utilize your hiking watch for outdoor activities, one must choose the best hiking watch.

What to Look for in a Hiking Watch?

As you may know, a hiking watch is different from a regular watch. It bears several distinct features essential for one’s navigation through uncharted or unfamiliar locations. The three most important features to look for in a hiking watch should be the following:

1: Barometer

This feature enables you to detect changes within the atmospheric pressure. In other words, it enables you to predict the type of weather you’ll be having. For instance, if the atmospheric pressure is going up, you’ll be experiencing good weather. And vice versa when the atmospheric pressure drops.

2: Compass

Lastly, we have a compass. This device is what differentiates the North from the South and East from the West. With this, along with a proper map in your possession, you can easily perform triangulation and determine your precise whereabouts.


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3: Altimeter

The altimeter shows you just how high above sea level could be and is based on either GPS data or barometric pressure.

4: Heart Rate Monitor

Most hiking watches also display and record one’s heart rate. Some of the more efficient hiking watches out there feature either a chest strap transmitter or a wrist-based heart rate monitor. The heart rate monitor especially comes in handy during hiking trips where users can maintain a steady pace throughout hikes.

5: Durability

Another essential feature of hiking watches is their durability in the form of extremely tough straps and robust cases. Some hiking watches even feature sapphire glass lenses for extra protection against scratches. This is especially handy during intense excursions.

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But besides the features, hiking watches need to be utilized to the best of their abilities. That’s why this article talks about the ways in which you can use your hiking timepiece more to your advantage. Keep the following strategies in mind, and you’ll never lose your way again:

1: Weather Prediction

The weather patterns are unpredictable out in the wild where there is no weather forecaster to warn you. One may experience cheery clear skies in the morning then rough, stormy weather all of a sudden in the afternoon. And this is what makes hiking a daunting endeavor.

This is all the more reason why you should buy yourself a hiking watch to stay clear of such things. Some hiking watches come with a built-in thermometer, altimeter, and barometer. These intrinsic features are what you need while you’re out to venture into the fields of mother nature.

2: Keeping Track of Directions

On your own, losing track of the way you came from is quite possible. The only way to get out of this sticky situation is if your hiking watch is equipped with a compass. Because of this, you’ll hardly ever lose sight of the right path. The best part about having a compass with your hiking watch is that it makes the events more enjoyable to partake in. These compasses also prevent you from venturing into restricted areas, which will keep you bumping heads with the authorities. As such, you won’t be facing fines or getting into trouble.

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3: Applying It in Hiking Challenges

Many enjoy the thrill of hiking due to the numerous fun challenges they get to participate in. Hiking watches are also ideal for such occasions as they feature silent alarm systems and countdown timers that will enable you to stay ahead of other hikers. Silent alarms won’t cause any disturbances during the competition. And most similar watches are manufactured using resin materials that come with the buckle closure. This makes it almost impossible to break a hiking watch no matter how much strength one may apply.

4: To Be of Use in Wet Areas

At times, if not most of the time, hiking usually takes place in areas where there’s plenty of water. These are places where people bear the greatest risk of losing their handheld devices or having them destroyed. Truly, a regrettable mistake that no one would ever forget for a long time.

But hiking watches are immune to such incidents as their strapped firmly on tourists virtually all the time. Not only that, these watches are specially built from durable waterproof materials, pretty much guaranteeing they will make it out of tough situations. You’ll even keep track of the time throughout your hiking adventure. Plus, hiking watches are especially suitable for deep water diving, sometimes up to 200 meters.

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5: Excellent for Using During the Night

Finally, hiking watches are excellent in nighttime applications. Most hiking watch brands include a backlit feature. This enables hikers to keep track of direction, time, air pressure, altitude, as well as weather conditions all day long. Not only that, but this feature also makes the watch visible at night, giving us as much leeway to walk anywhere we like when necessary. Some may find this to be an unnecessary feature, but when it comes to darkness, you’ll never know what’s going to happen.

Hiking Watches Conclusion

There are plenty of features that a reliable watch can make our excursions feel less scary and more exciting. The above benefits are some of many that make hiking watches stand out from other timepieces especially when you’re going out in uncharted locations on your own and away from society. This is what makes the watch extremely suitable for outdoor adventuring, including areas that involve a lot of falling and tumbling over.

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