Best Gold Watches for Men in 2021

One of the critical decisions you need to make when buying a watch is how much flash you want it to have. Some will prefer a basic, minimalistic piece, while others will opt for something that sparkles from miles away.

But whether you like the flash or not, the decision is up to you. If you’re up for both, you might want to consider a yellow gold watch. There are some yellow gold watches that can give you the extra shimmy you’re looking for. And then there are also some yellow gold watches that can give you the shine without the whole all-eyes-on-you type of attention. We’ve made a list of some our favorite yellow gold watches below.


1: Rolex President

front view of Rolex Day-Date Yellow Gold Ref. 228348RBR_Black watch

There are beautiful gold watches, and then there are ones that are so iconic that their color scheme gets its own name. Such is the case with the Rolex President, which is another way to describe a gold Rolex Day-Date.

The rumor behind the name of this piece is that it was worn by President Eisenhower, but this assertion has been proven false. Still, powerful people seem to be drawn towards this timepiece, and its aesthetic has held up over time. Additionally, those that buy it report that this yellow gold watch stays bright and beautiful for many years without polishing.

2: Omega Constellation Globemaster

front view of Omega Constellation Globemaster Ref. watch

Not only do the Swiss-manufactured watches, but they also give certifications of accuracy and quality. One institute that does so is METAS, who gave the Omega Constellation watches one of the most prestigious designations there: The Master Chronometer certification.

Function aside, the aesthetics of the this Omega Constellation Globemaster watch feature a yellow gold case, minimalistic dial, and a leather strap. These factors combine to create a timepiece with a classy look and the inner workings to back it up.

3: Longines La Grande Classique

front view of Longines La Grande Classique Yellow Gold Ref. L47202112 Watch

While most of the pieces on this list are 100% gold, this watch from Longines incorporates silver, too. The aesthetic that this color scheme creates is one of pure elegance.

Not only is this Longines La Grande Classique Quartz yellow gold watch a gorgeous timepiece, but the brand behind it is well respected in the industry. Longines chooses to stick to what they know and create some of the best classy, dress options on the market. If you go with the classic style of the Longines La Grande Classique collection, you may never need to purchase a dress watch again.

4: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

front view of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Yellow Gold watch

It is normal to question whether expensive brands are truly of high quality or just a marketing scheme. In the case of the luxury brand Audemars Piguet, you have nothing to worry about.

Despite its celebrity endorsements and flashy marketing campaigns, this brand is a classic Swiss manufacturer with some fantastic pieces. Perhaps the most iconic of them is the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, which can come in a bright, attractive yellow gold. With top-class quality and an iconic look, this shiny gold watch might be your top luxury choice on the market.

5: Seiko Yellow Gold Quartz 

front view of Seiko Yellow Gold Watch

One thing that casual watch fans usually haven’t heard of is the “quartz crisis,” which took place in the 1970s. What this catchy name describes is the beginnings of quartz movement watches, which shook up the traditional manufacturers and seized a large percentage of their market shares.

Among the first to master quartz movements was Seiko, which continues to create exceptional watches to this day. The one we have listed here is a classic piece of theirs that functions well and looks good while doing it. You cannot really go wrong with a Seiko yellow gold watch, so you can make your purchase with confidence.

6: Stührling Original Men’s Series

front view of Stuhrling Original Yellow Gold Skeleton Watch

Our last pick is an excellent option for those that like skeleton watches. (Because lets face it, they’re pretty cool watches!) Aesthetically, this Stührling watch has a yellow gold case that contrasts wonderfully with its complex, but beautiful silver inner workings.

On the inside, you’ll enjoy an automatic movement that never needs a battery change. A genuine leather strap on top of everything else makes this piece a slam dunk. It’s the perfect combination of sophistication without going overboard.

Yellow Gold Watch to Match Your Shiny Personality

Picking the right watch can be difficult, but starting with color is an excellent first step! Your basic options are variants of sniny gold, silver, or just about any color if you like in plastic or ceramic. Kick it up a notch with some jewels or diamonds if that’s your style. If you choose yellow gold as your color of choice, then just make sure you pick the watch that’s just right for you!

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