Best Seiko Women’s Watches

With inimitable style, accessible pricing, and impressive solar power, Seiko women’s watches have staked out a unique spot on the international timepiece scene.


Seiko Women’s Watches

1: SUP252P9 for Classic Style

It doesn’t get more classic than this traditional dress watch, exuding elegance with its pure simplicity. A PVD gold-plated case effortlessly complements an off-white dial and subtle indices in place of numeral hour markers. Fitted on a brown leather strap, the SUP252P9 is a watch that’s ready for office duty and brings an air of sophistication, if not opulence, to any dress-casual occasion.

front view of Seiko Solar SUP252P9 watch

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At 20mm across, the case works best on slimmer wrists. It presents a low profile, grabbing attention with subtlety instead of size. While you can’t take this one swimming, it’s nice to know it’s water-resistant up to 30 meters.

2: SUT374 for a Shimmering Show

When you want to dazzle with diamonds, the SUT374 is ready in all its glittering grandeur. Sprinkled over a Mother of Pearl dial and the round bezel, 28 diamonds give this showy timepiece some serious sparkle. Rose gold adds to the elegance, found on dramatic sword-style hands, contoured on the outer edge of the bezel. It’s also slipped along the center lines of a stainless steel link bracelet. This is a watch that cries out to be seen. It’s perfect for a Saturday night on the town, its flash, perhaps, offset by your favorite little black dress.

front view of Seiko Solar SUT374 watch

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3: SUP399P9 for Bling That Won’t Blind

When you want to put on a show with diamonds that’s not too showy, look to the SUP399P9. The white MOP dial and polished stainless steel case complement the diamond insets and hour markers perfectly. On second look, your eyes will inevitably be drawn to the precious stones running parallel to the square case and found on the dial in tandem.

front view of Seiko Solar SUP399P9 watch

Not the slimmest of offerings in the Seiko line, wearing small-to-medium with a case that’s 24mm across. The watch also lacks contrast in its color scheme,  while at the same time making a bold style statement that fits perfectly with an elegant evening.

4: Timeless Elegance of a SUP406P9

Midnight black, lustrous gold, and shimmering diamonds. Each on their own projects sleek style and cool sophistication. Put them together and the result is simply stunning. That’s what you find with the SUP406P9, a luxury watch that, because it’s a Seiko, does not come with a luxury price tag. While the design echoes that of the SUP399P9, its contrasting elements come together to put on a dramatically different display.

front view of Seiko Solar SUP406P9 watch

The adage that basic black goes with anything applies here. This is a watch that’s equally at home on formal outings or paired with a smart-casual ensemble. And like most others in the Seiko canon, it’s built plenty tough for everyday use, with a Hardlex crystal, a durable stainless steel case and bracelet, and up to twelve months of charge in its solar-powered movement.

5: Minimalist Style with the SUP385P9

Here, we have one of the most casual watches Seiko makes for women, and it’s most minimalistic. Arguably, it’s unisex, making this one of the most versatile watches Seiko offers. The cool blue face of the SUP385P9 eschews the finer details found on most of the watches Seiko makes for women in place of the slightest white indices and slim hands.

front view of Seiko Solar SUP385P9 watch

The round case provides just the right contrast in gleaming black, with a 27.4mm diameter that is tailored to female wrists, true, but also works well for men with slimmer wrists or those who just prefer a timepiece with a lower profile. The black-and-blue cases motif blends effortlessly with the silver stainless steel bracelet. Wear this one with jeans and a t-shirt or play to its sporty side with workout wear.

6: SFQ800 is a True Essential

Hailing from Seiko’s Ladies’ Essential Collection, the SFQ800 is just that: a true essential. It’s an excellent selection when it comes to Seiko women’s watches. At first glance, it appears like a casual everyday watch with a classic round case. Bold blue dauphine hands pop in contrast to the silver dial, telling the world this timepiece is at home on a laid-back weekend.

front view of Seiko SFQ800 watch

Things get a bit dressier when you look at the link bracelet. It has a two-tone mix of silver and gold that puts the watch equally at home at dressier moments. If you’re looking for an essential piece that works with chameleon-like adaptation across your wardrobe, this is a solid choice with charm.

Seiko Women’s Watches Conclusion

With over a century of watchmaking history, Seiko knows more than just a little about watches and the people who wear them. If you’re looking for a casual timepiece, something for formal occasions, or perhaps something in between, consider the Japanese watchmakers’ wide range of women’s watches.

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