Best Watches for Summer 2019

Summer brings many great things for us. Hot drinks replace cold drinks, and warm/furry clothes replace light clothes. With the changing season, our moods, foods, clothes and many more things change. Just as we tend to make necessary changes to our wardrobe when the mercury tweaks, do we think of doing the same for our collection of timepieces? Like what the best watches for summer might be?

Well yes, watch enthusiasts prefer switching their regular watches with summer-centric watches; watches that complement the season. Best summer watches are constructed and designed differently to blend with the season and its demands. The colors and designs are specifically chosen to be in line with the summer fashion.

Best Watches for Summer

1: Timex Fairfield Chronograph

Timex Fairfield Chronograph

People are taken aback to know that quality timepieces are now being made in parts of the world other than Switzerland. Timex is one of the most rapidly growing watch-manufacturing companies that never fails to entice the watch enthusiasts.

The watch comes in many different color and options. For example, there’s a navy blue strap that is made of nylon barely carries any weight; it is extremely lightweight. There’s a thin white line in the midst of the navy blue strap. It has a silver case, along with two push buttons and one screw down crown. In addition, there is a sheer white dial, and silver watch markers and hands. Since it is a chronograph watch, there are three mini-dials within the main dial.

2: Daniel Wellington Warwick (and Canterbury)

Daniel Wellington is one of the most widely known timepiece brands, and it caters to the needs of watch enthusiasts with different taste. This specific Daniel Wellington timepiece is a classic one and perfectly suitable for summer festive.

It has a silver round case along with a screw down crown, and a white dial with watch markers and hands in silver. Moreover, it features a blue strap with a rather broad green line in the center, ensuring a beautiful contrast. The tie-stripped strap goes wonderfully with the crystal clear dial.

Daniel Wellington Warwick and Canterbury

Their Canterbury happens to be their topnotch product. The cool orange color of this timepiece is used to design the strap, and there is a silver case, and a plain black dial. Orange is quite a popular color for summer products, be it a timepiece or something else.

3: Farer Mallory 

Farer is one of the most fantastic and rapidly flourishing timepiece brands.

Farer Mallory

It is not at all a second-rate name in the watch-manufacturing market. Its pieces are no less than the best.

Farer Mallory is a plain black watch; the trio of the dial, case, and strap are available in black. There is a rubber-made strap with tiny holes all over, and the thread stitches can be seen on the edges. There are white watch markers and minutes and hour hands in an entirely black dial. For a change, there’s a blue second-hand and a gold screw down crown.

4: Breitling Avenger Automatic

Breitling is a watch-manufacturing company with a huge range of timepieces. There’s a sea of variety available, and each category has amazing collections. One must-have watch for the summer is the Breitling Avenger Automatic watch.

Breitling Avenger Automatic

The Avenger Automatic has a pilot bezel. The dial is left open, and there is no shield on the very surface of it. It is a chronograph watch with three sub-dials functioning differently. It is a GMT watch with dual time zones; hence, you can be apprised of the global time no matter where you are. The case is colored in grey, and the rest of the body is purely black. In addition, the watch markers and hands inside the dial perfectly match the case’s color, i.e. grey.  There is a winding crown and two push buttons beside the bezel. There is a date calendar available at the 3 ‘o clock as well.

5: Hamilton Khaki Field

The name of this Hamilton watch is self-explanatory; it certainly happens to be a military watch. It has the poise and aura of a military man, and hence it is given the name accordingly. The very simple outlook of the timepiece lets it be a top-tier summer preference.

Hamilton Khaki Field

The strap is of roughened-up green color, and the diameter is not too broad. The selection of the strap color depicts a rough and tough look which military men pull off. The case is silver alongside a screw down crown. Meanwhile, the dial has a ravishing and slightly darker green color. In addition, the dial has white numerals and hands. Overall, the Hamilton Khaki Field is more than a basic watch; It has a dial calendar at the 3 ‘o clock mark amongst its additional features.

It is a unisex watch, making it the ideal summer watch for all!

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