Watch Buying Guide: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Watch

Need a watch buying guide? Let’s face it, there’s more to buying a watch than just walking into a jeweler’s and picking one. In essence, it’s never a good idea to get a watch (especially a luxury timepiece) just to tell time or because they look great. Yes, as a watch lover, it’s always in your best interest to go the extra mile to ensure your purchase is as perfect as can be.

And by the extra mile, we’re basically talking about arming yourself with relevant information that can simplify the buying process and of course, increase your chances of getting the perfect timepiece. Of course, you wouldn’t want to get a watch that you’ll love today and hate tomorrow, right?

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So exactly how can you prepare yourself to get the best bang for your buck (in this regard)?

Well, it’s pretty simple — just get familiar with a few important questions that always work. The good news? This post will explore not just one or two, but five questions you won’t be wrong to ask before taking the plunge.

Sounds good? Let’s dive right into this watch buying guide!

1: When Was the Timepiece Released?

First off, it’s great to find out exactly when your choice watch hit the market. Yes, you might not know this but watch brands release several different models in the course of the year; so of course, it’s basically your job to ask away! Trust us, it’s never easy to tell if a watch model is old or new by merely looking at it.

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So as mentioned earlier, it’s always in your best interest to consult an online or local watch store to get a better idea of just about everything you need to know about the latest models. At this point, you’ll also want to ask about the country of origin, features, materials, movement type and more. Remember, it’s crucial to get a timepiece that truly appeals and connect with you on a deeper level. Of course, this is especially true for those looking to splurge on a pricey luxury watch.

2: How Does it Work?

Sounds basic right? Well, it’s still crucial to ask regardless! The very first thing you should know is that many watches on the market typically offer time and date, but of course, there are those that come with other super handy features.

Speaking of which, you’re likely to come across timepieces that feature calendars, chronographs and a host of other interesting complications. And oh, you should be aware most of these complications come with a learning curve of how to make good use of them. With this in mind, you should ask the retailer to let you in on exactly how to use a watch as well as how not to damage it.

3: What Type of Movement is Inside the Watch?

Most watch owners, for the most part, care less about a watch’s movement; it’s basically a question that should be in the mind of collectors or avid watch enthusiast. But hey, you can also ask this question to test the knowledge of the watch retailer and also to get a better idea of what you’re about to pay for.

Essentially, you should have it in mind that different brands come with different tolerance levels; so yes, it’s either they gain or lose time. But of course, as a buyer, chances are you’ll want to get your hands on a perfect watch (not one that keeps losing or gaining time). Of course, at this point, the most viable option to consider is a quartz watch — it’s sure to be your best bet if you’re looking to enjoy high accuracy.

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But what if you’re interested in other types of movements? Well, this is precisely where automatic or mechanical watches come into play. And yes, these types of timepieces feature different tolerance levels (the level of gaining or losing time). That said, you certainly won’t be wrong to do your research or better still, ask questions before taking the plunge. Of course, you wouldn’t want to feel disappointed when your choice watch starts losing time, right?

Note: These types of watches are usually within the brand’s tolerance, so no, it’s not a problem. Just ask questions and of course, stick to what works best for you.

4: Are There Any Feasible Alternatives?

Got the habit of buying things right off the bat? If yes, you may want to quit the habit right now! Yes, it’s never a good idea to purchase a watch immediately you set eyes on it. Why?

Well, it’s only because there are several different models you’ll certainly want to consider before parting with your cash. These models, for the most part, boast a selection of features, materials, color variations and more. So yes, it’s crucial for you to get a better idea of what you’re about to buy and rest easy knowing that you’re sure to love for years to come.

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Now, another thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that not all watches come with the functionality you’re looking for. For example, you may be looking to get a lightweight watch that comes with a chronograph, dual time, GMT world time function, date display among other impressive functions.

But of course, only a heavier watch (more like one with a big movement) can come with these complex functions. So, what’s the point? Well, it’s pretty simple — if you’re in this situation, you only have to weigh up functionality over aesthetics and of course, stick to some middle ground that holds your fancy.

5: What Could be the Cost to Service?

Finally, it’s crucial to ask how much it’ll cost to maintain your choice watch, especially if you’re looking to get one with a pretty high price tag. Now, you should have it mind that watches are machines that require occasional maintenance which could be in the form of gear checking and polishing just to name a few.

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That said, it’s in your best interest to ask the watch seller how often you’ll need to service your watch and of course, how much it’ll cost to get it done. Trust us, with this information, you can be sure that your investment will stay perfect for years and that of course, is a big part of the plan.

These are five super important questions that can increase your chances of getting the best watch money can buy. Got any other question in mind after reading this watch buying guide? If yes, we’ll be thrilled to know your thoughts in the comments. Happy buying!

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