9 Iconic Watches from Memorable Movies

Built for action, speed and romantic moments, the iconic watches we’ve seen in Hollywood movies are as memorable as the films themselves. While there are definitely a lot of iconic watches from movies, lets take a look at nine of them below.

Iconic Watches in Movies

1. Jaeger-LeCoultre in the Dark Knight Trilogy

One of the most iconic watches from movies. Most importantly, Bruce Wayne’s undoubted favorite watch brand is Jaeger-LeCoultre. In Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises, we see Christian Bale as the billionaire Wayne. He is sporting a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Grand Date. The symbolism was not lost on keen-eyed fans. Much like the duality of Wayne and his alter-ego Batman, the Reverso has a swiveling case that flips to reveal a hidden side.

2. Ryan Gosling Wears Patek Philippe in Drive

Playing a nameless Hollywood stuntman with an ice-cold worldview was Ryan Gosling.  He finds his heart in saving a woman and her young son from killers. The book on which the film is based tells us that Gosling’s character cares little for material possessions. Well, except for the watch given to him by his father. The Patek Philippe we see on screen is a not an actual model though. Instead, it’s a Hollywood creation based on the Calatrava collection. Five replicas were crafted and Gosling got to keep one after filming wrapped.

3. Tom Cruise Goes With IWC in Collateral

Set in the Los Angeles underworld, Collateral features Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. Cruise is a high-priced hitman who enlists unwitting taxi driver (played by Foxx) to ferry him on a late-night killing spree. Stylish, but prepared for a rough-and-tumble night, the hitman chooses the perfect watch for elegance and durability. The IWC Vintage Ingenieur Automatic has a tough stainless steel case. It has a front and back crystals and an integrated shock absorber. A sophisticated black alligator leather strap finishes the fine timepiece.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio Dons Breitling in Blood Diamond

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#LeonardoDiCaprio wore a #Breitling Chrono Avenger in #BloodDiamond (2006). Click the link in bio for the other watches that got the most face time on the big screen.

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Leonardo DiCaprio takes a tough-as-nails watch on his adventure in Sierra Leone. Playing a mercenary alongside Djimon Hounsou, Leo tromps across West African terrain. He wore a Breitling Chrono Avenger on a quest for a rare gem. The Avenger is built for the challenge, featuring a solid titanium case. It is also shockproof and resistant to water up to 300 meters. DiCaprio’s version has a black dial and a brown leather strap.

5. Pulp Fiction Shows Love for Lancet

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This might be one of the strangest scenes in a film full of wonderful strangeness. Pulp Fiction puts the spotlight on a Lancet watch. As Christopher Walken explains in his offbeat monologue, the Swiss-made World War One Lancet trench wristwatch was popular in the US in the early 20th century. He tells a tale to a young boy (later played by a grown-up Bruce Willis) including details of hiding the watch in a Vietnamese prison camp. Recovering the watch spins plot twists that include an S&M slave, Samurai-style killings and ultimate redemption.

6. Steve McQueen Makes the TAG Heuer Monaco Famous

Maybe one of the more iconic watches is this one. Inspired by the Monaco Grand Prix, the Heuer Monaco was an obvious choice for Steve McQueen to sport in the Formula One racing movie Le Mans. Throughout the 1971 film, McQueen’s race-car-driver character wears the watch. Which is notable as the world’s first square-shaped chronograph. While the watch has seen some updates over the decades, the TAG Heuer Monaco produced today is much like the original. McQueen’s watch from the film sold at an auction for over 600 thousand dollars.

7. Alec Baldwin Brandishes a Rolex in Glenngarry Glenross

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One of Alec Baldwin’s most memorable movie scenes, his Always Be Closing speech in Glenngarry Glenross.  It is made even more indelible because of his gold Rolex Day-Date. Baldwin uses the watch as a symbol of his success as he terrorizes a group of unscrupulous real estate agents.

8. Christian Bale’s Rolex in American Psycho

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Do you remember American Psycho? The movie stars Christian Bale as a Wall Street banker with a love for brutal and bloody deeds. The character needed a high-end watch to go with his lavish lifestyle. Of course not every watchmaker wanted their brand associated with on-screen slaughter. In a compromise, Rolex allowed the use of its Datejust as long as the watch wasn’t worn during the film’s more gruesome moments.

9. Doctor Strange Wears Jaeger-LeCoultre

On a fateful evening, the well-heeled Doctor Strange strapped on a Jaeger‑LeCoultre watch. It was a Master Ultra Thin Perpetual and Doctor Strange went for a drive. The ensuing accident puts him on a journey that bestows time-bending powers. The film stars actor Benedict Cumberbatch. We get a look at the stunning timepiece as it sits in Strange’s watch winder.

10. Omega Speedmaster in Apollo 13

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Staying true to reality, the 1995 film Apollo 13 puts NASA-approved Omega Speedmasters on the wrists of its astronauts. The iconic watch plays a pivotal role in the film as it did in real life. The amazing cast included Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, and Bill Paxton. With capsule clocks powered down, the astronauts have to time their precarious entry into Earth’s orbit using wristwatches.

The next time you go to the movies be sure to take note of what the stars are wearing on their wrists. Iconic watches are more easy to recognize than you might imagine. Chances are the choices of watches are more than simple wardrobe accessories, but likely on the iconic watches side.

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Collateral (2004) 落日殺神 . ?fun fact: 郊狼是拍攝時碰巧出現的,幸運的被鏡頭捕捉。這是我整部片最震撼的一幕,當Vincent就這麼閉上嘴,鏡頭在目睹狼過馬路的Max和Vincent面部間流轉,兩個人若有所思。很平靜也很intense . 原來寂寞可以這樣無孔不入的揉雜在動作片裡。Michael Mann把角色都拍得太有深度了(他甚至給了Tom Cruise一份關於他的角色完整的童年故事!)小小車廂裡一股異樣的情緒流轉,有點哲學味道。一個冷血的灰髮殺手,但又不可否認那一絲絲的人性,不如說他就是這個冷漠都會的眾生相?任務來了便動手,沒有原因也不需要原因。 . 最貫徹始終的寂寥片尾。“Hey, Max, a guy gets on the MTA here in L.A. and dies. Think anybody will notice?” . . #這湯姆克魯斯演技上線 #但Magnolia仍是演技顛峰

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