Baseball Players and Their Luxury Watches

Lets take a look at the luxury watches that grace the wrists of some of the top baseball players around.

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Luxury Watches

Matt Harvey and CT Scuderia

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Matt Harvey honors a decidedly different sport with his watch of choice — land speed racing! Harvey’s CT Scuderia Salt Flat Racer 0-60 pays homage to the flats of the Great Salt Lake Desert and the auto racing that takes place on its hard, smooth surface.

Blending Swiss-made movement with Italian design, the watch captures the essence of “zero to sixty” competitions with a stopwatch-inspired case and vintage-style chronographs.

José Bautista Represents Hublot

Baseball legend José Bautista is a brand ambassador for Hublot. The third baseman and right fielder for the Philadelphia Phillies joined with the Swiss watchmakers to create his namesake version of the Classic Fusion Chronograph. The special-edition luxury watch is an all-black model with a case of black ceramic and a black rubber and alligator strap.

The number 12 is replaced with the number 19 to honor Bautista’s jersey number and the date of his, his brother’s and his mother’s birthdays. The watch’s chronograph resembles a baseball with stitching and José’s signature adorns the back of the case.

Giancarlo Stanton and TAG Heuer

Along with football great Tom Brady, Giancarlo Stanton is a brand ambassador for TAG Heuer who champions the Carrera Heuer 01. The designated hitter and outfielder for the New York Yankees partnered with the Swiss watchmakers in 2015 when he was a player for the Miami Marlins.

Stanton stepped out in the Big Apple wearing his Carrera Chronograph, with a black-and-silver skeleton dial housed in a black PVD-treated case. Produced by Hublot alum Jean-Claude Biver, the watch takes classic chronograph design and gives it a modern update.

Masahiro Tanaka Breaks Ground With Hublot

The first Hublot brand ambassador to hail from Japan, Masahiro Tanaka serves as the inspiration for the Aero Bang MT88. Blue accents abound on these exclusive luxury watches that has blue fiberglass sides meeting a brush-finished stainless-steel case and navy-blue crowns and pushers.

Blue details adorn a white face and you can opt for an all-blue rubber strap or a blue-and-white pinstripe strap made of fabric. The rear of the case features a silhouette of the memorable pose Tanaka struck when he won 2013’s Japan Series. The starting pitcher for the New York Yankees also teamed with Hublot to launch a limited-edition Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph.

Howie Kendrick Loves Vintage Luxury Watches

It’s possible that Major League Baseball has no bigger fan of watches than Howie Kendrick. An outfielder and second baseman for the Washington Nationals, Kendrick has a unique collection of vintage watches. A few of his favorite models include a Gilt Rolex Submariner Reference 5513 — the first vintage watches he ever purchased. Dating to the 1960s, the Submariner is highly sought after by collectors because of its hard-to-find gilt dial with gold lettering. Rolex switched to a matte black dial in 1967.

Howie even has the watch’s original rivet bracelet. Another of his favorite Rolexes is a vintage Rolex Red Submariner Reference 1680, a model from the 1960s that’s coveted for its patinated Mark II dial.

Howie had always had an eye for vintage field watches. Notables in his collection include a military-issued Heuer Bundeswehr. It was a sturdy chronograph from the 1960s that was widely used in the German Air Force. He’s also the proud owner of an Omega 53 Military Watch. That timepiece was commissioned by the British Royal Air Force and given to pilots in 1953.

David Price Gets Quirky With G-Shock

This watch is funky, fun and splashed with vivid color! A Dee and Ricky Casio G-Shock graces the wrist of Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price. Brothers and New York fashion designers Dee and Ricky Jackson are behind the smile-inducing watch.

Layered dials create a 3D effect on the face. While the rear of the case features caricatures of the designing duo. The two have crafted three separate versions of the gearbox-style watch.

Justin Verlander Brandishes a Breitling

Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander was spotted with his wife Kate Upton at a Breitling gala in New York City. Prior to the event, Verlander was showing off a new timepiece on Instagram. His special-edition self-winding Breitling Navitimer 8 is an engineering marvel with a ratchet-wheel chronograph and power reserve that tops 70 hours.

The recent addition to the Breitling line comes with many dial choices. Including blue, black, bronze or 18-carat gold and has a transparent sapphire rear case. Customized these luxury watches with an alligator strap or steel bracelet.

Baseball is as timeless as cold beer and ballpark hotdogs under autumn skies. This year’s 114th World Series will have a winner, a loser and notoriously unpredictable plays. One thing is for very likely, the players will go home to some seriously nice watches.

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