Top 5 Best Field Watches

If you’re wearing a field watch, you’re part of the legacy of using wearables that are strong enough to survive extreme circumstances, even battles. Yes, field watches are designed with military personnel and tactical response units in mind, but they’re beneficial for you as well.

Imagine how long your watch will last if it’s designed to withstand the elements such as rain or even snow? And a little rough handling during your next hiking expedition—or even while you’re working on your car’s engine—won’t result in a broken watch.

And don’t be concerned about aesthetics. They’re made for the field but perfect for everyday wear at home or the office because watch brands know how important it is for you to look stylish.

Let’s look at five of the best field watches on the market, so you can see why these types of watches should be your next purchase.

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Watch

Hamilton is a much-loved brand for watches to wear while being active. The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical watch proves why. The design looks rugged; simply look at the NATO strap that won’t easily show wear and tear. The brand mixed durability with stylish elements, such as the stainless-steel case and the fact that you can submerge it up to 50m.

front view of Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Watch
Hamilton Khaki Field

It’s also a practical timepiece. For instance, it’s easy to read details in dim light conditions, thanks to the contrast in colors of the numerals and the dial.

Hamilton sells many different designs when it comes to field watches, so you can likely find one that suits your personal taste.

Luminox Atacama

This is another of the field watches that has water resistance, but here you can push it to 200m. That’s proof of excellent engineering!

You’ll appreciate the small details of the Atacama that include the glass with its anti-reflective nature, so you can easily use your watch in the sun. And then there’s the illumination of certain parts of the arms and dial that enable you to read the time in the dark. A truly practical buy!

front view of Luminox Atacama black dial watch
Source: Luminox

The brand has more than one field watch design, but we prefer the tan strap matched with similar hues on the watch face. It’s classic and stylish; something you can even wear to the office if you want.

Timex Expedition

If you appreciate simplicity, then the Timex watch called the Expedition Scout may be the field watch model for you. It has the basic features most consumers want: time and date. Note that with the Expedition Scout, there are added details so you can use the 24-hour time setting if you prefer.

It’s not the most water-resistant on our list, but 50m is still sufficient for using it outdoors. The dial can light up, so it’s a practical buy for wearing on nighttime adventures. The fabric strap makes for comfortable wearing.

front view of Timex Expedition watch
Source: Timex

This is a much more casual-looking watch, so this piece may not be the one to pick for going out or wearing to a business lunch. If you want a little more sophistication, the brand does sell a few different designs, with one fabric strap having leather details as a final touch. Pick one that suits the scenarios where you want to wear these types of watches.

Tudor Heritage Ranger

It’s always a good idea to invest in a Swiss-designed watch, and Tudor gives a few field watches to pick from in terms of design. Get metal or leather straps, according to your preference.

Types of Tudor watches in this category are bigger than many others on our list with their 41mm case. If you’re after a bulky watch, this is a quality option to consider. Your watch will be waterproof up to 150m and the self-winding watches will have 38 hours of reserve power, which is more than acceptable.

Tudor Heritage Ranger black dial watch on its side
Tudor Heritage

Details of the Tudor Heritage Ranger add to its value, such as the folding clasp with safety catch. This will keep the watch securely in place on your arm, even with some rough handling.

Filson Field Watch

From Filson, you can obtain another impressive example of simplicity that is value for money: the Filson field watch model. At 41.5mm, this watch boasts a design that can appeal to those who like large watches. But this one is understated, with no unnecessary features.

front view of Filson Field Watch
Source: Filson

The watch has large numerals, making it easy to read them; even more so because they’re light-colored and positioned on a dark background. Anti-reflective coatings help you read time in the bright sun. And then Super-LumiNova® markings on both hands and other markings will assist in low light conditions.

It has a 100m water resistance rating, making this a practical buy for the adventurous few out there.

Field Watches Conclusion

Get yourself a watch that will last long! If field watches can survive some of the roughest conditions on earth, it’s sure to be a long-term investment for you.

And don’t forget to let us know which of these field watches you found to be best for you!

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