4 Best Investment Watches

The right watch can seem like a part of you. You wear it, you use it and you definitely notice if you forget to put it on one day. But there’s another dimension to owning a watch, and that’s holding your watch as an investment.

Not all watches will increase in value, of course. But a handful of prestigious brands —  Rolex, Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer and Omega come to mind — hold the promise of being the best investment watches as well as classic timepieces.

Best Watches to Collect for Investment

investment watches

Besides the brand of the watch, there are a few other features to consider before you make your first investment. You’ll want to be cautious about where you buy, so you can ensure that any watch you may purchase has been properly serviced and cared for.

Most of the best-valued investment watches are mechanical and not quartz, so the movement must be in good condition. And while the watch is in your care, you’ll likewise need to get it serviced regularly to ensure it maintains its value.

Start with researching a few larger brands so you understand some of the best watches to collect for investments. These four are good examples:

1: Rolex Submariner

It’s true that everyone who collects watches is looking for a great Rolex Submariner. No surprise there, as it is an excellent timepiece for both wearing — as it was designed for diving and is virtually indestructible — and as an investment — due to its steady increases in value.

Rolex Submariner

The collection is part of the iconic Oyster line by Rolex, with an Oyster case and solid-link bracelet. You may be able to find a Submariner model for around $10,000, but many are sold for a significant six-figure sum.

2: Omega Seamaster

If you’re sensing a nautical theme, that’s because many classic watch designs incorporate chronometers and other diving-related features. The Omega Seamaster is known for being on James Bond’s wrist in the British spy movies made since the 1990s.

Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial Automatic

And Omega as a brand is on its way up in collectors’ eyes. Because the quartz models are being discontinued, they are likely to increase in value, meaning this could be the best investment watch you could purchase right now.

3: Patek Philippe Nautilus 

Patek Philippe Nautilus

Since 1976, Patek Philippe Nautilus‘ design with its distinctive rounded octagonal case has been a top luxury choice. Patek Philippe is known for exceptional craftsmanship and the Nautilus design has been a classic for more than 40 years. Modern versions of the Nautilus command upwards of $30K. While vintage styles sell for six figures, making this collection one of the best watches to collect for investments.

4: Tag Heuer Carrera

Tag Heuer’s Carrera adopts a connection to car racing rather than the deep blue sea. Named for the Carrera Panamericana auto race, today’s models vary in looks. From simple and elegant to a busy face becoming of a “tool watch” with many features.

Tag Heuer Carrera

Of course, watches with their own stories may make even better collectibles. If you come across a luxury watch with rare features or that was owned by a historical figure or celebrity, the value could be much higher than you’d expect.

When looking for the best investment watches, there is a lot to consider — the brand, model, condition and age. And by choosing just the right watch, you could have a sound investment for your future.

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