The Best Gift Watches for Women

Watches for Women

Mom, sister, girlfriend, wife, best friends — there are many special women in our lives, and what better way to show how much we appreciate them than to give them a special gift. One that is as hardworking, endearing, reliable, and beautiful as they are. In short, a watch, not just any watch, but the perfect watch for women. Don’t they deserve a watch as wonderful as they are?

Like any other piece of fine jewelry, a luxury watch is a timeless gift that will retain its value even as it gives years of pleasure.

Best Watches to Gift 


These iconic watches for women are as sophisticated and beautiful as they are durable and hardworking. What better way to say “I love you” than an elegant rose gold Rolex with a diamond-encrusted bezel? That may just be the best watch to gift your wife!

Rolex Lady Datejust


This brand is treasured around the world for the depth and quality of its luxury goods collection. That includes their wonderfully stylish watches. A Bvlgari is probably the best watch to gift a girlfriend who is enamored with fashion!


These carefully designed watches combine innovative and quality design with aesthetic appeal. Many of their lady’s watches feature eye-catching colors and bejeweled cases.


With more than a century of precision watchmaking backing them, you know Omega watches are wonderfully functional and reliable. What you may not know is how many stylish lady’s watches they offer.

Omega Speedmaster


These luxurious Italian watches are well-known for their many innovative design features, such as the very first luminescent watch dials.


This Japanese watch brand is well recognized for its many popular watch innovations. What isn’t as well-known is its venture into cosmopolitan style with the sophisticated Cocktail Time watch.

Seiko Lukia

TAG Heuer  

TAG Heuer is well-known in the world of sports. Their lady’s watches are just as reliable in a fashionable, moderated priced, yet luxurious way. A watch from this iconic racing brand is one of the best watches to gift your mom. It will help her live every second to the maximum!


A more moderately priced version of the Rolex, the Tudor carries much of the same quality that makes its sibling brand so world-renowned. Tudors are known for their functionality, thoughtful design, and contemporary style.

Watches for Women Conclusion

Watches for women may seem like a small accessory, but the right watch makes a huge fashion statement. Treat that special woman in your life to a luxury watch and enjoy her delight. Our customer service team will help you select a luxury watch that perfectly balances your budget. After all, fine watches have been high on a lady’s wish list ever since Patek Philippe created the first one for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary in 1868!

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