A Closer Look at Piaget Watches: Piaget Polo S

Piaget watches has one of the best reputations in the luxury watch world. Just about every expert agrees that they manufacture excellent timepieces and deliver a substantial amount of value in each of their products. A few years ago, they updated one of their old lines and introduced the Piaget Polo S. Collectors were instantly excited and entranced by this piece due to its gorgeous design and delighted to find that it had a high level of quality as well. Below, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Piaget Polo S.


The Brand

Georges-Édouard Piaget started his business in 1876, but it didn’t quite look like the top-tier manufacturer we see today. In fact, he and his team only manufactured movements and sold them to watchmakers, rather than creating products of their own. That all changed a few years later when the brand was born.

Piaget Polo S blue dial watch on the wrist

Piaget’s business has changed quite a bit in the last 50 years. First, their watchmaking skills continued to grow, and they became one of the better timepiece producers in the world. Second, they have built up a legitimate reputation in the jewelry world. They are now an all-around powerhouse luxury brand with an excellent reputation among collectors.

History of the Piaget Polo S

Most watches hit the market and get little to no reaction, usually due to them being not attractive or original. The ones that send waves through the horology world do so because they’re new and exciting in some way.

closer view of Piaget Polo S gray dial watch

The two factors that led to this watch’s meteoric rise were its unique look and excellent marketing. An interesting aspect of the latter was Piaget getting Ursula Andress, one of the all-time most famous “bond girls,” to help with advertising. It wasn’t long before massive celebrities like Andy Warhol and Sammy Davis Junior were wearing the Polo, and eventually, sales from the watch made up a third of Piaget’s total sales.

The Polo has evolved quite a bit in the last 20 years, as it has become Piaget’s signature watch. It now incorporates a variety of materials, complications, and color schemes. While it has changed quite a bit from the original design, collectors around the world still adore it.


The design on the Piaget Polo S is a bit of a paradox. On one hand, it is incredibly simple and has very few elements that really catch your eye. On the other, it is surprisingly attractive and alluring. I believe that this effect comes from the combination of an interesting shape and no-frills construction. All in all, this watch is one with class and style.

Piaget Polo S blue dial watch on its side

My favorite element of it is its dial. First, the most popular models have a gorgeous, deep blue coloring. Even better, you can pair that with a matching leather strap and achieve top-tier aesthetic quality. Another is the texture on the dial, which is delightfully ribbed. These little features add up and making this watch incredibly charming to look at.

Craftsmanship and Materials

You definitely can’t knock the Polo S on craftsmanship or materials. It is well built, incredibly sturdy, and gives you a lot of quality for its price range. The standard model comes in a high grade of stainless steel and with a sapphire crystal. More expensive options give you precious metals like rose gold and diamonds. No matter which you pick, your watch will undoubtedly have a high level of quality.

front view of Piaget Polo S Ref. G0A43011 watch


Piaget constructs their movements in-house and does so at a very high level. The one you’ll get in your Polo S will be accurate, have a 50-hour power reserve, and shouldn’t need a tuneup for many years after purchase. Another positive aspect of this watch is that you can watch its movement work through its case back. This factor gives you a more intimate relationship with the inner workings of your timepiece.

Piaget Polo S Ref. G0A41006 watch on the wrist

The Family it Belongs to

One of the defining trends of the last 40 years has been a move towards watches that are both luxurious and sporty. The most famous example of all time is the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, with the Patek Philippe Nautilus being a close second. This is the family that the Piaget Polo S belongs to. It is eye-catching, luxurious, and sturdy all at the same time, and those that own it only have good things to say. Even better, this watch is much less expensive than the two previously mentioned. That factor makes it an especially attractive buy.

Overall Impression 

Plain and simple, the Piaget Polo S is a fantastic watch and one that I endorse completely. The reason why is that it achieves two crucial goals simultaneously. Not only does it belong to the same family as the Royal Oak and Nautilus, but it also doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg to purchase. These factors combined make the Polo S an excellent choice for any collector who is interested in it.

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