Best Tactical Watches for Men

You probably know this by now: a watch is much more than a gadget that tells the time. Over the past few decades it became a style statement with many different designs to pick from. And, thanks to technology that allows manufacturers to pack a wristwatch full of impressive features, it can even help you survive in the wild. Sounding a bit far-fetched? That’s exactly what tactical watches are.

Firstly, it’s robust enough to survive rough handling without getting damaged, even if it gets wet. That’s essential for those working in the wild, firefighters or police. But a tactical watch can even have GPS features or an altimeter, making it practical for hunters or rescue workers.

And yes, these watches can still look stylish; brands cater for all types of design preferences. So, you can get a watch that matches how you want to LOOK and what you want to DO.

Below, we list the best tactical watches for men in 2019. Which one will accompany you on your next adventure?

Suunto Core

Suunto’s Core range offers you a wide variety in design and features, but we suggest you opt for the All Black model. The dark colors suit most outfits, so you can wear it to the office during the week and on expeditions on weekends.

Suunto Core

It’s one of the more elaborate watches in terms of features, even providing you with a compass and barometer. By giving you weather information, such as storm alarms, it can help keep you safe when you’re in extreme conditions.

Thanks to the elastomer strap it will be comfortable to wear even during strenuous activities. At only 2.26oz it won’t weigh you down.

The glass is made of mineral crystal which won’t easily scratch, so this watch will look exceptional for years to come.

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GG 1000

The Mudmaster is one of the impressive items in the Casio G-Shock range. The name says it all: your watch won’t get damaged, even if it experiences shock. And we’re talking about electric shock as well as physical shock. Along with that vibrations won’t affect it and its water resistant.

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GG 1000

The Casio G-Shock series watches will even continue working in extreme cold conditions. These features are all thanks to its interior features that include urethane protection.

And don’t worry, it looks impressive too. It will work with leisure outfits and office attire.

Timex Men’s Expedition Field Chronograph

This tactical watch has a simpler look, catering for the adventurers that also want a watch that they can match to other outfits.

Timex’s Expedition range is vast but we love the Field Chronograph’s designs available in blacks and browns. The cream-colored dial matched with gunmetal gray casing is quite striking for those looking for fashionable accessories that are also practical. It’s a classic look that will suit young and old. You can also add a different colored strap to add some flair to your watch. The black model with red hands looks sleek and modern.

Timex Men’s Expedition Field Chronograph

It’s durable enough to withstand rough handling, while the date and chronograph features are handy for many men, from pilots to sportsmen.

It can light up if you need to see the time in the dark and it’s safely water resistant up to 30 meters.

Marathon Military Navigator Watch WW194013

An even simpler, but very impressive, watch comes from Marathon: the Military Navigator model WW194013. This is focused on the military and navigators.

One of its outstanding features is tritium: thanks to innovative glass tubes your watch can glow without an external source of light. That’s ideal for night expeditions. You’ll be able to tell the time since features on your watch will always glow. It has durable features all round and even these tubes are designed to last for over 20 years.

Marathon Military Navigator Watch

It won’t weigh you down because of the fibreshell casing—it’s super lightweight.

It fits on your wrist with a nylon strap which is comfortable. You may get more durable straps on other watches, but this one will still serve you well and it doesn’t make the watch much heavier.

Garmin Tactix Charlie

Garmin is synonymous with adventure, so it only makes sense that one of the brand’s watches features here. This Tactix watch is the true all-in-one watch on our list because it’s durable, but also provides the wearer with tools like GPS, map navigation, a gyroscope and altimeter. The tools provide you with value for money in many different scenarios: from pilots to law enforcement.

Garmin Tactix Charlie

It’s quite big, but comfortable and the black design is stylish enough for everyday wear.

Tactical Watches Conclusion

There are endless choices on the modern market and you must simply pick. Our advice: make a list of the features you’ll find most valuable and start vetting these models according to your preference list.

This type of watch will last you a long time. It’s worth the investment. Which one is yours?

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