7 Popular Watch Brands That Sell More Than Just Watches

One battle of philosophy that is often discussed in our culture is specialization vs. generalization. We talk about it in the context of sports, career, and much more. But what about the watch world? Lets take a look at some popular watch brands that produces more than just watches.

You might assume that companies that produce a wide range of goods do not create timepieces of specialist caliber. The truth is that when you take a closer look, you find highly respected watch companies that also manage to thrive in other areas too.

Popular Watch Brands

1: Montblanc

Montblanc was actually first known as a luxury pen manufacturer. Despite their roots, they decided to branch out into other lines of products. One of the moves they made that has been incredibly successful is producing watches, which started in 1997.

In the beginning, management received snarky questions from the timepiece community like, “where does the ink go?” Still, they persisted in creating this facet of their company and have proven the naysayers wrong by becoming a respected name in the watch community. In addition to watches and pens, they also sell notebooks, paper, leather goods, jewelry, and more.

2: Cartier

Next on our list is Cartier, which is one of the top names in luxury watches. What makes this brand unique is that if you ask ten different people what they do, you might get ten different answers. Some would point to their well-respected timepieces as their primary skill. Others would talk about their extensive jewelry catalog, engagement rings, leather goods, or sunglasses.

Ultimately, Cartier has found a way to master the entire fashion accessories business, and their brand has grown accordingly. One non-watch item that people adore is their Love Bracelets. The reason is that it has a lock and a key. When someone gives it as a gift, they often keep the key as a symbol of their love.

3: Chopard

Like the others on this list, Chopard is one of the best watch manufacturers in the world. That doesn’t mean they are a specialist, though. Instead, they produce rings, earrings, necklaces, and other accessories. One thing that has made them especially popular is their themed jewelry collections.

One of them is named “Ice Cube,” and it features grooves that give the items a block-like aesthetic. Many of those pieces contain large diamonds too. Another is the “Happy Hearts” collection, which offers hundreds of pieces of jewelry that have hearts incorporated in them.

4: Ulysse Nardin

Though casual watch enthusiasts may not know this brand, it is a favorite among collectors. One reason why is its extended history. Like Montblanc, they also make exceptional luxury pens. It was founded all the way back in 1846 in Le Locle, Switzerland. In 1865, they moved to a new building to carry out their manufacturing needs.

If you visit the company today, they will be working in that very same spot. The pen market is somewhat small, but the members of it are passionate about which brands are excellent and which are not. When you talk to these enthusiasts, you find that Ulysse Nardin is near the top of their list.

5: Fossil

Moving on to a more affordable brand, we have Fossil. This company has built a reputation for both quality and affordability. Many of their pieces are well-made quartz watches, but they also have some mechanical models that are worth your attention. Besides timepieces, they sell three items: Bags, wallets, and jewelry.

Additionally, each of these categories comes with men’s and women’s options. Some of the most popular of these items are purses, messenger bags, leather wallets, bracelets, and necklaces. All of these choices combine to make Fossil an excellent place to shop for just about anybody.


MVMT is one of the fastest growing watch brands in the world. Though some gripe about their prices being a bit too high, most agree that these pieces are stylish and relatively affordable. Additionally, they have one of the most attractive brand aesthetics out there, and the millennial age range is responding. Recently, they added sunglasses to their shop as well.

These pieces are an excellent deal because they use high-quality acetate and offer polarized lenses. Lastly, they have started to sell women’s bracelets too, which are affordable and attractive.

7: Nixon

Though this brand does not show up on “top watch” lists, it is incredibly popular with young people. In fact, many clothing stores like Val Surf and PacSun only sell Nixon. They primarily offer simple, minimalist watches, but also have a few digital pieces that customers love. In addition to timepieces, they sell bags, clothing, and accessories.

One move they have made recently is producing Star Wars and Mickey Mouse themed products. If you’re a fan of those two iconic cultural elements, then this brand is an excellent choice.

Popular Watch Brands Conclusion

The battle between those that specialize and those that do not largely misses the point. What you should do instead is focus on the product you want and judge a company based on how they make it. An added benefit of choosing one on this list is that if you fall in love with them, they have an extensive catalog that can satisfy your other interests too.

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