7 Best Watches to Wear This Summer 2020

The summer season arouses an entirely fresh set of rules, whether it’s apparel, food, hangouts, or what to put on your wrist! While there may be no precise standards as to what actually fits the definition of ‘summer,’ there are a few things that truly capture its essence – like best watches for the summertime.

Summer usually gives off a very care-free vibe. From soaking up the sun on the beach to diving into swimming pools the very next day, the activities you pursue play a massive part in the type of accessories you plan on rocking alongside.

The perfect summer watch isn’t a style; it’s a feeling!

So, while you chose to invest in the perfect watch to get you through the season, you need to examine the practical considerations that go hand in hand. Water-resistance and a light breathable strap should be your utmost priorities.

This may seem a little overwhelming that is exactly why we’re here. We’ve done all the research for you, all that you have to do now is to decide what best fits your aesthetic from the options below while the season is here.

1: Daniel Wellington Canterbury

Source: Daniel Wellington

We can’t speak for everyone, so we’ll do it for ourselves; there’s always an association of seasons with specific colors. While our favorite dark hues remain utterly immaculate for the wintertime, the colors red, blue, and white are absolute quintessence for the summer seasons! We’re not sure whether it’s the nautical theme reminding us of the cool sea breeze or the fact that the colors celebrate American Independence; it’s just the perfect watch to rock in the summertime.

The Daniel Wellington Canterbury showcases a gorgeous blend of red, white, and blue hues on its NATO band paired with a simple yet elegant eggshell white dial. The design comes in two options: one with gold and one with silver accents. Overall, the watch displays a sleek and sophisticated character.

Dial Color: Eggshell White

Water Resistance: 30 meters (Rain Resistant)

Diameter: 36mm and 40mm

2: Timex Fairfield Supernova Chronograph

Source: Timex

As quoted by the company, contemporary minimalism is at the forefront of the Fairfield Chrono Supernova watch. The design sits exceptionally well, particularly for the summer season, given the versatility of the resplendent silver stainless steel mesh band, always a classic, and an unparalleled INDIGLO light-up display showcased on a laser-cut perforated dial treatment. The latest in Timex’s Fairfield collection, this watch is perfect for the day just as it is for all your night summer parties!

Dial Color: Gray

Water Resistance: 30 meters

Diameter: 41 mm

3: QT Reissue Falcon Eye 38MM Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Source: Timex

A revamped version of the Q Timex 1979 reissue, this Timex watch showcases a refined touch towards its timeless dial, a woven stainless-steel bracelet, and an elegantly designed wrist presence. At the same time, it maintains the original design’s essence with its functional battery hatch and retro case shape. With this design, you’re bound to turn heads!

Dial Color: Blue

Water Resistance: 50 meters

Diameter: 38 mm

4: Movado Bold Evolution

Source: Movado

Being a major player in the watch industry, Movado has a manufacturing license for brands like Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, and Hugo Boss; therefore, it’s no surprise that the company holds some of the most remarkable designs that exist out there. The brand maintains its pre-eminence by prioritizing precision above everything else.

We’re especially keen on the Movado Bold Evolution, a sophisticated and luxurious timepiece. The dial evinces a blue museum with a flat dot on the top mid, radiating quite the exquisite essence, while the beige-tan waxed canvas strap ties it all together to create an intricate blend of extravagance and humbleness. It’s perfect for any occasion!

Dial Color: Prussian Blue

Water Resistance: 30 meters

Diameter: 40 mm

5: Paul Smith Chrono

Paul Smith is a British designer who pioneered new designs to his store of chronograph line-ups last year, flaunting fresh and snazzy models, a perfect combination of contemporary yet classic. We’re especially head over heels for one model, in particular, the yellow and stainless steel ‘Chrono’ chronograph watch.

It is particularly evocative of the ‘Rolex Cosmograph Daytona.’ However, the trims of yellow and black with silver markers add a distinctive look, and the reasonable price tag makes it an adroit choice.

Dial Color: Black

Water Resistance: 50 meters

Diameter: 40 mm

6: Baume Classima 10272

Source: Baume-et-mercier

This Baume et Mercier watch is a Swiss-made self-winding movement and a fresh spirited yet classically fashioned design. The Baume Classima 10272 makes it to our list of best watches to wear for the summer. The blue alligator leather strap is always a favorite and can be paired with anything. We absolutely love versatility!

Dial Color: White

Water Resistance: 50 meters

Diameter: 40 mm

7: Apple Watch Series 5

Source: Apple

Last but certainly not least for our best watches list, we’d like to mention the Apple watch among our top favorites. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love it? Apple is the epitome of innovation and finesse, annexing all Swiss giants with one accessory. Being an aesthetic smartwatch with an intensified focus on a healthier lifestyle, it’s a total package!

The Watch Series 5 is a rock-solid fitness companion. With summers upon us, all of us are going to want to rectify our workout routines in search of the perfect summer body, which is why we think it’s an excellent choice this time of the year. Even all year round, wearing a smartwatch that inspires a healthier life is always a good idea.

Apart from all the features related to health and fitness, Apple has recently collaborated with Hermes to bring out a touch of class with an array of elegant leather straps.

Dial Color: Black

Water Resistance: 50 meters

Diameter: 40 mm and 44 mm

Best Watches Conclusion

With the summer season finally here, it is time to select the right accessory before you head out to your next summer party. All the watches mentioned above are great choices! Which one is your favorite?

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