Best Casio Dive Watches to Use

Casio is one of the oldest and most reliable brands that has marveled in making watches over the past few decades. They have been producing hundreds of timepieces in every style, color, and material imaginable. Through consistent innovation, the brand has also been able to come up with their own selection of exceptional Casio dive watches. 

Once upon a time, divers used to take water-resistant computers underwater in order to record the depth and time left during a dive. But dive computers cannot be a substitute for dive watches. The invention of dive watches was monumental for the diving field as divers could now rely on diving pieces that were easily worn on the wrist, rather than carried around as heavy apparatus. With Casio dive watches, divers can safely and easily track their dive time for years. 

A Little Bit About Casio Dive Watches

In the simplest of terms, Casio dive watches are basically designed for underwater diving, as they possess superb water-resistant properties of 100 meters and above. They are also suitable for recreational underwater activities since they work very well even when wet and submerged at a certain depth. 

Given how broad Casio’s catalog is, it can be a struggle to go through all of their watches, one by one. As such, to make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best Casio dive watches that money can buy you today. Simply scroll down, and have a look!

1. Casio Men’s MDV106-1AV Duro Analog Watch

front view of Casio Men's MDV106-1AV watch

The Casio Men’s MDV106-1AV supersedes all other Casio dive watches. If you are planning to dive to a considerable depth underwater, then this is the ideal timepiece for you. Indeed, once you explore all its features, you will definitely desire one for yourself! 

First of all, this Casio men’s watch has a tough exterior, with a stainless steel case and a scratch-resistant mineral crystal to protect the dial. As such, it can bear a bit of heavy-duty use. This watch is also extremely durable, and you can swim with it up to depths of 600 feet, or 200 meters, and it will continue to work with full efficiency. 

In addition, the display that MDV106-1AV Duro Analog Watch offers is also good. Since this watch has a minimalistic aesthetic, the display is uncluttered and very easy to read. For the diver’s convenience, the dial also features a small window that shows the day of the month.

To sum up, this Casio dive timepiece possesses a hard steel casing, is durable underwater, provides a legible display, and is powered by the Japanese quartz movement, making for a perfect underwater companion. The best part is that you can get this watch for just $70 USD. 

2. Casio G-Shock Frogman Digital 

front view of Casio G-Shock Frogman Digital watch

Here is another unique timepiece from Casio which is reputed to be one of the best scuba diving models on the market. The Casio Frogman G-Shock is ISO-approved and boasts a number of features that make it perfect for scuba diving adventures. 

For instance, divers can take this Casio timepiece with them to depths of up to 200 meters. The Casio Frogman G-Shock also has a dive feature that allows the wearer to enter the number of dives they have made and note down how long they have taken. In total, you can log up to 10 dives on this Casio dive watch. 

Additionally, one problem often faced by divers is that their dive watches sometimes run out of battery mid-way through a dive. However, this is not something you do not need to worry about with this dive watch, and you can freely make a long dive without worrying about its battery, as the Frogman G-Shock is solar-powered. 

Other incredible features this dive timepiece offers include a moon phase indicator, a tide graph, and a Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping function. Priced at around $1,209 USD, this is truly a multi-functional Casio dive watch meant to make your diving experience easier. 

3. Casio Men’s Super-Illuminator Diver Watch 

front view of Casio Men's Super-Illuminator Diver Watch

Do not be deceived by its name; the Casio Men’s Super-Illuminator Diver Watch is not just a diver’s timepiece. With its lovely design, this watch can be worn with a casual, formal, or even a sports outfit. In addition, the style and versatile functionality of this watch truly make it stand out.

This watch comes with a sturdy 44mm stainless steel case and a bracelet made of the same material. It runs on a powerful quartz movement, and has a water resistance rating of 330 feet, or 100 meters, making it a solid choice for divers. 

With regards to the round dial of this Casio dive timepiece, it boasts 3 hands that provide a more accurate time reading of the hours, minutes,  and seconds. The bezel display also provides wearers with both the day and date. This watch is also equipped with excellent battery illumination, and its bracelet comes with a fold-over clasp for a more secure fit around the wearer’s wrist. With its sleek and classy black-and-white aesthetics, the Super-Illuminator Diver Watch truly levels up any look, and you can get your hands on one for just $120 USD. 

4. Casio G-Shock GA-400-1A Multi-Dimensional Analog Digital Watch

front view of Casio G-Shock GA-400-1A Multi-Dimensional Analog Digital Watch

Get yourself this functional Casio diving watch that is full of fantastic features. This is not just a diving watch but can also be used for other water activities like snorkeling and swimming. This is because it can withstand substantial water pressures of up to 660 feet, or 200 meters.

In addition, the Casio G-Shock GA-400-1A also comes with features including a super LED light, which makes it easy to read the dial in the dark, and a countdown timer that runs from one minute to 24 hours, which wearers can use to easily measure the time period of any activity.

On the whole, this timepiece is lightweight and durable with its robust resin case, has a straightforward design, large and easily legible displays, and is easy to use for everyone. All of these features make the Casio G-Shock GA-400-1A pretty ideal in terms of Casio dive watches. This timepiece retails at an incredibly affordable price of $90.75 USD.

5. Casio Pro-Trek PRW-6600YBE-5JR

front view of Casio Pro-Trek PRW-6600YBE-5JR watch

Just by the name, you can already tell that Casio’s Pro-Trek line is meant to be a watch collection just for explorers. Pro-Trek timepieces make for reliable companions during hiking or camping trips because of how multifunctional they are. That said, models from this collection can also be used for underwater activities such as swimming and diving, since they boast  water resistance capacities of up to 100 meters. 

In particular, the Casio Pro Trek PRW-6600YBE-5JR has very robust and powerful aesthetics with its stainless steel and resin case and nylon strap, which is complemented by its multitude of handy functions. Some of these additional features include an alarm, a double LED light, a barometric pressure graph, and lots more. Regardless of whether it is a land or water adventure, this Casio watch will surely prove to be a dependable companion. If you are interested, you can get yours for just $389 USD. 

6. Casio Oceanus Radio Wave Solar Classic 

front view of Casio Oceanus Radio Wave Solar Classic watch

The Casio Oceanus is all about that delicate balance between technological innovations and elegant design. Each and every Oceanus piece is equipped with impressive specifications that are made even more appealing with its refined aesthetics. The Casio Oceanus OCW-T3000A-1AJF is a prime example of this, and the best part is that it is suitable for diving as well. 

On top of its well-crafted chronograph display, this Oceanus diver watch also has a water resistance capacity of up to 100 meters, which is great for recreational diving. In addition, it boasts numerous features such as a date display, a power reserve indicator, a perpetual calendar, dual time, and many more. Retailing at around $939 USD, this is definitely a great underwater watch for those who want something elegant and fully functional! 

7. Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster 

front view of  Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster  watch

Casio is known primarily for offering really robust timepieces, and some of the toughest models they have belong to the G-Shock Gravitymaster collection. This range actually consists of watches that were designed to aid pilots, which is why they are all very sturdy yet also have lightweight profiles. Be that as it may, these Gravitymaster timepieces also boast water resistance ratings of 200 meters, making them suitable for diving as well. 

This model, priced at $899 USD, also boasts superior readability thanks to its high-brightness LED light and non-reflective coatings. Additional features and functions of this Casio watch include a daily alarm, battery level indicator, dual time, Bluetooth, and power saving, among others. If you want a Casio diving watch with unparalleled toughness, then the G-Shock Gravitymaster GWR-B1000-1AJF is perfect for you. 

8. Casio Oceanus OCW-S100B-1AJF 

front view of Casio Oceanus OCW-S100B-1AJF  watch

Here we have yet another model from the Oceanus collection, but this time with a less complicated dial. The Casio Oceanus OCW-S100B-1AJF features the familiar robust yet sophisticated aesthetics which makes it very appealing to many people. In addition, it also has a water resistance rating of 100 meters, meaning it is suitable for activities like swimming and diving as well.

Retailing at $599 USD, this Casio dive watch comes in a titanium case and bracelet which makes it extra durable, lightweight and reliable. Lastly, it boasts the following features: a full auto calendar, 29 world time zones, a date window, and luminescent dial components for high readability. If you are interested in straightforward Casio dive watches, then this is definitely one to check out! 

9. Casio Pro Trek PRW-7000FC-1JF

front view of Casio Pro Trek PRW-7000FC-1JF watch

Up next, we have another model from the renowned Pro-Trek collection. As mentioned earlier, pieces in this particular line were created with adventurers and explorers in mind. The Casio Pro-Trek is more than just an accessory that tells time, it also serves as a tool that is meant to make the journey easier. Compared to the other model we discussed, this Pro Trek PRW-7000FC-1JF is a slightly more appealing option for divers since it has a water resistance capacity of up to 200 meters. 

Aside from that, this watch also exhibits superior durability and reliability because of the materials used, which are resin and stainless steel. When it comes to features, this timepiece has a low temperature operation, a countdown timer, dual LED lights, 31 time zones, and much more. Finally, it also comes at a very reasonable price of approximately $729 USD. If you love all forms of adventure, then this Casio watch is a must-have for you! 

10. Casio Oceanus Manta OCW-S3400B-1AJF

front view of Casio Oceanus Manta OCW-S3400B-1AJF watch

Last but certainly not least, we have the Casio Oceanus Manta OCW-S3400B-1AJF, which is a classic dive model with excellent technical specifications. Of course, it would not be on this list if it was not suitable for diving so it does have a water resistance rating of 100 meters. 

Priced at $1,589 USD, this model is presented in a titanium case and bracelet which gives it a rather polished and sporty look. Some of its impressive features include a solar battery, power indicator, stopwatch, auto calendar, and a world time function. If you want a multifunctional and classy watch that can accompany you on all your underwater adventures, then do not miss out on the Oceanus Manta. 

Final Thoughts 

Casio is an excellent brand to check out if you are on the hunt for the best reliable yet aesthetically-pleasing dive watches. The fact that some of these models are not really a part of their dive watch lines only goes to show that a wide selection of their pieces are actually versatile and suitable for all kinds of different environments. 

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