Watch Guide: 10 Best Men’s Watches

As a man, whether you are craving smartwatches, fitness trackers, or classic timepiece designs, there is something out there in the market for you. Indeed, there is a certain allure that brands like Omega, Rolex, and TAG Heuer bring to their watches. Men’s watches from these renowned brands simply elevate your attire in a way other accessories cannot. If you happen to be a fan of such men’s watches, then this article is just for you. 

Given how many top watch brands there are in the market today, it can be very difficult to come to a decision. As such, we have curated a list of 60 best men’s watches for your perusal. This is a diverse catalog of best men’s watches, so whether you are working with deep pockets or a limited budget, we are sure that you will be able to find the right fit just for yourself. 

1. Timex Navi XL Automatic 41mm

front view of Timex Navi XL Automatic 41mm watch

Timex has a wide variety of watch designs for everyone, whether you want something fun and quirky, as well as robust and serious. Given its diverse catalog, it can be a challenge to pick just one watch from the brand. That said, we ended up going with the Timex Navi XL. This automatic 41mm watch was first launched in a limited run, and was met with such huge demand that Timex eventually gave it a re-release. 

In its current incarnation, this Timex watch is equipped with a reliable 21-jewel Japanese automatic movement. We chose this military-influenced watch for its popular demand and incredibly low price point. This timepiece also possesses 100 meters of water resistance, which is quite substantial for a powerful watch that costs only $259 USD.

2. Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Meca-10

front view of Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Meca-10 watch

There’s something about Hublot watches that make them truly captivating. Every watch from this brand is an interesting take on watchmaking and the innovative use of materials. This company proves how craftsmanship plays a huge part in making a watch company successful.

Perhaps the most perfect example of a Hublot watch is the Spirit of Big Bang Meca-10. In keeping with Hublot’s constant experimentation with materials, there are three different versions available for this watch — titanium, Black Magic (black ceramic), and King Gold (5N 18k gold alloy). All versions are powered by a mechanical movement that packs a power reserve of up to 10 days. 

This Spirit of Big Bang piece is a strong entry from 2020 and definitely something you should consider adding to your collection. At just a glance, you can immediately see the time, effort, and attention to detail put into this watch. It features a sophisticated open-heart dial and the brand’s familiar chunky rubber strap. It is impressive, masculine, and definitely a good investment.

The titanium model costs $23,100 USD while the King Gold version sits at around $45,000 USD. Prepare to dish around $27,300 USD for the Black Magic version.

3. Roger Dubuis Excalibur Twofold

front view of Roger Dubuis Excalibur Twofold watch

If Hublot wowed you, then you might want to take a look at Roger Dubuis. This luxury brand is unstoppable when it comes to modern innovation. From its fresh designs to the use of materials, the brand never fails to impress. 

The watch we have for you today is the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Twofold. This is a 45mm watch featuring a case made from the brand’s proprietary Mineral Composite Fiber (MCF). Roger Dubuis developed this ultra-white composite material made of 99.95% silica, as it allows for better and long-lasting illumination. Inside the watch is a manual-wound caliber RD01SQ with a double-flying tourbillon. You can observe this movement at work through the watch’s open-heart dial. 

This Roger Dubuis watch is extremely rare, with only 8 pieces available. As such, it carries quite a hefty price tag of $276,000 USD. 

4. Bulova Chronograph A

front view of Bulova Chronograph A watch

You have most likely heard of Bulova before. Many people attribute the invention of the first electronic wristwatch to this brand. Indeed, the Bulova Accutron, released in 1960, helped pave the way for the brand’s success. However, there is more to the brand than just this watch. Take a look, for instance, at the Bulova Computron, or the equally iconic Chronograph A.

The Chronograph A’s vintage look is inspired by the 1970s. This watch is nicknamed the “Surfboard” due to the oval shape on the dial of the watch which houses its two sub-dials. This design has since been adopted by brands like Breitling and Vulcan, but the Bulova Chronograph A remains the most iconic of all these men’s watches. 

Realistically speaking, you will probably have a hard time looking for an original version of the Chronograph A. They are among some of the most expensive collector’s items today. That said, you can get a modern interpretation of the Chronograph A, with the same design as the original, but equipped with a quartz movement instead. You would have to fork out around $600 USD for this men’s watch. 

5. Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Calibre 321

front view of Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Calibre 321 watch

Of course, it would not be a list of best men’s watches without Omega. The brand Omega greeted 2020 with the launch of a new version of the Speedmaster, which they dubbed the “Ed White”. The Speedmaster Moonwatch “Ed White” Calibre 321 is named after the astronaut who wore a Speedmaster on the first ever spacewalk in 1965.

The Speedmaster Moonwatch Calibre 321 boasts a classic combination of a stainless steel case and three-link bracelet. It comes with all the usual Speedmaster Moonwatch trappings, including three chronograph sub-dials, a bezel marked with a tachymeter scale, and a sleek three-hand layout. You can get this popular men’s watch at around $14,100 USD. 

6. Zenith Defy 21 Chronograph

side view of Zenith Defy 21 Chronograph watch

Zenith has defied a lot of watchmaking principles in the past year or two. The brand’s effort can be seen now more than ever, as it leans into modern ideas and technology. One outstanding recent men’s watch from Zenith is the Defy 21 Ultraviolet. Incorporating the use of the brand’s famous El Primero 21 movement, this model stands out from the crowd because its movement has received an ultraviolet treatment that strikingly contrasts its titanium case. 

This men’s watch comes in two different variants. You can choose between a sleeker black model, or a more streamlined and professional looking version in white. Both versions feature clean, brushed cases, alligator leather straps, three-dimensional dials, and scratch-resistant ceramic bezels. The price for this Zenith Defy timepiece ranges from $12,000 to $14,000. 

7. Alpina Seastrong Diver Heritage

front view of Alpina Seastrong Diver Heritage watch
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Alpina watches are made for the outdoors. Some of the brand’s more famous collections include the Alpiner, Startimer, and Seastrong, all of which offer sturdy and sporty watches that would be great companions for your adventures, whether on land or sea. Our favorite among the men’s watches from this brand is the Alpina Seastrong Diver Heritage.

This Alpina Seastrong watch is equal parts chic and functional, making it one of the best men’s watches of all time. In particular, the Seastrong Diver Heritage Ref. AL-525G4H6 is a collaboration between Alpina and Gnomon. It is an excellent vintage-influenced remake of the 1969 Alpina 10 Super Compressor. This sporty blue reinterpretation includes two operable elements in the rotating bezel and the right case flank.

This Alpina watch retails at around $980 USD.

8. Junghans Max Bill Hand-Winding

front view of Junghans Max Bill Hand-Winding watch

In 1961, Junghans collaborated with industrial designer Max Bill to create the iconic Junghans Max Bill mechanical watches collection. Bill’s work became a legendary prototype, not only for the brand, but for the watchmaking industry as a whole. 

Today, the Max Bill watches remain true to their roots. They retain the original, minimalistic Bauhaus influences that made the collection so influential in the first place. In particular, we recommend the Max Bill Hand-Winding, which features a puristic dial and clean lines. It also has a layer of domed glass, which adds a very vintage charm to the watch. Powered by the hand-winding movement J805.1, which is based on the ETA 2801-2 caliber, you can get this watch for $800 USD.  

9. Gucci Grip

front view of different Gucci Grip watches

Gucci is more than just a storied fashion house. While some skeptics have doubted the quality of Gucci watches, the brand remains unbothered as they continue to put out some of the most stunning watches in the industry. After all, fashion is their game, and what is a watch but a fashion accessory.

The Gucci Grip is a unisex fashion watch that appeals to many. Inspired by the skateboarding community, the Gucci Grip cleverly incorporates elements of street culture. This collection of watches offer a wide variety of designs, straps, case treatments, and more, so you are sure to be able to find something that fits your tastes. Its sizes also vary between 35mm and 38mm. 

One thing that remains constant across all Gucci Grip pieces is the fascinating way it tells time. It makes use of three rotating discs to show the hour, minute, and date. If you want a fashionable and quirky timekeeper, you can get the Gucci Grip at prices ranging between $1,450 USD to $2,250 USD. 

10. William Wood Valiant Collection

front view of  William Wood Valiant Collection watches

There is a very inspirational story behind William Wood and its watches. This brand was founded by Jonny Garrett as a tribute to his firefighter grandfather. As a mark of that, every watch from this brand carries a part of a Twenties British brash firefighter’s helmet. With William Wood watches, patrons can have a piece of heroism in a timepiece. 

The William Wood Valiant is one of the brand’s first watches, made possible by a Kickstarter that raised up to $25,000. Despite being new, it easily made its way to our list of the best men’s watches. There are six watches from this collection, all of which are equipped with automatic movements and function as dive watches. The straps of these watches also add a heroic spin, as they are made using rubber materials from the Angus Duraline British fire hoses. Finally, the rotating bezel of the watch also takes inspiration from firefighters and their oxygen tanks. You can get all this for just $952 USD. 

11. Swatch BIOCERAMIC C-Black

front view of Swatch BIOCERAMIC C-Black watch

Swatch is known for its collaborations with popular artists, estates, and designers. There is no doubt that the company knows exactly how to appeal to the masses. However, there is more to Swatch than just collaborations. The company also comes up with inspiring green designs as a part of its sustainability promise. One of its efforts lies with the Swatch BIOCERAMIC line.

What is BIOCERAMIC, you ask? It is a Swatch-made material that is one part bio-sourced plastic, and two parts ceramic. This gives the watch much more resistance to abrasions and scratches, while still boasting a silky and smooth exterior. Our choice from this collection has to be the BIOCERAMIC C-BLACK. It is black all over with a quartz movement ticking inside. To make sure that the watch remains as eco-friendly as possible, the buckle of its bio-sourced black strap is also made from aluminum, which is infinitely recyclable. For only $125 USD, this Swatch watch can be yours.

12. Chopard Alpine Eagle

front view of  Chopard Alpine Eagle blue dial watch

In 1980, Chopard released the St Mortiz, which is notable for being the first sports watch from the brand. What made it even more impressive was that, despite its classification as a sports watch, it boasted a sleek exterior that made it a fine piece of jewelry as well. 

22 years later, Chopard re-released the St Mortiz as the Alpine Eagle. Like its predecessor, this is an unusually elegant sports watch encased in finely brushed stainless steel. It is also even better in terms of accuracy, with a full COSC certification. Even though it looks nothing like most men’s sport watches in the market, this is a versatile sports piece that you could easily bring to dressy events too. 

The stainless steel iteration of the watch costs around $12,900 USD, while the two-tone variant retails at $19,700 USD. 

13. Urwerk EMC Time Hunter

front view of Urwerk EMC Time Hunter watch

Have you ever heard of Urwerk? If not, then there is a lot you’re missing out on. This company adds a modern, unique flair to watchmaking. The brand’s goal is to introduce futuristic cues into the more traditional watchmaking techniques used in Haute Horlogerie.

Released in 2016, the Urwerk EMC Time Hunter remains the most impressive watch from the brand. It was a hard choice to make but its unique form and function makes it easily one of the best men’s watches around. Urwerk innovatively balances the balance wheel of this EMC watch’s mechanical movement. In addition, it also features a manual-winding generator. This generator is made by Swiss company Maxon, which is mostly known for developing the motors used on NASA’s Mars rovers. It might take a while for you to get used to this watch, but it is, without a doubt, a powerful timekeeper to bear.

You can purchase this watch for around $125,000 USD. 

14. Harry Winston Project Z14

side view of Harry Winston Project Z14 watch

In 2020, American-brand Harry Winston released Project Z. This was a line of men’s watches with cases made from Zalium. If you are not familiar with this material, it is a sturdy zirconium-aluminium alloy typically used in aeronautical engineering. 

The most recent model in this collection, the Project Z14, was released in 2021. The dial of this watch features a combination of different brushed and polished finishes. In addition, it also displays a quirky red retrograde hand that quickly and satisfyingly swings back to zero every 30 seconds. This is paired with a comfortable black leather strap. There were only 300 pieces of this watch made, which explains its fairly heavy price tag of around $24,300 USD. 

15. Montblanc 1858 Geosphere Limited Edition

front view of Montblanc 1858 Geosphere Limited Edition watch

Next up, we have Montblanc’s Montblanc 1858 collection, which aims to uphold the spirit of mountain exploration. These watches take inspiration from the professional Minerva watches made during the 1920s and 1930s, which were typically used for military and exploration purposes as well. 

The Montblanc 1858 Geosphere Limited Edition watch, in particular, is dedicated to the Seven Summits climbing challenge that aims to conquer Earth’s highest peaks. True to its name, there are only 1,858 pieces available for this model. It comes in an interesting colorway, with rose gold hands over a khaki dial that displays two rotating gloves. These gloves are incredibly artistic, showing off the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The dial also features a second time zone. Adding to the watch’s vintage feel is its woven khaki strap. 

This watch costs around $7,300 USD.

16. Oris Hangang Limited Edition 01

side view of  Oris Hangang Limited Edition 01 watch

The Han River (Hangang in Korean), is one of the longest rivers in South Korea, connecting various cities across the country. Over the past few years, there have been efforts to clean up the river, and Oris has been one of the brands helping make this happen. As part of their efforts, the brand also released the Oris Hangang Limited Edition 01

Oris released the Hangang Limited Edition 01 in collaboration with the Korea Foundation for Environmental Movement. It aims to help with the organization’s clean-up operation on the Han River. This watch features a brilliant emerald green dial, inspired by the creeks of the Han River’s source. It also has a delicately engraved case back which depicts the river’s path across South Korea. 

For around $2,000 USD, this limited edition watch can be yours. 

17. Tissot Heritage 1973 Chronograph

front view of Tissot Heritage 1973 Chronograph watch

Tissot has been a part of the motor racing industry since the 1950s. This Swiss company first became closely intertwined with the automotive industry when they sponsored entrants at the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race in the 1970s. Tissot also reached first place with French car builder Alpine at the Monte Carlo Rally World Championship in 1973.

As a tribute to that win, the brand released the Heritage 1973 Chronograph. Inspired by the 1970s Tissot Navigator, the Heritage 1973 Chronograph is a mechanical racing watch with modern specs. It features a polished stainless steel case with a 43mm diameter. The watch also has a dial highlighted with green SuperLumiNova at the indices. Plus, it also features neon orange counters and a date window positioned between 4 and 5 o’clock. This is paired with a period-perfect black perforated leather racing strap, which adds a vintage touch. Aptly limited to only 1,973 pieces, this watch retails at $2,250 USD per piece.

18. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Mokarran 

front view of Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Mokarran watch

The 1950s was a defining decade for the watch industry. It was during this time that Blancpain launched the first modern diving watch, which we know today as the Fifty Fathoms. This name was inspired by the British measurement of depth. Fifty fathoms is equivalent to around 91 meters, or around 300 feet deep.

Over the years since its launch, Blancpain has released around 100 different variations of this dive watch. Honestly, all these iterations certainly deserve a slot in a best men’s watches list. However, if forced to pick one, then we simply have to go with the modern Bathyscaphe Mokarran

The Bathyscaphe Mokarran is a limited edition model with only 50 pieces available. The name of the watch comes from the scientific name of the great hammerhead shark, the Shyrna Mokarran. This watch also serves as a tribute to this great animal, as Blancpain has stated that the money raised from the sales of the Bathyscaphe Mokarran will go to the Mokarran Protection Society. 

 The Bathyscaphe Mokarran costs around $15,500 USD in retail. 

19. Longines Hydroconquest

front view of Longines Hydroconquest L37813987 watch
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Up next is another outstanding dive watch entry, with the Longines Hydroconquest. When it comes to best men’s watches, there are a lot of Longines watches to choose from but the Hydroconquest was an easy choice. There are different iterations available for this watch but the one that stands out the most is the royal blue Longines Hydroconquest L37813987

The Longines Hydroconquest L37813987 is a versatile dive piece that looks perfect both underwater and on the dress floor. It boasts an exquisite rose gold and stainless steel exterior, paired with a striking sunburst blue dial that looks perfect in the water. This watch is water-resistant up to depths of 300 meters and costs around $1,600 USD to $2,000 USD. 

20. Tudor Black Bay Chrono

front view of Tudor Black Bay Chrono watch

Tudor is commonly known as Rolex’s little sister, offering watches with designs that resemble Rolex watches, but at much more affordable prices. Hans Wildorf founded this brand in order to make Rolex designs more accessible to the wider public. So, you should not be too surprised if you see a watch that looks a lot like a Rolex in Tudor’s vast catalog. Case in point: the Tudor Black Bay collection. As a dive watch, the Tudor Black Bay exudes luxury reminiscent of the classic Submariner divers, which is why it is one of the brand’s biggest hits. 

That being said, the Black Bay Chrono is not just a Rolex wannabe. In fact, it is revered in its own right for its robust features and powerful movement. These days, collectors use Tudor as a stepping stone into a grail collection. This watch, in particular, is one of the go-to watches for that, with its sleek 41mm build and striking panda dial. As a chronograph piece, this watch bears some similarities to the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona.

This watch retails at around $4,900 USD to $5,225 USD.

21. Tag Heuer Carrera 160 Years Silver Limited Edition

front view of Tag Heuer Carrera 160 Years Silver Limited Edition watch

Tag Heuer celebrates 160 years of its extensive watchmaking tenure with the latest Carrera 160 Years Silver Limited-Edition model. This is a meticulously brilliant homage to the original Carrera timepieces. It bears the brand’s popular racing chronograph design, with three corresponding pushers, a polished dial, and the original Carrera’s classic silver stainless steel dial. 

One difference that has been made to the Carrera 160 Years Silver is that it comes with a 39mm diameter, which is up from its original 36mm case size. It has also been updated with a shiny new 21st-century movement, boasting an 80-hour power reserve and a total of 168 components. 

You can purchase this men’s watch for just $2,100 USD. 

22. IWC Portofino Automatic

front view of  IWC Portofino Automatic IW356522 watch
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Thanks to its elegant, laid-back Mediterranean style, the IWC Portofino has been one of IWC’s most consistently popular watches over the past 30 years. In particular, we recommend the IWC Portofino Automatic IW356522

The IWC Portofino Automatic IW356522 comes with a stunning sunburst blue dial, paired with an exquisite 40mm rose gold case. The dial also features exquisite gold hour indices and Roman numeral indicators at 6 and 12 o’clock, and is protected by a layer of sapphire crystal with an anti-glare coating. This Portofino watch is secured by a sleek alligator leather strap with a pin buckle, and retails at a price of $9,729 USD. 

23. Bell & Ross BR 03-92

front view of Bell & Ross BR 03-92 watch

Bell & Ross is mostly known for its square military watches, which is known as the brand’s trademark. One of the newer, robust pieces from Bell & Ross is the excellent BR 03-92 Diver Military.

This watch features 300 meters of water resistance, making it perfect for the recreational divers out there. Aside from that, it also has resistances to shocks and magnetic interference. With a stainless steel interior and ceramic exterior, this watch is durable enough to handle just about anything. The white markers of this piece are also coated in luminescent material, so they glow bright green in poor lighting conditions. In addition, this watch boasts an olive green dial, reminiscent of a military uniform. You can wear it with either a black rubber strap or a matching olive green vector band. 

There are only 999 pieces of the Bell & Ross BR 03-92 available. You can purchase this military men’s watch for around $3,300 USD. 

24. Patek Philippe 6007A-001 Calatrava

front view of Patek Philippe 6007A-001 Calatrava watch

Patek Philippe has a famous slogan that goes, “You never really own a Patek. You merely look after it for the next generation.” Indeed, the watches from this brand are all extremely expensive, but for one very good reason: they are timepieces built to last generations. Simply owning a Patek Philippe watch can be used as a measure of your success, and a list of best men’s watches simply would not be complete without this brand.

At the top of our list is the Patek Philippe 6007A-001 Calatrava. With only 1,000 pieces available, this watch was crafted in commemoration of the opening of the brand’s manufacture in Geneva. It boasts a gleaming, polished 40mm stainless steel case and comes with a powerful in-house automatic movement. 

You can expect to fork out around $82,500 USD for this Patek Philippe Calatrava watch.

25. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Duoface

front view of  Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Duoface watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre made the Reverso especially for polo matches. This watch was designed with a reversible square case, so you could keep the watch face from being damaged during polo matches. It became an iconic design, and the Reverso collection has continued to be incredibly popular over the years.  

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Duoface model is a great callback to the Reverso timepieces from the 30s. This watch comes with the collection’s signature reversible stainless steel square case. It is also equipped with a manual winding movement that powers the watch’s timekeeping functions, practical day/night indicator and two time zones. The attractive blue leather strap of this watch was specifically designed by renowned boot-maker Casa Fagliano. You can purchase this timepiece at$23,900 USD brand new.

26. Girard-Perregaux Quasar Azure

front view of Girard-Perregaux Quasar Azure watch

In 1889, Swiss luxury brand Girard-Perregaux developed the watchmaking icon La Esmeralda. This pocket watch earned a gold medal from the Jury of the Paris Universal Exhibition, becoming an iconic design that remains unparalleled to this day. It boasted a movement that displayed architectural excellence and technical brilliance. Paired with a stunning finish and an open-heart dial, this movement eventually came to be known as the “Three Bridges”. 

The modern Girard-Perregaux Quasar Azure Tourbillon pays tribute to the La Esmeralda’s by mimicking its legendary Three Bridges design. The name of the watch is derived from a luminous astronomical entity called the Quasar. Its design also incorporates a translucent azure blue case, which is sculpted from a single block of sapphire. This see-through case gives you a clear view of the watch’s “Three Bridges” skeletonized movement. You can purchase this piece for $309,000 USD. 

27. Rolex Explorer

front view of Rolex Explorer watch

Rolex boasts a vast catalog of watches that have helped build the brand’s reputation today. Among others, we have the Submariner, the Cosmograph Daytona, and the Day-Date. Although it was nearly impossible to settle on just one watch, we decided to go with an underrated Rolex offering: the Rolex Explorer

This majestic men’s watch was named as such to honor Sir Edmund Hillary’s ascent of the perilous Mount Everest. Its case and bracelet are made out of a heavily-resistant alloy known as Oystersteel. As a material mainly used in chemical and aerospace industries, it offers maximum resistance to corrosion and an extremely fine, polished finish. As such, the Explorer is an incredibly durable watch that can withstand just about anything you have to throw at it.

Modern versions of the Rolex Explorer are equipped with the brand’s in-house, self-winding caliber 3132. This movement features a Parachrom hairspring as well as Paraflex shock absorbers, making it extremely shock-resistant. This watch’s selling price starts at around $11,000 USD. 

28. Seiko Prospex Black Series

front view of Seiko Prospex Black Series watches

Night diving is what gave birth to a new line of dive watches from Seiko — the Seiko Prospex. There are just too many pieces from this collection that we can easily verify as great men’s watches. For instance, the line’s environmentally-friendly PADI models are perfect for those who want to give back to the ocean. However, there is also a line of Seiko Prospex watches made especially for lovers of monochrome looks.

The Seiko Prospex Black Series is easily recognizable thanks to their exquisite black DLC-coated stainless steel cases. These watches are all equipped with the brand’s LumiBrite technology, which allows wearers to view their displays even in the dark. Some models are also solar chronographs, which are equipped with solar cells that have high-performing electricity generation. This gives the watches an alternative source of energy, so they can be charged using the power of the sun. 

There are three fantastic models available in this sub-collection: a 45mm version known as the SPB125J1 “Sumo”, the solar-powered SSC761J1, and the 300m water-resistant SLA035J1 Professional. The prices of watches in this range start at $850 USD. 

29. Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU

front view of Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU watch

Ball Watch Co is an American legend. Its founder, Webb C. Ball, was an American watchmaker, and the first watchmaker whose creations were sanctioned for use by the US railroads during the 1900s. By the time Ball died in 1922, 125,000 miles worth of train travel had been achieved with the help of his timekeepers. 

One outstanding modern release by the brand is the Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU. This dive watch takes inspiration from the US Navy’s Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU). It features a case that is water-resistant up to a depth of an incredible 600 meters. As a diving watch, it also comes with a unidirectional ceramic bezel marked with a tachymeter scale. Plus, you will not have any difficulty reading the time underwater, since this watch is equipped with hydrogen gas tubes that illuminate its markers and hands.

This timepiece costs around $5,264 USD brand new.

30. Andersen Genève Tempus Terrae Worldtimer

front view of Andersen Genève Tempus Terrae Worldtimer watch

Andersen Genève’s founder, Dane Svend Andersen, first made a name for himself working in Patek Philippe’s complications department. Then, some 40 years ago, he decided to open up his own workshop located in Geneva. Despite being a relatively young brand, Andersen Genève has managed to achieve quite a bit under Anderson’s leadership. 

In 2020, the brand introduced the Tempus Terrae, as a 25th anniversary tribute to the first Worldtimer that the company released. This watch only has 25 pieces available, making it one of the rarest watches on our list. This stunning timepiece features a blue-gold dial which is crafted by melting down regular 21K gold and adding a bit of iron to it. In addition, its bezel is embedded with 36 baguette diamonds, adding to its aura of luxury. The price of this watch ranges between $50,000 USD and $60,000 USD. 

31. Hermès H08

front view of  Hermès H08 watch

Fashion houses like Gucci and Hermès definitely have their own ideas of what a watch should be, and we are definitely here for it. One great offering by Hermès is the H08. This timepiece, with its cushion-shaped case, makes for a great luxury everyday piece and is definitely one of the best men’s watches of today. 

You have three different choices of cases for this watch. These include titanium, black DLC-coated titanium, or graphene with ceramic. The watch is powered by an in-house caliber H1837 Vaucher. This is an automatic movement, with 50 hours of power reserve and a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. 

The titanium iterations of the watch cost around $5,000 USD to $6,000 USD. Meanwhile, the graphene version with a rubber strap costs around $8,900 USD.

32. Bulgari Octo Roma Naturalia

front view of Bulgari Octo Roma Naturalia watches

The Bulgari Octo is one of the biggest names in the contemporary watch-making industry. The timepiece, launched in 2012, became an instant icon and garnered various awards for its impressive design. It was highly recognized for its astoundingly thin, eight-sided case with a perfectly round bezel. This Bulgari watch is sophisticated, lightweight, and truly one of the best men’s watches to grace the modern era.

One incredibly fun piece from this collection is the Bulgari Octo Roma Naturalia. This is a customizable high jewelry watch. You can choose between different case materials such as titanium, rose gold, or platinum, all based on your own liking. Other materials you can include in your watch also include precious stones like black onyx, lapis lazuli, and malachite, so you can craft a luxurious Bulgari Octo piece that truly represents your personality. 

The base price of this watch starts at $89,000 USD. 

33. Rado Captain Cook Bronze

front view of Rado Captain Cook Bronze watches

The 1960s was a great time for the dive watch industry. Many of the most iconic dive watches were born during that era. This includes big players in the industry such as the Rolex Submariner and the Omega Seamaster. During this time, Rado also launched a great dive offering of their own: the Rado Captain Cook. Its name is inspired by British navigator and explorer James Cook, who is famous for mapping a huge part of the South Pacific. 

The original 1960s Captain Cook has long since been discontinued, and is no longer available for purchase. However, the brand has also released the Captain Cook Bronze, which boasts a design that skews as close to the original as possible, with its classic bronze case and forest green dial. The updated Captain Cook Bronze also boasts bronze hour indices and arrow-shaped hands, along with a comfortable NATO strap. You can purchase this men’s dive watch for just $2,600 USD. 

34. Baume No. 10600

front view of Baume No. 10600 watch

Every watch enthusiast knows the brand Baume & Mercier. Founded in 1830, the brand is generally known for its more conservative take on Haute Horlogerie. However, as the watch industry has turned towards greater sustainability, the brand also followed suit by launching the sub-label Baume

Aside from producing eco-friendly watches, Baume also offers more affordable options, so more people can experience Baume & Mercier’s expertise and watchmaking without having to break the bank. The Baume 10600 is a model that is the perfect epitome of all this. This watch boasts an exquisite round gold case, with an elegant and thin crown unusually placed at 12 o’clock and slight horn-shaped lugs. Its default strap is a gray cotton band made entirely from natural materials, but you can change this for other bracelets as well. What’s more, this classy watch costs only $500 USD. 

35. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph

front view of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph watch

The elite watch enthusiasts are all-too-familiar with the Audemars Piguet, known commonly as AP. Having been around since 1875, the Royal Oak sports watch is arguably AP’s most popular piece. Designed by legendary watchmaker Gerald Genta, its outstanding rounded octagonal bezel kicked off a huge trend in the watch industry, inspiring many other Royal Oak lookalikes.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak was one of the first sports watches to be made from stainless steel, and the modern Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph continues this trend. In addition, it boasts a signature, gorgeous blue Grand Tapisserie dial. This watch is powered by a self-winding 3835 movement, which has a 40-hour power reserve and a water-resistance capacity of 50 meters. You can purchase this piece for $82,000 USD. 

36. Movado Museum Classic

front view of Movado Museum Classic watch

Up next, we have the Museum watches, released by the watch brand Movado, which means “always in motion” in Esperanto. Designed by Nathan George Horwitt, this collection of men’s watches is known for its minimalist dials, decorated only with sleek dauphine hands and a gold dot located at 12 o’clock. 

The Movado Museum Classic measures around 40 mm in diameter. You can get it in plain stainless steel, or a black or gold PVD-coated case. This watch is also offered in a variety of dial colors, including blue, mother-of-pearl, and jet-black. One constant across all these watches is the iconic 12 o’clock dot marker. 

This watch will set you back by a little less than $900 USD.

37. Bamford × Revolution GMT Joe Cool

front view of Bamford × Revolution GMT Joe Cool watch

Everybody loves Snoopy. However, some people are more enamored by the beagle’s stylish alter ego, Joe Cool. Joe Cool debuted in 1971, taking the form of Snoopy with a pair of black sunglasses and a red sweater with the words ‘Joe Cool’.  

In 2020, Bamford was already featuring Peanuts characters in its watches. This time, the brand decided to introduce Joe Cool into their catalog. The Bamford × Revolution GMT Joe Cool is a GMT watch, with a 40mm stainless steel case and a polished, luminous rotating bezel. Ticking inside the watch is a Sellita SW330-1 movement with 42 hours of power reserve. This watch also has a GMT hand, shaped like Snoopy’s arm, so you can monitor two time zones at once. At $1,900 USD, this is a fun and quirky collector’s piece that Snoopy fans would love to have in their collection. 

38. Frederique Constant Manufacture Classic Worldtimer

front view of Frederique Constant Manufacture Classic Worldtimer watch

Frederique Constant has a whole array of timepieces that can be included in our list of the best men’s watches. Some of its conic collections include the Slimline, Highlife, and Classics. However, for this entry, let us focus on the Manufacture collection. As its name suggests, it features the brand’s in-house manufacture calibers. In particular, we are looking at the Frederique Constant Manufacture Classic Worldtimer Ref. FC-718NRWM4H9.

This watch comes in a luxurious 18K rose gold case measuring around 42 mm in diameter. This is contrasted with a gorgeously decorated navy blue dial which has a gray world map at its center. The indices of this watch are luminous and plated with rose gold. As a Worldtimer, this watch has a counter that indicates 24 different cities on a disc, allowing you to keep track of multiple time zones. It also features a 24-hour day/night indicator split into two – red for day, and gray for night. 

This elegant and highly-functional men’s watch costs around $18,000 USD. 

39. Jacob & Co. Opera Scarface

front view of Jacob & Co. Opera Scarface watch

Anyone who has ever seen the movie Scarface will remember the lines, “Say hello to my little friend!” Indeed, Scarface had an impact on the generation that witnessed it in cinema and everyone else that came after. Jacob & Co. pays tribute to this cinematic icon by creating a watch in its honor. Under the Opera collection, the Jacob & Co. Opera Scarface was born.

The Opera Collection is an incredibly unique addition to the watch industry. It is the only watch with a music box in it. The Opera Scarface, in particular, is fitted with a music box that plays the tune Bolivia from the Scarface movie. The iconic poster with Al Pacino can also be found on the watch’s dial. 

In terms of its technical specifications, the Opera Scarface is equipped with a tourbillon movement, with a 42-hour power reserve. Overall, the watch has 658 individual components, making it one of the most complex watches in the world. In addition, the music box function can be played up to three times before you have to wind it again.

This is a great collector’s item for both watch connoisseurs and fans of Scarface. That said, it is quite an expensive buy, retailing at $330,000 USD. 

40. NOMOS Glashütte Tangente Sport Neomatik

front view of NOMOS Glashütte Tangente Sport Neomatik watch

There is something about German watches that makes them truly captivating. Today, we’ll be looking at NOMOS Glashütte’s Tangente collection. This is a classy, minimalistic watch that features an angular design with clean lines. It is a prize-winning watch that has been a 25-year bestseller for the brand, having won the German Design Award, iF Design Award, and the Reddot Design Award.

Our favorite watch from the collection has to be the NOMOS Tangente Sport Neomatik. This watch features 1,000 feet of water resistance, making it the perfect sports watch for those who love clean and simple designs. It comes in a stainless steel case, paired with either a black or silver-plated dial. At 3 o’clock, you will find an extra-large date window. It is also equipped with an in-house caliber DUW 6101, with 42 hours of power reserve and 27 jewels in total. 

This watch can be yours for just $4,980  USD.

41. Bremont MB Savana

front view of Bremont MB Savana watch

Bremont is one of the oldest British watchmakers in the industry. It has a wide selection of watches that display the brand’s excellence in watchmaking. Among those is the MB Savanna. It is a timepiece created in collaboration with Martin-Baker, a British company that develops safety systems for pilots. It is also responsible for providing more than 70% of the world’s air forces with ejector seats. 

The collaboration between Martin-Baker and Bremont began in 2007 and is still going strong to this day. Based on Martin-Baker’s feedback, Bremont came up with various watch tests for the MB Savanna to ensure that they were providing pilots with only the best aviation watches. These include ejection tests, crash tests, temperature tests, altitude tests, and of course, vibration tests. 

The MB Savanna also features a desert-inspired design. The 43mm of this watch is made from Grade 5 Titanium, and it comes with an additional protective and tactical coating. It is also powered by an automatic chronometer, the modified caliber BE-36AE, and comes with a beige rubber strap. 

This watch retails at $5,795 USD.

42. Victorinox I.N.O.X Mechanical

front view of Victorinox I.N.O.X Mechanical watch

Victorinox is one of the most popular accessible brands for those seeking rugged and hardy watches. Among its many innovations, our favorite is the I.N.O.X. This collection consists of various models. Although most of them are quartz watches, there are also mechanical iterations of the I.N.O.X. This makes automatic timepieces more accessible to the general public.

The Victorinox I.N.O.X Mechanical comes with a neat guilloche pattern on its dial. This is designed to resemble the look of a Swiss Army Knife handle, and it helps add a high-end feel to this otherwise affordable watch. This watch is also the first of its kind, as it features a sturdy wooden strap. This type of strap is more durable than other materials and comes with a leather lining perfect for people who are looking for a sustainable watch option. If you are not a fan of the wooden strap, however, you could also opt for a stainless steel bracelet. 

Models with stainless steel bracelets cost around $875 USD while those equipped with wooden straps retail at $825 USD.

43. Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic

side view of Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic watch

Hamilton is one of the best-known American watch brands, producing robust watches at very affordable prices. Not only that, many of the watches from Hamilton are known for having very impressive movements ticking inside. Take, for example, the Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic Auto Chrono

This Hamilton American Classic watch is a modern take on a 1968 signature Hamilton piece that is both classy and sporty. It combines authentic 1960s aesthetics with a powerful modern movement, the H-31 automatic caliber. With this in-house movement, this watch has an extended 60 hours of power reserve. The oscillating bridge of the movement also has a ‘H’ pattern design, representing the brand’s trademark. In terms of its aesthetics, this watch boasts a striking panda dial and a supple leather strap that gives it a quintessential, luxurious look. 

For $2,195 USD, this bad boy can be yours.

44. A. Lange & Söhne Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon

side view of  A. Lange & Söhne Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon watch

Heading back to Germany, let us take a look at A. Lange & Söhne. The brand’s Datograph collection consists of elegant and sophisticated mechanical chronographs. In particular, the Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon, which debuted back in 2016, is one of the most complex watches from A. Lange & Söhne.

Its stunning salmon-colored dial is truly a sight to behold. Some of its marvelous features include a perpetual calendar with a moon phase indicator, two depressed sub-dials with intricate markings in black, and button-like pushers. A fly-back chronograph and a one-minute tourbillon regulator are safely secured within its 41.5-millimeter white-gold case.

This watch has a relatively hefty price tag of $448,694 USD. 

45. Ulysse Nardin Blast

front view of Ulysse Nardin Blast watch

Ulysse Nardin has the most modern designs in today’s brands. The brand is unafraid to take a step into the future with masculine, avant-garde designs that truly draw everyone’s eyes. A great example of this is the Ulysse Nardin Blast

The Ulysse Nardin Blast is as complex as any Ulysse Nardin piece can be, with a skeleton dial that emphasizes clean, geometric lines. Moreover, the buckle on the strap is a self-deploying one, and is extremely well-synchronized thanks to the patented 3-blade system it is equipped with. Inside this watch is a UN-172 Manufacture movement with a flying tourbillon complication. The watch also comes with 50m of water resistance. 

There are three versions of this watch. You have a mode with a ceramic case in either white or black, priced at $46,000 USD. The last variant is an 18K rose gold piece worth $54,000 USD.

46. Citizen Promaster Diver GMT

front view of Citizen Promaster Diver GMT watch

Japanese brand Citizen has made quite a name for itself in the global market. Thanks to the brand’s ingenuity, many modern, high-tech innovations in watchmaking are now accessible to many. In particular, many of these inventions can be found in the outstanding and diverse Promaster collection. 

The Citizen Promaster Diver GMT features an especially neat invention from the brand — its patented Eco-Drive technology. This light-powered tech allows you to charge your watch using any light source, making this a very environmentally-friendly watch indeed. 

In addition, this watch is also a bold and robust piece, with its stainless steel case and bracelet and striking pepsi bezel. It comes with a layer of anti-reflective sapphire crystal and luminous hands and markers. As a GMT watch, it is also equipped with a 24-hour layout so you can monitor two time zones at once.  

You can purchase this watch for $525 USD.

47. Reservoir Hydrosphere Air Gauge

front view of Reservoir Hydrosphere Air Gauge watch

If you are looking for a unique and quirky watch to add to your watch collection, the French brand Reservoir has something for you. The brand debuted in 2016 with a retrograde minute, jumping hour watch. This was an innovative, speedometer-like piece whose minute hand swung back to zero every time it reached 60. Today, however, we are looking at a more recent offering from the brand: the Reservoir Hydrosphere Air Gauge

Unlike the debut watch of Reservoir, the Hydrosphere Air Gauge takes inspiration from the pressure gauges of the first divers. This can be seen from its unusual dial, which features a bold and fun interplay of red, green, and blue colors against a stark white backdrop. 

This watch also has a 45mm 316L stainless steel case with a smooth satin finish. Ticking inside is a self-winding movement with 37 hours of power reserve. This movement is based on the ETA caliber 2824-2, but Reservoir has modified it to include a 124-piece module. As per its name, this dive watch is also equipped with a helium valve that is designed to let out air pressures from the watch when deep underwater. 

This watch costs around $4,300 USD.

48. Carl F Bucherer Heritage BiCompax Annual

front view of  Carl F Bucherer Heritage BiCompax Annual watch

The 1950s and 1970s was a true peak in the watchmaking age, with many iconic designs emerging that have continued to influence modern-day watchmaking. This can especially be seen through Carl F Bucherer’s Heritage collection, a modern watch line that draws its inspiration from the 1950s. 

Our choice from this collection is the Heritage BiCompax Annual watch. It features a sporty design, with a rugged rubber strap and a striking reverse panda dial. This watch comes with powerful modern features, including a chronograph, an annual calendar, a date window, and a tachymetric scale. 

With only 888 pieces of this Carl F Bucherer watch available, you can purchase this watch at $7,200 USD. 

49. Breguet Classique ‘Grand Feu’ Blue Enamel

front view of Breguet Classique 'Grand Feu' Blue Enamel watch

Breguet is the brand established by Abraham-Louis Breguet, the ingenious creator of the tourbillon mechanism. In particular, the Breguet Classique is one of the brand’s modern icons. 

This watch comes in various iterations but the Classique 5177 ‘Grand Feu’ Blue Enamel is our favorite. It boasts a gorgeous deep blue dial, created using Grand Feu enamel. Grand Feu enamel is an artistic process which involves fusing glass and metal together. In this process, an artisan uses an incredibly thin metal disc and applies multiple layers of enamel powder over it, fired at 800 degrees Celsius or higher. This process is a sophisticated one, and the use of it pushes this watch’s price up to around $25,000 USD or more.

50. Breitling Premier Bentley Mulliner Limited Edition

front view of Breitling Premier Bentley Mulliner Limited Edition watch

The collaboration between Breitling and Bentley has been show-stopping, to say the least. There have been quite a few collaborations between watchmakers and car manufacturers over the years. However, the Breitling Premier Bentley Mulliner Limited Edition is a particular standout. 

This watch was debuted in honor of Bentley’s Continental GT Convertible Mulliner Edition. Limited only to 1,000 pieces, it is a luxurious tribute to a luxurious automobile, boasting a chronograph dial that resembles the dashboard of a racing car. This watch comes in a 42mm stainless steel case with a water resistance capacity of around 10m. It is powered by an in-house Breitling 01 self-winding mechanical movement, which features 70 hours of power reserve and vibrates at 28,800 vph. 

This Breitling Bentley piece costs $8,650 USD in retail

51. Cartier Santos-Dumont

front view of Cartier Santos-Dumont watch

There is a popular story behind the Cartier Santos-Dumont. One day in 1904, Louis Cartier granted Alberto Santos Dumont’s wish. The Brazilian aviator wanted to fly while still being able to tell time. This favor gave birth to one of the world’s first-ever wristwatches.

To this day, the Cartier Santos-Dumont is one of the best men’s watches to ever exist. Lucky for us, Cartier continues to produce these watches, giving everyone the chance to experience history on their wrists. It features a square case with both mechanical and quartz movements. Prices range from $3,800 USD to $56,000 USD depending on the material, design, and movement used.

52. Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Moon Phase Retrograde Date

front view of Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Moon Phase Retrograde Date watch

Of all the brands mentioned in this list of best men’s watches, Vacheron Constantin has to be the oldest. Founded in 1755, this company produces only the best of the best in the world of watchmaking. Today, it functions as a subsidiary of the Swiss Richemont Group.

Perhaps one of the most complicated watches from the brand, the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Moon Phase Retrograde Date is a sight to behold. It comes in an exquisite 18K gold case, paired with an elegant black alligator leather strap. It is equipped with a retrograde date display as well as a classy moon phase indicator. This highly advanced watch only needs to be reset every 122 years. Its retail price sits at around $44,800 USD.

53. Garmin Enduro

front view of Garmin Enduro watch

Garmin is a brand known around the globe for its incredible and hardy smartwatches. It was hard to choose among its models but the Garmin Enduro is truly one of the most impressive in the pack.

The Garmin Enduro comes in a tassel case, paired with a gray UltraFit Nylon strap. As you might imagine from its name, this smartwatch was made specifically for endurance athletes. It uses solar power to function, and you can easily manage its battery use by turning some of its sensors off. This men’s smartwatch can monitor various activities such as running, climbing, and mountain biking. It even comes with a timer that states how much recovery time you need after an exercise session, and a tracker that takes note of your daily performance metrics.

This handy smartwatch costs only $800 USD, and it is more than worth its price. 

54. Richard Mille RM 61-01 Ultimate Edition

front view of Richard Mille RM 61-01 Ultimate Edition watch

There is no denying that Richard Mille has become the epitome of luxury in modern-day watchmaking. Its designs are instant classics, boasting sophisticated, avant-garde cues that look like they come from the future. Richard Mille watches are also customizable, which makes this brand especially delightful to patrons. 

The Richard Mille RM 61-01 Ultimate Edition is just another work of art from Richard Mille. This new Ultimate Edition model is an improved version of the RM 61-01. It comes with a carbon TPT® and quartz TPT® bezel and case back. It also features a skeletonized Grade 5 titanium caliber treated with PVD for improved durability. 

There are only 150 pieces of this watch available. As such, it is not surprising that it bears a hefty price tag of around $200,000 USD.

55. Apple Watch Series 5

side view of Apple Watch Series 5 watch

This sophisticated convenience that is offered by Apple’s Watch Series 5 is commendable. This is the most ideal waterproof companion for all your fitness needs, coming with a heart-rate tracker that supports a variety of training and exercise routines. It is also Apple’s greatest timepiece, thanks to its always-on display, which means you do not have to constantly flick your wrist in order to open up the display. Furthermore, thanks to Apple’s collaboration with Hermes, this watch’s elegant leather strap and sleek titanium build give it a hint of class.

Offered in a variety of colorways, including pink, black, and white, this watch can be purchased for around $680 USD. 

56. Panerai Submersible Bronzo Blu Abisso

front view of Panerai Submersible Bronzo Blu Abisso watch

Panerai is known for its very unique watch designs. Panerai watches have cases that come in a bulky cushion shape, paired with bezels that are round. In addition, the Panerai Submersible stands out from the crowd even more with its striking, oversized crown guard which is shaped like a semicircle. The Panerai Submersible is an instantly recognizable statement piece that anyone should consider adding to their collection.

In particular, the Panerai Submersible Bronzo Blu Abisso comes in a beautiful combination of bronze and blue, with a 42mm bronze case and a deep blue dial and leather strap. It features an automatic mechanical movement with 3 days of power reserve. It is also robust and durable, as it is equipped with an Incabloc® anti-shock device. Equipped with a water resistance capacity of 300m, this watch costs $15,900 USD in retail.

57. Nordgreen The Pioneer Chronograph

side view of Nordgreen The Pioneer Chronograph watch

Nordgreen has given us every reason to believe in brand philosophy. This Danish company has made it a goal to provide eco-friendly and accessible timepieces to the people. As part of its objectives, Nordgreen donates a portion of every sale to different charities. The brand also provides sustainable packaging for all its products. Indeed, the brand remains true to the art of sustainable watchmaking as it continues to produce award-winning timepieces.

One of its most highly-recognized watches is the Pioneer Chronograph. It comes with a 42mm 316L stainless steel case that is available in various hues such as silver, rose gold, or gunmetal. The brand also offers a wide range of bracelets to choose from. Powering the watch is a Japanese quartz movement with 50 meters of water resistance. 

The price of this elegant everyday men’s watch ranges between $289 USD and $314 USD.

58. Suunto Core

front view of Suunto Core watch

If the outdoors is your thing or if you have a job that requires you to be on the field a lot, Suunto is a great brand to opt for. It carries different smartwatches perfect for just about every occasion. Whether it is for athletes or for tactical use, there is sure to be a Suunto watch for you.

However, if you want an everyday men’s watch that can keep up with your active lifestyle, the Suunto Core is the best option. It comes with all the features you can think of in a smartwatch. The watch has an altimeter, barometer, and even a compass. Plus, it comes with a durable and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal lens. 

The price for the Suunto Core ranges from $219 USD for the all-black version to $529 USD for the variant with a brushed steel case.

59. Ressence Black Type 3X Limited Edition

side view of Ressence Black Type 3X Limited Edition watch

You may not be familiar with the brand Ressence. Despite having only been in the industry for about 10 years, Ressence pioneered various innovations, such as an automated crown for mechanical watches and a stunning oil-filled dial. The latter, in particular, even gives you the ability to visually touch the dial yourself. 

This technology can easily be seen on the Ressence Black Type 3X Limited Edition. Aside from celebrating the brand’s 10th year anniversary, this watch also displays modern watchmaking at its most daring. It features a convex microbilled grade 5 titanium dial applied with Super-LumiNova for improved visibility in dim lighting conditions. You would hardly believe that the movement ticking inside this watch is an ETA 2824-2 caliber either, as it is customized with advanced improvements such as magnetic transmission. 

Limited only to 40 pieces, this watch costs around $50,000 USD.

60. Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept

front view of Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept watch

Piaget is the manufacturer responsible for making some of the world’s thinnest watches. For instance, some of the Piaget Altiplano models can even get up to 2mm thin. What began as just a concept of the thinnest men’s watches became a reality for many watch enthusiasts thanks to Piaget’s masterful watchmaking.

The Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept features a white gold case that measures 41mm in diameter. It is powered by the Manufacture Piaget 900P-UC ultra-thin, hand-wound mechanical movement. This is an impressive watch that was awarded the prestigious “Aiguille d’Or” watch prize at the 2020 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG). At $400,000 USD, wearing this watch is like wearing air on your wrist. 

Picking from the Best Men’s Watches

We know that we gave you quite a lot to think about. One way to start could be by picking the most affordable best men’s watches for now and slowly build your collection from there. You can also aim for the most extravagant options and be a part of the few people who own those best men’s watches. No matter how you take this list, we assure you that none of the choices here will fail you.

Images credited to official watch websites unless otherwise stated

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