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Some time ago, a quote was in trend, “Boys tell time by looking at their cell phones, whereas, men tell time by their wristwatch.” It is common knowledge that in this age and time, the fashion of wearing a wristwatch is fading away when it comes to the millennial. The last decade that was the early 2000’s proved to be rather disastrous for watchmakers; however, as the years pass on, the style is slowly creeping back into action. Just like sports watches for men are.

Top sports watches

With the rise in fame of wristwatches, gentlemen have been sporting wristwatches everywhere they can – even the sports arena. In recent years, there has been a humongous rise in the sports wrist wear industry because of the high demand.

With such an increase in demand, people have had a nice amount of variety to cherry pick from. If you are new in the market and want to have a complete knowledge before finalizing a deal, have a look at some of the best of the best sports wristwatches you can opt for and their key features:

1: Samsung Gear S3

In today’s day and age where everything is digitized, and there is a certain demand to stay connected 24/7, Samsung gear S3 is there to save the problem of long-distance communication.

Samsung Gear S3
Source from Samsung

This particular sportswear is a gem when it comes to inbuilt functions, as it helps you to stay in touch with your loved ones even when you are out on a run or are practicing for a marathon. The built-in GPS helps your friends or loved one keep track of you, and it is highly compatible with your average day-to-day smartphone as well. With the presence of Bluetooth connectivity, one can make payments via Samsung Pay, make or receive calls, and send texts – all through a sports wrist watch.

The sportswear, which comes with a wireless charger, has high resistance to environmental conditions and long-lasting battery life. The adequately-sized wristwatch is a big surprise in a small package; the timepiece has an inbuilt microphone and receiver which allows you to receive calls, send texts, make payments, and receive notifications while on the go. The wristwatch is as close as one can get to a military-grade performance wristwatch as it is severely resistant to dust, water, and other environmental elements; therefore, one can be sure that it is there to stand the test of time.

2: Seiko Men’s Solar Sportswear

Stepping into the future – Seiko has gone solar. This particular wristwatch promises long-lasting battery because it takes its power from the sun. So during those morning or late in the evening, you will never have to worry about the wristwatch running out of juice, unable to keep track of your performance until you charge in next.

The most durable time piece remains waterproof at 100 m, so as a professional swimmer, you can let this watch track your performance. The durability is confirmed because of the presence of Hardlex dial window which protects the dial and ensures the longevity of the time piece. Not to mention, the presence of chronograph details inside makes it a stunning watch that will complement any wrist elegantly.

3: Timex Ironman Classic

This little piece of machinery is for the night owls. Ideal for runners who love to enjoy the peace and serenity of the calm night while on a run. At the same time, they can stay in touch with the time and functions because of the indigo-colored lit center dial.

Timex Ironman Classic

Runners for which each second is crucial, the athletes who want to keep a count of their runs and laps can store and save up to thirty laps in this little timepiece. Timex Ironman Classic has a countdown and a timer for excellent functionality. The buckle closure of Timex protects the dial and the resin strap ensures that the watch does not fall off. To make things more interesting, indigo light up dial keeps the runner aware of the time even in the dark. The wrist watch has water resistance technology, which keeps the wristwatch working and ticking even under water which proves useful for swimmers.

4: Tissot Men’s T-Race

Thanks to the luminescent dial and water resistance, the wearer can easily go underwater. They’ll still be able to check the time or enjoy the wristwatch’s other available features. Including the luminescent hands and numerals help the wearer check the time even in the dark or underwater. Also, the time piece remaining royally water resistant is perfect for divers and swimmers.

Tissot Men's T-Race
Source: Tissot Official website

Tissot men’s T-Race watch comes from a long line of wristwatches which are crafted with great care; much thought is put into its design and features, and a whole lot of hard work goes into it. The addition of chronograph on top of the timepiece telling the date is a fresh little surprise. In addition, the presence of a rubber strap gives the timepiece a sturdy and sporty look. It provides a high-quality quartz movement to its long line of features as well.

The material of the timepiece is stainless steel which provides extra robustness and resistance. The rubber strap adds to the durability and robustness. The robust looking time piece will definitely not look out of place, e the wearer in office or gym.

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