Let’s start by discussing what I define as excellent watches for young professionals. I assumed two things when I put this list together: First, that you have a bit of money in your pocket. While you might not have a massive salary at this point in your career, you’re also no longer a student with almost no income. The second assumption I made was that you wouldn’t want to spend too much on a timepiece, as you might want to put your excess money toward a bright future. With those two thoughts in mind, I found seven fantastic watches that achieve three goals:

  • They cost under $1,000
  • They are the highest quality possible at this price point
  • They are appropriate in a professional setting

So, without further discussion, here are the picks.

1: Citizen BM7100

Watches for Young Professionals

The cheapest option in this list is the Citizen BM7100. Don’t think that it sacrifices quality to reach its price point, though. Instead, this piece comes with a variety of features that are characteristic of much more expensive options. For starters, it is made of excellent materials, with a high grade of stainless steel and a sapphire crystal. Next, it has Citizen’s signature solar powered quartz movement and up to 100M water resistance. Combine all that with a luxurious appearance, and you have a watch that can fit in just about anywhere.

2: Orient Bambino

Watches for Young Professionals

Many watch experts call the watches in the Orient Bambino collection the ultimate minimalist watch. The reason is that it not only has that signature aesthetic that so many brands are after at the moment, but it has real history and quality to back it up. First, you have its versatile design, which features only the brand name, a bit of text, and a date complication. Next, you have what is on the inside, which is one of the best Japanese movements available at this price. Put it all together, and you have a watch that is perfect for the young professional. There are a variety of options from different versions of the watch.

3: Timex Marlin

Watches for Young Professionals

One of the things that makes the Timex Marlin so enticing is its novelty. As you might know, Timex almost exclusively makes ultra-affordable quartz pieces. This watch breaks out of that orthodoxy by being their only modern mechanical movement. As an added bonus, it is a reissue of a historic model of theirs, meaning it has some heritage behind it. As far as the watch itself, it sports a minimalist aesthetic, a reliable movement, and quality that you can feel the second you get your hands on it. As an added benefit, you have a ton of options for case color and strap style, so you can get the look just right.

4: Tissot Everytime Swissmatic

Watches for Young Professionals

Tissot is one of the few Swiss brands that produces watches at reasonable price points. The Everytime Swissmatic is perhaps the best examples of this trend. My favorite thing about it is how versatile its minimalist design is. What it allows you to do is dress it up and down depending on the occasion. For a casual day out at the beach, you can throw on a colorful NATO strap and give it a playful aesthetic. Then, later that night, you can put it on leather and take it out to a luxury restaurant. That kind of adaptability is rare in the timepiece world.

5: Seiko Alpinist SARB017

Watches for Young Professionals

What is unique about this Seiko Alpinist is that it is technically a field watch. You can see that when you take a close look at its dial, which is light green and has a compass on an internal bezel. When you back up a bit, though, it looks like a classy dress watch that you’d wear to a luxury event. The inside is just as good, too, as it sports one of Seiko’s best movements. One issue with this piece is that it has recently been discontinued, so prices are a bit inflated. Still, it is a fantastic choice and still has a lot of value.

6: Hamilton Intra-Matic

Watches for Young Professionals

Like Tissot, Hamilton is another one of the very few Swiss brands that sell at affordable prices. The Intra-Matic is especially enticing because of its vintage, minimalist aesthetic. As far as quality, you won’t be disappointed in this watch, given that its materials and movement are some of the best for a watch under $1,000. The icing on the cake is that it has a window on the back of its dial, so you can take a look at the beautiful machinery inside whenever you want.

If you’ve joined the professional world, you might want to treat yourself to one of these excellent timepieces. The first thing to note is that there is no wrong choice on this list. Each of these picks is fantastic, meaning you just need to choose which works best for you.

The second is that every brand I’ve presented is highly respected, so feel free to check out the rest of their catalogs if these particular models don’t inspire you. No matter what, congratulations on starting your career, and enjoy the new watch that celebrates it!

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