5 Best Sports Watches

Sports watches have always been a part of the creations of different watchmaking companies. From the starting era of watch manufacturing, there has been a competition in the market for the production of the best ever sports watches; the watches that give the most benefit to the customers along with the style and elegant design they want.

For this purpose, many companies have been entering the race and designing the most beautiful and elegant designs for their timepieces and adding designs to masterpieces of their sports watch series as well. A sports watch adds elegance to the athletic personality while also providing the athlete with important functionalities they need to keep track of their performance and work on improving it.

Some of the top and best sports watches that conquered every field include the following. If you’ve been looking for a sports watch, have a look at these first:

1: Apple Watch Series 4

For most consumers, the recent addition to Apple’s wristwatches, the Series 4 watch, is the best option. It comes with a sleek design along with a large screen and cellular connectivity. However, cellular connectivity is optional, so it allows users to take a break from their smartphone while they are working out.

Apple Watch Series 4

It features a built-in GPS which helps you to keep track of all outdoor activities. In addition, the watch is also fitted with an ultra-precise ECG-capable heart-rate sensor, helping you stay on top of your fitness. Moreover, the watch’s display is one of the best as it is bright as well as easy to navigate even when you’re under direct sunlight.

When it comes to the casing, the options range from stainless steel and aluminum to even ceramic. Moreover, there’s a great selection of Apple-made as well as third-party bands so that you can customize it according to your fashion taste. You can choose from numerous variants including Apple’s collaboration with fashion house Hermes and Nike.

2: Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa

Among all the fitness-tracking smartwatches that the company has to offer, Fitbit Versa is perhaps the best-looking and the most user-friendly model to date. The case, which is made of metal, is available in three different finishes. These include charcoal, black, and solver. Moreover, standard interchangeable bands also allow you to customize the watch easily.

When it comes to the fitness-tracking features, the watch comes with a waterproof body of up to 50 meters, a built-in heart rate sensor as well as guided workouts. One unique feature of the watch is its battery life which lasts for up to four days.

3: Garmin Vivoactive 3

Another highly capable option is the Garmin Vivoactive 3 which comes with a big colored screen that is quite easy to read even at a quick glance. The key features of this sports watch include the ability to show smartphone notifications and a built-in GPS for mapping out the routes of the runner.

Garmin Vivoactive 3

What makes this Garmin watch even more unique is the ability to install applications on the watch via a dedicated marketplace. Moreover, you can even make your mobile payments using this watch. Between charges, the Garmin Vivoactive can last for up to a whole week!

4: Suunto 9 Sports watch

The Suunto 9 comes with an impressively long list of features! Including  a body water-resistant to up to 100 meters, built-in heart-rate monitor, and GPS. Moreover, due to the adjustable battery mode, the watch can provide up to 120 hours of exercise-tracking continuously.

Suunto 9 Sports watch

The sports watch comes with the ability to detect as well as track over 80 sports and activities including cycling and swimming. You can also connect the Suunto 9 to your smartphone and receive smartphone notifications on it. To cater to a wider audience, it comes in multiple colors.

5: Withings Steel HR Sport Watch

The Withings Steel Sport Watch is another classic-looking timepiece made of stainless steel and comes with an impressive set of fitness and activity-tracking capabilities. The functionalities include continuous heart-rate monitoring via the built-in sensor. It can also track your sleeping patterns and exercises automatically.

Withings Steel HR Sport Watch

This sports watch comes integrated with a circular display into the dial. The dial shows several essential fitness-tracking data as well as smartphone notifications. However, the dial doesn’t look cluttered and is not distracting at all. Between charges, the watch has the ability to last up to 25 days.

Moreover, it has a water-resistant body of up to 50 meters, so swimmers can use it to track their performance. Available with two dial options, you can either choose between a white and black dial. Plus, swappable bands allow you to customize the watch’s look easily.

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