A Closer Look at TAG Heuer Grand Carrera

In 2007, TAG brought to light one of the most iconic collections in the watchmaking industry: the TAG Heuer Grand Carrera. This collection is a perfect representation of the brand’s mastery of the art of crafting watches. It has just the right touch of style and sophistication.

TAG Heuer Grand Carrera is an important collection, not only for the brand itself but also in the watch industry. It adds a number of iconic masterpieces for all the watch connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

The TAG Grand Carrera collection itself comes with a number of outstanding characteristics and qualities that are common to all. These little details added to the Grand Carrera timepiece are the main reason behind the huge success of the collection and deserve greater appreciation.

TAG Heuer Grand Carrera

TAG Heuer Grand Carrera’s Struggle

The TAG Heuer Grand Carrera is not a collection that was put up in a matter of months or a year. The working behind this grand collection took no less than 4 years. With lead designer Christoph Behling, the Tag Carrera team worked tirelessly on the collection, figuring a number of prototypes and variations, before they could finally bring the collection to look the way it does today.

The hard work definitely paid off. It was not only a milestone for the brand itself but one for the watchmaking industry as a whole.

The Iconic Tag Carrera Design

The Grand Carrera by Tag Heuer is a collection that is inspired by two main things. It is based on sportiness as well as simplicity. That is the basic theme that can be very well observed in all of the models from the collection itself.

TAG Heuer Grand Carrera

The timepieces from the Tag Carrera are marked with some similar design touches that have been ensured to keep common in all. As one would notice, the dial of these watches all come with applied hour markers and logos rather than inscribed ones. They are also provided with a double crown and double sapphire case back. All of these smaller features create an outstanding impact on each one of the timepieces itself.

Focusing on the bigger, more observable features, all the TAG Heuer Grand Carrera models come with the choice between a stylish stainless-steel bracelet or the classic crocodile leather strap. The sportier chronograph models from the series are also available with comfortable rubber straps that suit the style.

Premium Movements

The captivating design of the TAG Heuer Grand Carrera timepiece is coupled with premium movements that put them on top of functionality. It is provided with movements that are designed to ensure that the wearers are provided with the best functions.

The Grand Carrera models are all fitted with a quartz version and provide automatic movement. What’s even better about these models is that they also come with chronometers. This further implies that every model from the Tag Carrera collection is COSC certified for its automatic movements.

TAG Heuer Grand Carrera

Speaking of movements, we come to the rotating disc system featured in all the Grand Carrera models.

In standard timepieces, one would find a subdial with a hand that worked just like the main dial of the watch itself. But the Grand Carrera replaced the complete subdial with a polished frame of a semi-circular aperture. Instead of a spinning hand, this system features a rotating disc with a pointer to indicate.

Some Important Masterpieces

Some of the timepieces by TAG Heuer’s Grand Carrera collection deserve special appreciation. They are for truly masterpieces, in the true essence of the word.

TAG Heuer Grand Carrera

1: Caliber 6 RS

This is a bold timepiece that stands to be the starting point for the Grand Carrera range. It is a simple yet sophisticated timepiece that comes with all of the collection’s characteristic features. With a date aperture at the 3-hour mark and a rotating disc between the 5 and 7-hour mark, the striking blue face of the watch’s dial stands bold against the stainless steel casing that it is framed with.

The 40 mm casing provided by this timepiece is the smallest size available in the Tag Carrera range, with a thin inner bezel featuring the minute indexes and a flat polished outer bezel.

2: Caliber 8 RS Grande Date GMT

It perfectly reflects the theme and design of the Tag Carrera collection. The watch bears a look of sophistication and class that is unique to Tag Heuer.

The 8 RS comes with a number of additional features, making it a true masterpiece. The Grand Date GMT provides a Grande date function, with a double aperture for easier legibility. It also comes with a GMT function and a larger case of 42 mm.

In this timepiece, the rotating disc serves to provide a second-time zone function. The standard is a sub-dial for seconds. In addition, the inner bezel of this model is a lot more detailed. It has the same plain polished outer bezel adding grace to this timepiece.

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