30 Best Microbrand Watches

Most of us would agree that the watchmaking industry is mostly dominated by well-established companies with decades of experience under their belt. This is proven by the fact that even those who are not interested in horology have probably heard of big brands like Rolex, TAG Heuer, Seiko, Casio, and more. However, there is so much more to the watch industry than just these famous names. That is why, today, we will be introducing you to some of the best microbrands out there and what they have to offer. 

What is a Microbrand Watch? 

Before we delve into the list proper, let us first define what microbrand watches are. In layman’s terms, a microbrand is an independent company or business that operates on a significantly smaller scale compared to big corporations in the market. In turn, this means that microbrand watches are simply timepieces that are made by these independent companies, firms, or entities. 

30 Best Microbrand Watches

1. Monta Atlas 24-Hour Date 

Front view of the Monta Atlas 24-Hour Date watch.

First on our list is a lovely model from an American independent brand called Monta. They are a Missouri-based company that offers timepieces made with quality Swiss craftsmanship. Despite only being founded in 2016, they have already found the perfect balance between tradition and modern technology, which is clearly reflected in their products. 

For example, the Monta Atlas 24-Hour Date shows off a classic, sporty aesthetic mixed with a very functional design. This watch comes in a 38.5 mm stainless steel case and matching three-link bracelet with an appealing sunburst charcoal dial. Its dial is adorned with luminous hour indices, large sword hands, and a date window outlined in white at 6 o’clock. All of these are driven by a Swiss-made automatic MONTA Caliber M-23 with a 42-hour power reserve. You can even bring this dressy timepiece to your next watersports date because it has a solid depth rating of 150 meters.

If you value both aesthetics and functionality, this is one of the best microbrand watches you can get. It has a price tag of around $1,950 USD. 

2. Farer Cobb Monopusher 

Front view of the Farer Cobb Monopusher watch.

Up next, we have a model from a fairly popular brand called Farer. It is a small British watch company that wants to make a difference by offering detailed timepieces with a purpose. One of the reasons why this brand has some of the best microbrand watches on the market is because it is driven by the desire to incorporate unique ideas into its craft.  

This philosophy is evident in the Farer Cobb Monopusher, with its eye-catching and distinctive design. It has a 40.5mm stainless steel case along with a capped mono-pusher and a St. Venere leather strap. The dial, however, is the true star of this timepiece, with its liberal use of striking blue, yellow, and orange hues, a combination you do not often see on watches. The dial also has a three-hand system, a chronograph display with two sub-dials, and a rectangular date window. These are powered by a self-winding Sellita SW510 MP movement, which has an extended power reserve of 62 hours and a 100-meter depth rating. 

Priced at $1,995 USD, this is a must-have for those who enjoy colorful and vibrant timepieces!

3. Eone Bradley Mesh Black

Front view of the Eone Bradley Mesh Black watch.

Eone is one of the most innovative independent brands on this list. What makes it stand out is that it has a wide selection of watches that boasts unique and inclusive designs. In fact, Eone wants its timepieces to be accessible to as many people as possible. This is why it creates products that can easily be used by persons with disabilities as well. 

For example, the Eone Bradley Mesh Black is a gorgeous monochromatic watch that exudes an air of subtle elegance. It is presented in a 40mm lightweight titanium case paired with a stainless steel mesh bracelet in black. The very distinct dial features raised hour markers, recessed tracks, and two magnetized balls in lieu of traditional watch hands.

The way this watch works is that one ball will travel around the track on the outer rim of the dial to indicate the hour, while the ball that moves along the inner track shows the minute. Powered by a Ronda quartz movement with Swiss-made components, this one-of-a-kind, three-dimensional dial accommodates those who are visually impaired.

Eone’s dedication to offering inclusive timepieces that are still very well-crafted is why we consider it to be one of the best microbrand watches in the industry. Even better, its products come at very affordable prices, with the model above costing just $310 USD.

4. Uniform Wares C-35

Front view of the Uniform Wares C-35 watch.

Uniform Wares is a London-based watch company that focuses on practical and purposeful designs. Right from the start, Uniform Wares has been keen on being as hands-on as possible throughout its entire watchmaking process, which is undoubtedly a large reason behind its success. Today, it is best known for offering contemporary, minimalist timepieces that are uniquely its own. 

A classic model in Uniform Wares’ catalog is the C-35. It features a 35mm stainless steel case that has been coated in a layer of gold PVD, paired with a Nappa leather strap that is offered in a variety of colors. Its white dial follows a straightforward layout with just sleek diamond-cut hands and slender black hour indices. Underneath the simple exterior, you can find a Swiss-made Ronda 1062 movement with an accuracy rate of -10/+20 secs. 

With a price tag of just $430 USD, this is the ideal microbrand watch for those who like modern, minimalistic timepieces.

5. Shinola The Middle Child Detrola 

Front view of the Shinola The Middle Child Detrola watch.

Next, we have an American watch company called Shinola, which was founded back in 2011. Its story began with the idea of establishing a brand that manufactures quality products of all kinds, and it was eventually brought to life through a factory in Detroit. At present, Shinola has a wide variety of products in its catalog, from bags and jewelry to well-crafted timepieces. 

One of its most distinct models is The Middle Child Detrola. This watch has a mostly monochromatic exterior, with a 43mm case made of resin and stainless steel and a semi-transparent silicone strap in grey. These are tastefully complemented by the watch’s dial, which shows off a translucent design that allows you to admire the Argonite 705 quartz movement beneath. Aside from that, the dial is also adorned with Arabic numerals in a neat white typeface, blunt hands coated in Super-LumiNova, and a date window.

Retailing at $395 USD, this is one of the best microbrand watches for those who like timepieces that are fun yet low-key.

6. Oak & Oscar The Jackson Grey

Front view of the Oak & Oscar The Jackson Grey watch.

Oak & Oscar is a Chicago-based microbrand founded in 2015. One outstanding timepiece in its arsenal is the limited edition model known as The Jackson. This watch showcases a textured grey dial housed in a 40mm stainless steel case, along with a handsome leather strap in brown. This dial is peppered with vibrant orange accents, which gives a lovely contrast against the darker-hued backdrop.

The dial is furnished with a variety of useful functions, including a tachymeter scale on its inner bezel, a chronograph display with two sub-counters, a date window, luminous silver and grey hour indices, and a three-hand mechanism. All of this runs on a manual-winding Eterna Caliber 39, which has a 50-meter water resistance capacity and a solid 60-hour power supply.

If you are someone who prefers a balance between utility and style, this $2,850 USD piece is a must-have.

7. TRIWA Smoky Nevil

Front view of the TRIWA Smoky Nevil watch.

TRIWA is a watch brand that focuses on creating pieces that go beyond what is trendy. They believe that watches are more than just tools and accessories, which is why it incorporates symbolic elements related to relevant issues today. Aside from that, TRIWA also aspires to be both innovators and transformers through watchmaking. 

The TRIWA Smoky Nevil serves as a reflection of the brand’s philosophy with its timeless aesthetic and multi-functionality. It is presented in a 42mm stainless steel case and matching three-link bracelet, which give a sleek, classy vibe to the whole timepiece. The dark grey dial is decorated with luminous blunt hands, slim applied hour markers, a 60-minute track, and a chronograph display with 2 sub-counters. This watch is driven by a quartz movement in the form of the Miyota OS21 caliber. 

You can get your hands on this microbrand watch for around $350 USD.

8. Christophe Claret Baccara

Front view of the Christophe Claret Baccara watch.

Next up, we have a model from a high-end independent watch company called Christophe Claret. This microbrand was established by its namesake back in 1991 and is best known for producing quality timepieces on par with big names in the industry. One of the reasons behind Christophe Claret’s success is the way they incorporate both sophistication and innovation into every watch they make. 

The Christophe Claret Baccara is a perfect representation of what the brand’s craft is all about. This model has a luxurious 45mm white gold case, coated in a layer of scratch-resistant black PVD, and a high-quality alligator leather strap in black with red stitching. While this handsome exterior is already impressive, the highlight of this timepiece is by far the intricate design of its watch face. Through a lapis lazuli and rhodium-plated metallization, this dial boasts a complex dragon pattern with red sword hands and playful hour markers that resemble playing cards. Underneath this delicate watch face is a BCR09 hand-wound movement with a power reserve of 72 hours. 

If you are a luxury watch enthusiast who has an interest in low-key microbrand watches, you can cop the Christophe Claret Baccara for around $247,938 USD.

9. Votch Aalto Gold & Juniper

Front view of the Votch Aalto watch.

Votch is a UK-based microbrand that specializes in creating eco-friendly products. Votch is very serious when it comes to the environmentally-friendly values they uphold, especially on the issue of animal welfare, which is what makes it stand out as an independent company. In fact, Votch’s portfolio consists of contemporary watches that are all cruelty-free and sustainable. 

One of Votch’s bestsellers is the Aalto Gold & Juniper, which flaunts a combination of green and minimalist aesthetics. It is encased in a 40mm gold-plated case along with a vegan faux leather strap in deep green. The black dial has a very simple yet chic layout, with printed stick and dot indices, thin Feuille hands, and Arabic numerals in a modern, rounded typeface. This watch is powered by a Japanese-made GL20 quartz movement. 

For around $179 USD, you can purchase this subtle yet fun microbrand watch without feeling too guilty about your carbon footprint.

10. De Bethune DB26 GMT Starry Varius 

Front view of the De Bethune DB26 GMT Starry Varius watch.

De Bethune is another independent watch company that falls on the luxury side of the spectrum. While it is a  relatively small Swiss brand, its catalog consists of watches that would remind you of big names like Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, and the like. De Bethune has also mastered the art of balancing technology and design which is why its pieces are considered some of the best microbrand watches out there. 

The model that stood out to us the most was the DB26 GMT Starry Varius, with its multitude of artistic watch complications. The watch’s exterior is comprised of a 42mm lightweight titanium case paired with an extra-supple alligator leather strap in black. It has a beautifully complex dial containing a date ring on the inner-most section, a 24-hour sub-dial, a 12-hour ring, and a minute ring on the rim of the dial. Driven by a hand-wound DB2507 caliber, this watch is also equipped with a one-of-a-kind day/night indicator, a microsphere, and a three-hand mechanism. 

If you are a fan of well-engineered masterpieces, the DB26 GMT Starry Varius is the perfect watch to add to your collection. It retails at around $207,073 USD.

11. Baltic Aquascaphe GMT

Front view of the Baltic Aquascaphe GMT watch.

Baltic is a French watch brand founded in 2017 that offers high-quality, timeless pieces that will not break the bank. However, besides its amazing portfolio, one thing that stood out to us was the story behind this independent company. What started out as a mere inheritance of a watch collection eventually blossomed into a passion for the horological craft. To this day, the watch heirlooms left to founder Ettiene Malec remain the driving force behind the brand’s watches.

For example, the Baltic Aquascaphe GMT has vintage-inspired aesthetics that resemble iconic models like the Rolex GMT-Master II and the Tudor Black Bay. It is presented in a 39mm stainless steel case with a two-tone blue and grey GMT bezel and a tropic rubber strap.

Meanwhile, its black dial comprises a clean and highly legible layout, with luminous sword hands, an arrow-headed GMT hand, hour markers in various geometric shapes, a single Arabic numeral marker at 12 o’clock, and a date window at 6 o’clock. All of these function through a self-winding Swiss movement. Lastly, on the underside of this watch, you can find a caseback with an engraving of different time zones in the world.

If you are only at the beginner phase of your microbrand watch collection, you can start with this classic and familiar model, which sells at approximately $1,040 USD.

12. Defakto Struktur Superluminova

Front view of the Defakto Struktur Superluminova watch.

Next up, we have Defakto, which is a German company that specializes in creating quality Bauhaus watches. Defakto takes pride in selling products that are made entirely in-house, from the conceptualization of the watches’ designs to their actual production. This is the very reason why the brand has numerous awards and titles attached to its name. 

One of the best models in Defakto’s arsenal is the Defakto Struktur Superluminova, which is as minimalistic and straightforward as it gets. It comes in a 40mm stainless steel case paired with a black cowhide strap made from Germany. Its black dial follows a simple layout with just stick hour and minute indices of different lengths, blunt hands coated in Super-LumiNova, and a small second counter at 6 o’clock. This microbrand watch is also equipped with a Swiss quartz movement called the Ronda 6004.D. 

Retailing at around $335 USD, this model is recommended for all those who like sleek Bauhaus timepieces.

13. Lang & Heyne Friedrich III

Front view of the Lang & Heyne Freidrich III watch.

Lang & Heyne is another independent German watch company that offers quintessential timepieces. This brand upholds artistry and tradition above all else, which can be seen in each watch they make. If you are a fan of the watch manufacturer A.Lange & Sohne, you will most likely fall in love with Lang & Heyne as well. 

The Freidrich III is the perfect representation of Lang & Heyne’s craftsmanship with its classic design that simply oozes nostalgia. It is housed in a 39.2mm luxurious white gold case and a high-quality alligator leather strap in black. Its silver dial contains vintage-looking Roman numerals in thin font, cathedral hands in rose gold, and a small seconds counter at 6 o’clock. Within the case is a hand-wound Caliber VI movement with a 55-hour power reserve.

For around $22,850 USD, you can get your hands on this traditional luxury timepiece.

14. FP Journe Classique Divine 36MM

Front view of the FP Journe Classique Divine watch.

FP Journe is a standout microbrand that prizes both classic aesthetics and highly-advanced technology. Its portfolio consists of traditional timepieces that are both engineering marvel and artistic feat. FP Journe values innovation, which is why many of its watches are equipped with state-of-the-art, uniquely designed complications.

A perfect example of this would be the Divine 36 MM from the brand’s Classique collection. This is a complex timepiece that is encased in a 36mm platinum case and an alligator leather black strap. It features a vintage-looking white gold and silver dial with blued steel hands, Arabic numeral markers in a rounded typeface, a small seconds counter, and a big date window.

The most striking components of this watch also serve as the greatest expression of the brand’s innovativeness. These include its arced power reserve display, with quirky indicators that count in multiples of 24, and its gorgeous moon phase function, which depicts a dark, starry night. On the underside of this watch, you can find an open caseback with a Brevet self-winding caliber. This movement has a whopping 120-hour power reserve.

This is one of the best microbrand watches you can add to your quintessential collection. It retails at around $52,900 USD.

15. Bravur Geography Automatic

Front view of the Bravur Geography watch.

Bravur is a Swiss independent brand that was only founded in 2017. It specializes in creating modern timepieces that are meant to be ideal everyday companions. Despite being a small company, Bravur dedicates a lot of time and effort to making its watchmaking process as smooth and streamlined as possible. This ensures that it produces watches that are durable and of high quality. 

One of our favorite pieces from Bravur is the Geography Automatic. It has a high-grade 39mm stainless steel case along with a leather strap. One fun thing about this watch is that it is customizable, so you can choose the color of the strap you want, and you even have the option of monogramming it.

This watch also flaunts a sparkling white, unusually curved sector dial. The outer rim of the dial has a sleek, silver brushed finish with slim hour indices, Arabic numerals, and a small circular date window. The inner section of the dial has a smooth white hue, with a 24-hour layout in vibrant blue indicators and a four-hand mechanism. As a GMT watch with dual time zones, this watch runs on a self-winding ETA2893-2 caliber with a 42-hour power supply.

With a price tag of around $1,450, this serves as a great option for those seeking an everyday watch with versatile aesthetics.

16. Brew Metric Retro

Front view of the Brew Metric watch.

Brew Watch Company is a microbrand founded by Jonathan Ferrer. One day, while Ferrer was on his usual coffee break, he realized how much he savored every moment of peace he had with his hot beverage, which made him see the true value of time. Combining his passion for coffee and design, Ferrer now creates distinctive watches that are loosely based on industrial coffee machines. 

The Metric Retro is one of the Brew Watch Company’s bestselling watches, and for good reason. It has a unique, retro-inspired design that will surely brighten up any ensemble. This model comes in a square-shaped stainless steel case with a size of 36mmx41.5mm and a bracelet with a black dial that features bright pops of yellow, orange, and green color. The watch face is also decorated with bright luminous hands and rectangular hour indices, a rectangular date window, and a chronograph display with two sub-counters. All of these components function using a hybrid VK68 mecha-quartz chronograph movement. 

This is the perfect microbrand watch for those who like colorful, vintage-influenced timepieces. The best part is that you only need $395 USD to get one.

17. Carpenter G2 Brooklyn Gent

Front view of the Carpenter G2 Brooklyn Gent watch.

Carpenter Watches is an American brand based in Brooklyn, New York. It focuses on creating mechanical timepieces that boast a balance between contemporary elements and vintage-inspired aesthetics. This is why most, if not all, of its watches can be considered timeless, versatile accessories. 

The G2 Brooklyn Gent perfectly epitomizes this with its sleek and elegant exterior. It has a 38mm darkened stainless steel case and three-link bracelet that go really well with the black dial. The layout of the watch face is rather simple, with only applied hour indices, thin sword-shaped hands that are coated in lume, minute Arabic numerals, and a round date window at 3 o’clock. It also has a sapphire exhibition caseback that gives you a glimpse of the Swiss ETA 2824-2 movement behind the scenes. 

Priced at $795 USD, this is one of the best microbrand watches for those who like chic and dapper pieces.

18. Sternglas Naos White

Front view of the Sternglas Naos watch.

Next up, we have Sternglas, which is a German independent company founded by Dustin Fontaine in 2016. Dustin worked at a watch factory when he was young and it introduced him to what would be his lifetime passion: watchmaking. At present, Sternglas is one of the most popular microbrands in the industry with its wide selection of Bauhaus timepieces. 

The Naos White is a Sternglas model that definitely deserves a spot on this list because of how straightforward yet classy it is. It is presented in a 38mm stainless steel case along with a calf leather strap in brown. The white dial shows off a very minimalistic layout with thin blue stick hands, painted stick indices, a date window, and Arabic numerals in a neat typeface. This watch is driven by a Ronda 717 caliber, which is an analog quartz movement. 

If you want an affordable Bauhaus-inspired timepiece, then this $215 USD model is just for you.

19. MK-II Key West

Front view of the MK-II Key West watch.

MK-II is an American watch company that was founded back in 2002. It started out as a firm that sold watch components to other manufacturers until it eventually started offering its own timepieces. MK-II’s specialty lies in creating durable, well-crafted tool watches that can be used both casually and professionally. 

One eye-catching model from the brand is the Key West with its striking Pepsi bezel. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Rolex Pepsi, this watch comes in a 39.2mm stainless steel case and brushed three-link bracelet with a rotating two-tone GMT bezel in red and blue hues. The white dial includes luminescent Mercedes hands, hour markers in various geometric shapes, and a date window in a bright red font, along with a red arrow-headed seconds hand. A Swiss-made ETA 2893-2 caliber powers all of these functions. 

If you are a fan of Pepsi bezels, you can get your hands on this model for around $2,000 USD.

20. Halios Fairwind 

Front view of the Halios Fairwind watch.

20th on our list is Halios, a small independent company founded in 2009. What started out as a mere interest in timepieces resulted in a brand that offers a beautiful selection of watches to the community today. Since the people behind Halios were once consumers and enthusiasts themselves, they apply their own experiences into making Halios one of the best microbrands in the market. 

The Fairwind model serves as a testament to Halios’s dedication to watchmaking. It is housed in a 39mm stainless steel case and matching bracelet with a bidirectional bezel in bathyal blue. The dial, which comes in a matching shade of rich blue, has a straightforward display with just luminescent hour markers and blunt hands that run on an automatic SW200-1 caliber. This movement also has a 40-hour power reserve and a solid 200-meter water resistance rating. 

For $775 USD, you can cop one of these durable divers for your next underwater adventure.

21. Autodromo Prototipo Chronograph

Front view of the Autodromo Prototipo Chronograph watch.

Like IWC, the brand Autodromo is one of the best sources of microbrand watches inspired by motorsports. The entire company was built on the idea of expressing the essence of racing and automotive through well-designed timepieces.

A perfect representation of this would be the Prototipo Chronograph, with its retro, motorsports-influenced aesthetics. It comes in a 42mm stainless steel case paired with a genuine leather racing strap. The watch face, meant to look like the dashboard of a sports car, draws inspiration from racer Vic Elford, who owned a Porsche 908/02 with the same color palette. It consists of stick hour markers, luminous blunt hands, a chronograph display with three sub-dials, and vibrant red and blue shades all over. Underneath this sporty watch face is a Seiko VK63 Chronograph caliber, which is actually a hybrid mecha-quartz movement. 

If you are an aficionado of motorsports and watches, you can get this cool-looking timepiece for around $775 USD.  

22. Vortic The Boston 408

Front view of the Vortic The Boston 408 watch.

Unlike Autodromo, Vortic is an independent watch company that specializes in providing vintage timepieces that embody the American spirit. Vortic is known for restoring antique pocket watches and turning them into fully functional wristwatches. This makes the brand an ideal source of legitimate retro microbrand watches.

The Boston 408 belongs to Vortic’s American Artisan Series. It was originally a pocket watch manufactured by the Waltham Watch Company. This is a fairly large 46mm model with a stainless steel case and a handsome leather strap in brown. The white dial contains large Arabic numerals in a classy typeface, metallic spade-shaped hands, and a small seconds counter. Inside this timepiece, you can find the pocket watch’s original hand-wound movement that dates all the way back to 1908. 

If you are a true vintage collector, you should definitely check out this piece, which retails at around $2,895 USD.

23. Traska Venturer Arctic White

Front view of the Track Venturer Arctic White watch.

Next up, we have Traska which is a small and low-key brand created in 2018. It offers a selection of reasonably priced timepieces with classic, robust aesthetics. Just with a single glance, you can tell that its watches are powerfully built and extremely reliable. 

The Venturer Arctic White is presented in a 46mm stainless steel case and three-link bracelet, all of which have been treated with scratch-resistant coatings. The white-lacquered dial comprises rectangular applied indices, diamond-cut blunt hands, Arabic numerals in a neat typeface, an internal rotating bezel, and a date display at 6 o’clock. All these, along with the watch’s second time zone function, are driven by an automatic Miyota 9019 movement. 

If you are looking for a versatile yet tough-looking timepiece, this $585 USD model might just be the right one for you.

24. Anordain Model 1 Payne’s Grey Fume

Front view of the Anordain Model 1 Payne's Grey Fume watch.

Anordain is an independent company that focuses on strengthening the intertwined connection between design and manufacture. It believes that, in order to create the best watches, everything should go through a streamlined process under one roof. This allows for a more hands-on experience with each and every timepiece. 

One of our favorites from Anordain’s catalog is the Model 1 Payne’s Grey Fume, which is a gorgeous piece that follows contemporary design codes. It has a 38mm case with a black cordovan strap. The main attraction, however, is the watch’s smoky grey dial, with its heat-treated hands and thick, golden Arabic numerals. Inside this watch is an automatic ETA 2824-2 movement. 

If you are as in love with this artsy model as we are, you can purchase one for around $2,087 USD.

25. Haven The Chilton (Ref 1031) 

Front view of the Haven The Chilton Chronograph watch.

Haven is one of the best manufacturers of microbrand watches because it knows its niche. It incorporates traditional watchmaking styles into its manufacture of lively, eye-catching timepieces.

The Chilton Chronograph is one of Haven’s best models since its design boasts a perfect balance between fun and functionality. It is a 37.5mm watch in stainless steel with a retro-inspired, colorful watch face. The chronograph display flaunts different hues of red, blue, and black on a metallic-looking champagne dial with a sunray finish. It also comes with thick luminous hands that run on a hand-wound SW510M movement. 

Retailing at $1,799 USD, this serves as the perfect model for those who have an affinity towards vibrant accessories.

26. Zelos Great White V2

Front view of the Zelos Greath White V2 watch.

Zelos is a Singapore-based watch company that offers state-of-the-art timepieces crafted from bronze or carbon fiber. The mere existence of this microbrand is proof that you do not have to pay a huge sum of money to get quality watches that are built to last. 

The Great White V2 stands out from the rest of the brand’s catalog — thanks to its tough and sporty exterior. It comes in a 43mm stainless steel case and brushed three-link bracelet, along with a carbon fiber dial and bezel. Thanks to the use of this carbon fiber material, the grey watch face showcases a unique, textured illusory look with luminescent hands, thick hour markers, and a date aperture at 6 o’clock. Underneath this artistic watch face is a Miyota 9015 caliber. 

This Zelos watch has a price tag of just $459 USD.  

27. The Horse The Resin

Front view of The Horse The Resin watch.

The Horse is an Australia-based lifestyle brand that was established in 2009. It offers a variety of products such as bags, small leather goods, and timepieces. When it comes to watches, The Horse specializes in minimalist, contemporary designs. One of the best things about this brand is that it has a wide selection available, which means you are bound to find the perfect watch for you. 

The Horse has a limited edition model called The Resin, which is noteworthy because of how simple yet distinct it is. It is presented in a 42mm stainless steel case along with a genuine Italian leather strap and a unique tortoiseshell bezel. The plain black dial comprises applied rose gold indices, thin blunt hands coated in luminescent material, and a date display at 3 o’clock. It also possesses a Japanese quartz movement and a 50-meter water resistance capacity. 

If you want something simple and affordable, you can get this watch for just $123 USD.

28. Pelton Perseus 

Front view of the Pelton Perseus watch.

Pelton is another microbrand that offers different kinds of products like leather goods, sunglasses, and of course, watches. It markets its models as handcrafted timepieces that possess high precision and quality. In fact, if you check out Pelton’s whole selection, you will find many watches that are comparable to those from popular luxury names in the market. 

The Perseus caught our attention immediately because of its resemblance to other iconic watches like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and the Bulgari Octo. It showcases a familiar integrated bracelet and a very distinct, rounded bezel shape that harkens back to the signature octagonal bezel of the Royal Oak. Encased in a 39mm all-stainless steel exterior, this watch’s silver sunray dial has slim luminous hour indices, blunt hands, and a compact date window at 3 o’clock. Inside this watch is a self-winding ETA 2824-2 movement.

Priced at around $2,999 USD, this watch is recommended for those who love the Royal Oak timepieces but want something a little more accessible! 

29. Boldr Field Medic II 

Front view of the Boldr Field Medic II watch.

Next, we have Boldr which is another Singapore-based company that specializes in adventure gear and watches. Given the nature of the brand, you can already expect its timepieces to be specially made to withstand any type of environment. Boldr crafts its products to be the perfect everyday companions, whether you are out to explore or just on a leisurely walk outside.

One of Boldr’s most popular pieces is the Field Medic II, which draws the eye with its appealing panda watch face. This watch comes in a slim 38mm titanium case paired with a nylon NATO strap in black. Its white dial follows a chronograph layout with luminescent syringe hands, a pulsometer, respiratory scale, and two sub-counters in black. Since this is a watch specially made for those in the medical field, it is equipped with an SII VK64 mecha-quartz movement that boasts great accuracy and precision. 

Regardless of whether you are a medic or not, this is still a very cool microbrand tool watch to own. You can add this to your collection for just $299 USD.

30. Undone Vintage Killy

Front view of the Undone Vintage Killy watch.

Lastly, we have Undone, which is a brand that aims to change people’s view of the watchmaking industry. Undone believes that timepieces are unique forms of self-expression, so you do not always have to purchase a trendy or popular model. Instead, you should be seeking the perfect, tailor-made watch that can tell your personal story. 

The Vintage Killy is a customizable watch that you can fully personalize, from the dial and hands down to the case and strap. The model in the photo, in particular, has been customized to come in a 40mm stainless steel case paired with a suede textured strap in beige. The dial consists of dark blue Feuille hands, Arabic numerals in a rounded typeface, a telemeter scale, and a chronograph display with 2 counters. Underneath this vintage-looking exterior, you can find a Japanese TMI VK61 Flyback Chronograph caliber, which is a hybrid mecha-quartz movement. 

Retailing at around $315 USD, the perfect watch is within your reach and you will not even have to break the bank to get it!

Final Thoughts

The list above proves that there is more to the watchmaking industry than just the big names we know and love. Whether it is a luxury timepiece or a more casual model, you are bound to be able to find a microbrand that specializes in what you are looking for. Ultimately, the world of horology is one that is full of potential for both watchmakers and consumers. 

Photo Credits: Official Watch Sites

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