Best Digital Watches for Women

There are two perks to owning a digital watch: it offers impeccable accuracy and is much easier to maintain than an analog watch. This is why women who are always on the go prefer to wear a digital watch. They are highly legible timepieces that can match their ensembles while also providing great convenience. A plethora of affordably priced and valuable digital watches are available today, which is why  it can be a bit daunting to select a specific model. As such, in this article, we have collated a list of the best digital watches for women!

Digital Watches For Women: Our Best Picks

1. Guess Women’s Stainless Steel Digital Silicone Watch

With the designer brand Guess, you are bound to be able to find sleek and elegant digital watches.  One top-notch example is this Guess Women’s Stainless Steel Digital Silicone Watch. It has a large dial with exquisite gold accents that match the stainless steel case and pink strap.  It also comes with a durable mineral crystal to protect the dial from any  external threats.

When it comes to performance, this Guess Women’s watch is powered by a top-notch quartz movement. It is equipped with many practical features such as a dual time zone, a chronograph stopwatch, a day-date calendar, and 24-hour military/internationational time functions, making it a timepiece worth purchasing. For just $125 USD, it is the best digital watch for women who love to wear simple yet elegant designs.

2. Casio Women’s BA-111-1ACR Baby G-Digital Watch

If you are looking for a very durable digital watch, do not worry as Casio always has something for you. Casio is a Japanese watchmaker that is highly-coveted for its collection of hardy and functional timepieces with very budget-friendly prices. In particular, this Casio Women’s BA-111-1ACR Digital Watch is our top pick for you. This timepiece is from the brand’s Baby-G collection, a sought-after line exclusively designed for women’s wrists. It has a shock-resistant feature and a water-resistance rating  of 100 meters.

Aside from that, this watch features a bold 43.6mm resin case, a striking black dial with vibrant pink accents, and a black plastic strap. It’s charming black and pink design is stylish and fits well on a female wrist. It also boasts excellent functionality, as it allows you to track 29 different time zones. As with most tCasio watches, this model is equipped with a powerful and accurate quartz movement. This $85 USD watch for women is a perfect digital companion for hikers and travelers on their next adventure.

3. Casio Women’s LA11WB-1 Sports Digital Watch

Next up, the Casio Women’s LA11WB-1 Sports Digital Watch boasts a minimalistic yet sleek design. If you love doing sports, this is a must-buy digital piece. It features a stopwatch, an auto-calendar, as well as an alarm. The best thing about this Casio women’s watch is that it is also solar-powered and radio-controlled. These features are great because it means there will never ever be any need to replace the watch’s battery, nor will you have to manually reset its time.

Moving to its aesthetics, the Casio watch features a slim 26mm black resin case, a small, rectangular digital dial display with large and legible text, and a black plastic strap. This is one of the best and most affordable digital watches for women out there, retailing at only $15 USD. So, for the sporty ladies in search of a watch to bring to their sports activities, this piece definitely deserves to be on your radar.

4. Armitron Sport Women’s 45/7012 Digital Watch

If you are fond of minimalistic and classy timepieces, this Armitron women’s sports watch is worth buying. It has a very sleek and clean design, ideal for lady professionals. Its features are easy, as it comes with a handy backlight, as well as a highly legible day and date display.

Another feature of this watch is that it is water-resistant. Because of its slim and smooth build, with even surfaces, this Armitron Sport Women’s 45/7012 Digital watch is also very easy to clean and maintain compared to other watches. Another notable feature is its dual-time zone, which makes it an ideal watch for those who frequently travel. This Armitron piece costs $18 USD only. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your hands on this professional digital watch for women before it runs out!

5. Tag Heuer Connected Modular SBF818001.11FT8031

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The TAG Heuer Connected Modular SBF818001.11FT8031 watch looks not only awesome but also works great. This smartwatch for ladies is meant for everyday wear. To make things even easier, its digital display is also a handy touch screen display. 

This Tag Heuer model has a fixed bezel around its 41mm round titanium case. This bezel is marked with a 60-minute scale, with its markers carefully engraved in 5-minute increments. Features in this digital watch include Bluetooth, GPS tracking, navigation, and more. This model runs on a quartz movement too, so you do not have to worry about its accuracy. This digital watch for women retails at $1,599 USD only. 

6. Timex Women’s Ironman Transit 33mm Watch

Feminine, powerful, and practical — these are three words that best describe the Ironman Transit Digital Watch. This Timex watch has exquisite purple-tone features and a style that suits women’s wrists. With its stopwatch, countdown timer, and customizable alarm features, this watch is definitely built for ladies who have an active lifestyle and love to run around town.

Apart from that, this Timex Ironman watch features a 33mm resin case with magenta accents, a striking gray digital dial with Indiglo backlight, and a purple plastic strap to complete its sporty appearance. It also comes with a layer of acrylic glass to protect the dial from external threats. This Timex digital watch for women retails at just $38 USD.

7. Skechers Women’s Rosencrans Digi Quartz Plastic & Silicone Sports Digital Watch

At first glance, the Skechers Women’s Rosencrans Digital Watch looks instantly striking, with its black-and-silver tones. This digital piece is a perfect option for lovers of minimalist concepts, with its simple dial layout and quintessential monochrome color scheme It has a plastic case with a glossy finish, a black dial, and a comfortable black rubber strap. It is also equipped with mineral glass to protect the dial from external threats.

In addition, this Skechers watch is waterproof and can withstand water pressures of up to depths of 50 meters. For just $24 USD, this digital watch for women offers style and durability and can accompany you everyday efficiently.

8. Diesel Quartz Multi-color Dial Plastic Unisex Watch

Diesel Quartz Multi-color Dial Plastic Unisex Watch
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Italian clothing and lifestyle brand Diesel has a series of incredibly rugged, durable, and functional watches. One of them is the Diesel Quartz DZT2021 Unisex Watch, available at just $219 USD. This is a unisex digital watch that looks so classy and reliable, even at a quick glance. It features a 44mm aluminum case, an exquisite multi-color dial, and a silicone strap. It also has a storage capacity of up to 4GB and run’s on Google’s Wear OS technology.

What is great about this Diesel watch is that it is equipped with practical features like GPS, calendar, pedometer, heart-rate monitor, fitness tracker, and a 50-meter water-resistance rating. So, if you are fond of wearing digital watches with a touch screen interface and a litany of handy functions, this Diesel Quartz DZT2021 Digital Watch is a must-buy piece.

9. Moulin Ladies Digital Jelly Watch

If you are looking for a chic, wearable, and minimalistic digital watch, this Moulin Ladies Digital Jelly Watch is the right one for you. This watch features a stainless steel case, a plain black digital dial, and a black resin strap to complete the whole fancy appearance. It also comes with a backlight feature for easier reading of time. It has a slim and sleek design and is built for everyday use with its stopwatch, time, date, and alarm functions.

When it comes to performance, this Mouline watch is run by a powerful quartz movement. Just make sure to stay away from deep waters, as it is only equipped with a 30-meter depth rating, which means it can only withstand a few splashes. On top of that, this digital watch’s main highlight is its inexpensive price, as it retails at just $14 USD.

10. Skechers Women’s Magnolia Sports Digital watch

Another Skechers watch on the list is this Skechers Women’s Magnolia, a sporty and vibrant-looking timepiece retailing at just $33 USD. This version comes in shades of pink, with an exquisite 40mm rose gold case and a matching light pink silicone strap. That said, you can also select other available hues such as black, blue, white, green, and even rainbow, depending on your preferences. Its rose gold case is paired with a matching, sizable round rose gold dial. This watch also comes with mineral glass to protect the dial from external threats.

Moreover, this watch has a stopwatch, alarm, and chime features. It is powered by a top-notch quartz movement and is water-resistant up to depths of 30 meters. Whether you want to bring this watch with you on your daily routines, or to any dressy occasions, this classy and elegant digital watch for women is the perfect companion. 

11. Garmin Forerunner 45 Watch for Women

Garmin has always been praised for its collection of top-notch watches designed for both men and women who have an active lifestyle. If you are looking for a tough and durable women’s digital watch that can withstand any  harsh conditions, this Garmin Forerunner 45 is the best option for you.  It is both sporty and functional, with its vibrant and bold black and red tones and a variety of useful features. Its full range of practical features include an altimeter, a heart-rate monitor, a stress monitor, a 3-axis compass, a navigational and show route back, GPS, activity profiles, and compatibility with Android and iOS phones. It also comes with a Garmin connect feature, which allows you to connect directly to the fitness community online.

Apart from that, this Garmin watch also has a 1GB storage capacity and a battery life span of 14 days if it is in the smartwatch mode, and 40 hours if it is in GPS mode. Many previous owners have testified to how extremely handy and comfortable this Garmin model is. This Garmin digital watch for ladies will set you back by just $235 USD.

12. Casio Women’s Vintage LA670WGA Digital Watch

This Casio Women’s Vintage LA670WGA is instantly recognizable due to its stunning traditional looks, boasting vintage gold-toned features. The watch boasts a slim 25mm yellow-gold stainless steel case and bracelet. These complement the cushion-shaped black dial with a digital display to complete the whole simple yet stylish appearance. 

More than that, this Casio watch also comes with a stopwatch, timer, calendar, and alarm features. Equipped with a powerful quartz movement, this timepiece is extremely precise. If you love simple-looking  vintage accessories, then this $26 USD digital wristwatch for women is the right choice for you.

13. Nixon Siren SS A1211 Women’s Digital Sports Watch

Sought-after for its sombre and minimalistic appearance, this Nixon Siren SS A1211 Women’s Digital Sports Watch deserves to be on your radar. It has basic tide and future tide tracking functions, EL backlight, day and date, countdown timer, and chronograph features. This is a durable and practical digital watch that can accompany you for a long time.

As for its style, this Nixon model features a 34mm stainless steel case  in luxurious gold, a black digital display dial, and an ultra-soft white silicone strap with a buckle at the end that offers exceptional comfort. For just $150 USD, you can own this stylish, functional, and durable timepiece.

14. Michael Kors Access Gen 4 Runway MKT5045 Smartwatch for Women

The Michael Kors Access Gen 4 Runway MKT5045 / 5048 Smartwatch for Women is a bold and stylish digital watch for women. More than that, it is also jam-packed with useful features that can provide you great convenience in your daily activities.This watch comes with a heart rate tracker, GPS, Google Assistant, 24-hour battery life, and ample storage capacity. It also has a microphone and a touchscreen interface and is compatible with Android and iOS phones.

Moving on to the aesthetics, this Michael Kors watch features a 41mm gold stainless steel case and bracelet. These perfectly complement the striking digital dial design, which boasts a black surface bearing texts of the brand’s iconic MK logo. Indeed, the highly customized black dial is a sporty one that makes the timepiece stand out in the crowd. This Michael Kors Runway watch also offers you a choice between a comfortable silicone strap and a professional, stylish gold stainless steel bracelet. Given its outstanding features and effortless style, the real surprise is how affordable this digital watch for women is, as it retails at $199 USD.

15. Timex Women’s DGTL Stacked Numbers 28mm Watch

Last but not least, the Timex Women’s DGTL Stacked Numbers is a simple yet classy digital timepiece for women jam-packed with practical features. It has a daily alarm, day, date, and month calendar, a 24-hour military time mode, a countdown timer, and a 24-hour chronograph with 1/second resolution.

When it comes to aesthetics, this Timex watch is available in a 28mm white and rose gold resin case, a clean silver dial with an Indiglo light-up feature, and a sleek white plastic strap. It also comes with a layer of acrylic glass that adds extra security to the dial. This digital watch for women is elegant and classy, with its white and rose gold features, and can easily accompany you to your next dinner party too.

As for its performance, this model is powered by a first-class quartz movement. It retails at just $20 USD, which is a very affordable price considering all of its exceptional features. If you are looking for versatile digital watches for women, then this digital piece can be your best buddy.

Final Thoughts

There are many digital watches for women out there that can accompany them on any occasion, with their stylish or sporty features and litany of useful functionalities. In this list, we have curated 15 of the best digital watches for women, just for your perusal. Opt for a watch that you think is best for you and simply enjoy its amazing features.

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