Italian Watches: 10 Best Italian Watch Brands You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

There are some countries that are especially prominent in the watchmaking world, namely Switzerland and Japan. This is because Swiss and Japanese watch brands have played a huge role in forging the industry into what it is today. 

That said, people sometimes forget that other countries can also master the art of making watches, and with their own unique touches to boot. This is why we have curated a list of the best Italian watch brands in the market, along with Italian watches in their catalogs that you should definitely check out. Read on to find out more.

10 Italian Watch Brands and the Best Italian Watches They Offer

1. Bulgari 

Italian Watches: Photo of Bulgari Logo

To start off our list strong, we have Bulgari. This is one of the most well-established Italian watch brands in the market. Bulgari is a beloved name in the fashion industry and has been gracing the world with its well-crafted jewelry for over a century now. 

One thing that sets Bulgari apart from other companies is how it integrates its mastery over making accessories with watchmaking. This gives Bulgari’s Italian watches a certain, special flair that virtually no other brand can replicate, making the brand even more appealing to watch collectors. 

Bulgari caters to both men and women. These Italian watches can be divided into eight different collections. For ladies, Bulgari offers the Serpenti, Lucea, Divas’ Dream, High Jewelry, Bulgari Bulgari, and Grande Complications watch lines. Men, on the other hand, can choose from the Octo, Gerald Genta, Bulgari Bulgari, and Grande Complications collections. 

One of Bulgari’s most highly-regarded watches is the Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ref. 103464, which boasts a very modern and chic look. This is a very impressive model, both in terms of design and engineering, as it shows off an ultra-slim exterior that only the best watchmakers can achieve. With a price tag of around $12,000 USD, this piece gives you a good estimate of Bulgari’s price range. 

2. Gagà Milano

Photo of Gaga Milano Logo

Another Italian watch brand you should keep on your radar is Gagà Milano. It is a relatively new player in the watchmaking game, having been founded in the early 2000s. 

The word Gagà refers to a common Milanese expression used to describe a man who is sophisticated both in manners and style. This definition plays a big role in the concept of Gagà Milano, which revolves around intricate and modern watchmaking techniques. Today, Gagà Milano specializes in creating stylish, chic, and eccentric Italian watches that truly complement the individuality of its wearer. 

Gagà Milano has a very extensive catalog in its arsenal, consisting of numerous watch lines with very diverse models. Some of the collections under its belt include the Napoleone, Manuale 48mm, Classic, Slim, Quirky Tourbillon, Silver, and many more. The brand also has a special, limited-edition series developed in collaboration with famous football player Neymar Jr, the Neymar Jr. Limited Edition. Given its unconventionality as a watch manufacturer, there is little wonder why so many aficionados have been captivated by Gagà Milano. 

Another great thing about Gagà Milano is that it has reasonably-priced pieces that typically fall within the $500 USD to $3,000 USD range. For instance, the Gagà Milano Manuale 48mm Ref. 5213MIR01S is one of its best-selling models. Priced at just $1,380 USD, it has a very fun and quirky design that truly stands out amongst the more traditional, classic watches. It is a great starter piece for those who enjoy playful, avant-garde accessories.

3. Panerai 

Photo of Panerai Logo

Next on our list of Italian watch brands is Panerai, another well-established manufacturer of Italian watches. This company was founded by Giovanni Panerai in 1960. It acted as a store, a workshop, and a watchmaking school. 

In the decades that followed, Panerai was able to make a name for itself and eventually became one of the most luxurious watchmakers in the industry. Today, Panerai is known for its stylishly bold timepieces that are just as impressive on the inside. 

Reputation-wise, Panerai is one of the go-to brands for those who love oversized watches. The timepieces Panerai make are incredibly robust yet elegant, which makes them a great addition to any watch collection. 

The brand’s watches can be divided into four different lines: the Submersible, the Luminor, the Luminor Due, and the Radiomir. While this might seem like a limited selection of models, the Italian brand manages to cover all the important categories, from hardy survival watches to more formal dress pieces

One of the most renowned models in Panerai’s assortment is the Panerai PAM 125. This is a handsome piece from the brand’s Luminor series and it showcases a simple yet rugged exterior. While it has a more straightforward design, its simplicity complements the overall sportiness and robustness of the watch. Priced at around $5780 USD, this is a fail-safe option for novice Panerai collectors.

4. Gucci

Photo of Gucci Logo

In this entry, we have one of the most famous names in the fashion industry: Gucci. While it is more famous for its flamboyant luxury apparel, Gucci also has an array of designer timepieces in its portfolio. 

Gucci was founded in 1921, by its namesake Guccio Gucci. However, the brand only started creating Swiss-made watches in 1972. As an Italian watch brand, however, Gucci also made sure to incorporate the vibrancy that comes with its cultural roots into the pieces it creates. This is precisely why Gucci watches are perfect for those who enjoy overtly extravagant accessories. 

This big-league fashion brand has a decently-sized selection of timepieces in its catalogue. These watches are mainly categorised into two sections: men’s watches and women’s watches. However, the brand also has special collections such as the Gucci 25H Timepieces, G-Timeless, and Grip watches. 

If you are a fan of Gucci’s clothing lines, you probably have a good idea as to how much its products cost already. Indeed, Gucci’s watches come at a similar price range too, starting at $500 USD and going up to around $1,500 USD. 

One of the most popular models under this brand is the Gucci G-Timeless Ref. YA1264148. This watch shows off a striking and elaborate design that fully embodies the Gucci name. This makes it very recognisable and true to the brand’s stylistic core. It sells at around $870 USD. 

5. Emporio Armani 

Photo of Emporio Armani Logo

Like Gucci, Emporio Armani is another very well-known name in the luxury fashion world. Founded in 1975 by Giorgio Armani, the brand started making timepieces rather early on. This allowed Emporio Armani to quickly establish a place for itself in the premium watch market. Emprio Armani watches tend to boast classical Italian styles which are incredibly versatile, perfect for all kinds of occasions.  

At present, Emporio Armani has more than 100 timepieces in its diverse portfolio, with about 58 watches for women and 72 models for men. On top of that, all Emporio Armani pieces showcase quintessential designs that are easy to pair with different outfits. If you want a more classic take on Italian watches, Emporio Armani is definitely the brand to check out. The best part is that you do not have to break the bank for these watches, as they typically range from around $100 USD to $600 USD. 

Take, for instance, the incredibly affordable Emporio Armani Renato Ref. AR11184, which costs just $150 USD. With its subtle all-black colourway, this watch has a stylish and chic aesthetic that goes well with just about any ensemble. While it may not be as striking or as fancy as some of the other Italian watches mentioned in this list, its straightforwardness is what makes it worth checking out. 

6. Salvatore Ferragamo

Photo of Salvatore Ferragamo Logo

Next, we have Salvatore Ferragamo. As with Gucci and Armani, this Italian luxury brand is renowned in the fashion industry. It was founded in 1927 by is namesake, Salvatore Ferragamo. Today, it is best known for offering bold and sophisticated goods such as shoes, bags, and even timepieces. Watches are not actually Salvatore Ferragamo’s specialty. Nevertheless, it has been able to produce excellently-crafted models that wonderfully combine Italian designs with Swiss watchmaking. 

Salvatore Ferragamo watches can be categorised into timepieces for men and women, amounting to around 70 models in total. While it may sound like the brand has limited options, it actually presents a rather wide variety of watch types for you to choose from. These range from chronographs and skeleton pieces, to dress and sports watches

On top of that, Salvatore Ferragamo is also famous for having sustainable, environmentally-friendly models. These were made with less negative environmental impact than standard timepieces from other brands. In general, the prices of Salvatore Ferragamo watches range from around $800 USD to $2,000 USD. 

Our favorite piece from Salvatore Ferragamo is the Ferragamo Experience Watch which is priced at $1195 USD. This is a standout timepiece that boasts an excellent mix of Swiss and Italian craftsmanship. It has a sporty, masculine build that exudes very casual and laidback vibes. On the whole, this is a good starter piece for those who are unfamiliar with Italian watches. 

7. Locman

Photo of Locman Logo

Locman, on the other hand, is a company that only true Italian watch connoisseurs would know. Founded in the 1980s by Marco Mantovani, this brand stands out because of its specific, unique vision and concept. 

Locman was first established in the Island of Elba. As a result most, if not all of its timepieces are inspired by the sea. The brand has also made sure to incorporate its devotion and high regard for its home in every watch it produces, allowing for some truly meaningful creations. 

Locman currently has 10 different collections: Amo, Limited Editions, Montecristo, 1960, Stealth, Mare, Ducati, Sport Anniversary, Island, and Isle d’Elba. Each series shows off different styles and functions, raising from sporty and casual to classic and formal. 

Another cool thing about Locman is that it offers a rather wide range of prices. Its watches start at approximately $400 US and can go up to over $1,00 USD. Ultimately, as a watchmaker, Locman believes that refinement and Italianness come hand-in-hand, and this is definitely reflected in its portfolio. 

The Isola d’Elba Ref. 0460A02-00BLWHPB serves as the perfect representation of what Locman’s watchmaking ideals are all about. It has a marine-inspired exterior that showcases both traditional and modern design cues. This watch also runs on a powerful quartz Miyota 2115 movement, making it a treat in terms of both visuals and functionality. Retailing at around $535 US, this is a great choice for those who love dive watches. 

8. Anonimo

Photo of Anonimo Logo

Anonimo is one of the best options for those seeking an Italian watch brand that incorporates Swiss watchmaking into their process. While it might not be as prestigious as some of the other brands on this list, Anonimo has truly mastered the art of fusing Italian and Swiss watchmaking techniques, and this shows clearly in its catalog. Looks-wise, Anonimo watches look quite similar to some Panerai models. As such, it is an excellent option for those who love robust and chunky accessories. 

Anonimo offers four main collections: Epurato, Militare, Nautilo, and the Special Series. While these watches differ in size, shape, colorway, and functionality, all the models Anonimo offers come an air of sophistication that not many other brands can replicate. Anonimo watches are typically priced at around $2,000 USD to $6,000 USD. 

The Anonimo Epurato Ref. AM-4000.01.101.W11 shows off a ruggedly handsome build paired with an excellent Swiss-made SW200-1 movement. Despite its large size, it still boasts a rather elegant feel, thanks to its simple and straightforward design. Worth around $2,300 USD, this is definitely a model to check out if you enjoy sturdy Italian watches. 

9. Zannetti

Photo of Zannetti Logo

The next Italian watch brand on our list is Zannetti, which has some of the most artistic timepieces out there. Just by looking at any one of its creations, and you can tell that the value that Zannetti places on style and visuals. 

Zannetti was founded in 1982 by Riccardo Zannetti, with the aim of spreading Italian creativity to the world. Decades later, it is safe to say that the brand has been able to achieve this goal. It has consistently produced beautifully-designed watches that show off clear, flamboyant Italian influences. 

With a total of 14 collections under its belt, you certainly will not run out of options with Zannetti. Each and every watch line it has revolves around a certain theme or concept that reflects its Italian heritage. For example, the brand has a Gladiator and a Palatino series, both of which are associated with Rome. Since Zannetti’s watches are nothing short of masterful, their thousand dollar price tags seems quite justified on the whole.

One of the brand’s most intriguing models is the Zannetti Discobolo. This watch takes inspiration from the famous statue of the same name. The dial of this piece shows off the brand’s artistic interpretation of the sculpture, giving it a very classic Roman aesthetic. The Zannetti Discobolo is priced at around $8,500 USD. 

10. Mazzucato

Photo of Mazzucato logo

Last but definitely not the least, we have Mazzucato. This is an Italian watch brand that offers ultra-modern timepieces. It was founded by Simone Mazzucato, who is also the brilliant mind behind the brand’s forward-looking designs. With a background in Industrial Design, Mazzucato shared his expertise with the world by creating cutting-edge timepieces that boast utmost functionality. 

Mazzucato currently has five collections: RIM Sport, RIM Monza, RIM Scuba, RIM GT, and RIM SUB. While each line has a different purpose, every single Mazzucato watch comes with an incredibly advance design that only true masters can craft. 

To fit its #NeverBoring slogan, Mazzucato is not bound by traditional watchmaking techniques at all. The brand values innovation in all aspects, which allows it to stand out from the other watchmakers in this list. That said, good things do not come cheap. Expect to drop a couple thousand bucks to get your hands on a Mazzucato timepiece. 

One of Mazzucato’s most striking models is the RIM Sport Chronograph. This watch makes use of the brand’s signature Reverse Industrial Movement (RIM) which allows for 2 dials and 2 movements in one watch. One side is driven by a high-performance automatic mechanism while the other showcases an excellent chronograph movement.  

It also has a very powerful and futuristic-looking exterior that perfectly matches its robust mechanism. If you are hooked on this watch like we are, all you need is $1,400 USD to acquire one for yourself. 

Final Thoughts 

While this list only has ten Italian watch brands, there are definitely others out there that also deserve to be recognized. Many of them serve as a reflection of both Italian culture and watchmaking which is why they are worth researching on. Hopefully, this article has shown you that there is more to the industry than just Swiss and Japanese-made watches! 

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