3 Most Popular Bell and Ross Watches for Men

Bell and Ross Watches

Watches have always been the best of all accessories and there is no right or wrong time to wear a watch. Whether you are attending a formal or a casual event, a watch will go perfectly with your attire. Moreover, a quality watch that is backed by a Swiss brand will stay with you till the end of time. Rolex, Omega, or Audemars Piguet are the brands that come to mind for luxury watches. These are the ultimate giants of watchmaking, but that’s not true. There are many contemporary watchmakers that have made a big name in watchmaking. One of these many brands is Bell and Ross.

The watches manufactured by Bell and Ross are known for the unique design as well as their impeccable detailing. Bell and Ross watches are among the best watches for men, and that too comes with good reason. Here is why you should definitely invest in a Bell and Ross watch.


The Beginning

Bell and Ross launched their operation in 1992. This makes them pretty new in the business if you compare them with the likes of Rolex and Omega. The eagerness to prove themselves among the very best makes them good competition. Where other watchmakers have had the experience of centauries, Bell and Ross have decades under their belt. However, that didn’t stop them from challenging the giants with their detailing and precision.

The company was started by two best mates, Belamich (Bell) and Rosillo (Ross) with the help of German watchmaker by the name of Sinn. The most popular Bell and Ross watches are:

1: The Instruments

Bell and Ross Instruments Ref. BRS92-BLC-ST/SCR watch on the wrist

The design of the Bell and Ross Instruments watch is an inspiration of an aircraft’s cockpit. Needless to say, the precision and detail on this watch are faultless. It’s one of the most popular watches of Bell and Ross.

2: BR Diving Watch

Bell and Ross believes that a watch is more than just a time-telling piece and that motto has made them make expert watches for different professions that need the precision of timing more than anything. Their professional diver watches can go as deep as 1000 ft.

front view of Bell and Ross dive watch

3: The Hydromax

This watch is an innovative design that is filled with hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic fluid helps to counter external pressure. Made to withstand a ton of pressure, the watch is perfect for divers, racers, as well as astronauts.

front view of Bell and Ross Hydromax black dial watch

Though the initial watches were designed by Sinn, they had the Bell and Ross logo on them. The partnership wasn’t as strong as the consumers were led to believe and in the year 2002, the company parted ways with their German companion and launched their own production by the name of Bell and Ross, in the heart of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. This was the brief history of Bell and Ross. Now, it’s time to check out whether the watches are a good value for money or not.

Are Bell and Ross Watches a Good Investment?

A branded watch is a huge investment and you can’t just get one overnight. For most people, a watch can be their most prized passion, so they have to give the investment a great deal of thought before procuring one. On average, a Bell and Ross watch will cost you around $2,000-3,000. And if you are a serious collector, you are looking at an impressive amount of $20,000 for a higher model.

As for the value for money, the watches are a true fashion piece; they are designed to be flaunted. It’s perfect for people who crave attention and are always in the limelight for one thing or two. I’d seriously recommend Bell and Ross watches if you are looking to impress your friends who happen to be watch collectors.

Almost all Bell and Ross watches feature a robust square dial. The design, as well as the size, makes these watches stand out more than anything else. It’s their claim that Bell and Ross watches are given a square shape as it sits comfortably on any wrist and comparing it to the round-shaped watches, they do look pretty comfy.

Their Movements

Most of the watch collectors dismiss Bell and Ross watches, saying that since they use ETA movement, their quality isn’t that good. However, this is taking things to the extreme. Basically, you can’t dismiss the quality on movement solely as there are many factors that make a watch work.

front view of Bell and Ross Instruments Automatic black dial watch

Using ETA movement is very practical as well as a sensible step, as in-house movement will need time, effort, resource, and a lot of funds. Moreover, the ETA movement is altered by the maker to make it unique and according to their taste. ETA has a COSC certificate, and it’s also proven to be of great reliability as well as gives a durable performance.

ETA itself boasts great performance and reliability in various grades with the top specs having COSC certification. That is more than you can say for Swiss watches as only 3% of the brands come with COSC certificate. ETA movement is a lot easier to fix compared to Rolex, so you have a great looking watch that is easy to maintain as well as amend.


Bell and Ross watches are truly the best watches for men as they are an affordable luxury brand that gives you value for money.

Furthermore, Bell and Ross watches are waterproof that makes them the perfect daily wear watch ever. Their Diver collection is water-resistant and considering the profession of diver, that is an important trait.

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