4 Simple Ways to Style Your Watch

Ready to style your watch? Styling a watch can be quite tricky because it shouldn’t look overdone. Some of us consider our watches to be not only a fashion accessory, but also a daily necessity. Among some fashionistas, watches can be seen as a symbol of wealth, status and success. Styling your watch is practically an art since it is fun, but it is also challenging at the same time. The primary thing to remember is that your watch should blend well with your whole look.

Here are a few amazingly useful ways to add extra oomph to your precious watches!

1: Think About Your Clothes

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A wristwatch can either break or build an outfit! For formal events, the lesser, the better. Depending on what you’re wearing, you can match with your tie or top. There is no need to try too hard. True beauty definitely lies in simplicity in this case. A dress watch with a classic black or brown strap and minimal embellishments is the best option. Black leather is known to be more formal. However, metal watches have the advantage of neutrality. Make sure your watch doesn’t overpower your clothes.

2: Metallic Vibes

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Watches come in a variety of metals. These include platinum, titanium, gold, silver or even steel. Metal bands are considered to be less formal so you can definitely experiment with accessories. If you’re going to meet friends for a casual hangout, you can pair your watch with rings or even a delicate chain. The color of the metal used in the watch should complement the metal accents of your other accessories. Besides rings, other examples are earrings, cufflinks, shoe buckles, and belt buckles. The only exception is a wedding band. You want your look to be well-balanced. However, the colors don’t have to match exactly. Style your watch as you like.

3: Shoes Are Important

Sometimes brown can be a better choice when it comes to straps. Interchangeable leather bands can be pretty handy if you can’t survive without your watch. Plus, you can add another color for more options. Slip-on tassel loafers are known to be a business casual if you prefer not to dress up too much. Silver watches can match with shoes in grey, silver, black or blue tones. Gold watches blend well with browns, beiges, tans and earthy tones.

4: How Formal is Your Outfit?

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For a formal occasion, you can pair your watch with your tie or even an elegant silk scarf. Ebony wood watches coupled with matching collar bars can also look chic and sophisticated. While accessorizing, keep in mind the size and color of the watch’s dial.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the term “business casual” looks. A watch with a tan leather band and a bright shirt is the true representation of this look. Ladies, if you love wearing bold lip colors or gold ear studs then feel free to do so.

If you’re ready to go for an outdoor adventure or play your favorite sport, you can match your watch with your cap or sporting attire. A watch with a colorful band would look perfect with a baggy white t-shirt. It can also have colorful hands that go with your jogging pants or shorts. There’s a lot of room to explore, mix and match in this case. Also, it would be key and ideal if your outdoor watch was not only sturdy, but if it was also waterproof too.

When it comes to casual, just be yourself. You can go extra bold or completely simple. You can wear a couple of chunky bracelets with your watch or even a set of rings. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Bonus: Don’t Forget Pocket Watches

Pocket watches

If you like wearing your antique pocket watch, a waistcoat will add to its charm. You can put the watch in the pocket that is most convenient for you and then loop its chain through the waistcoat’s buttonhole. This can look very stylish yet is functional at the same time. Another way is to put the watch in your jeans or khakis and clipping it to the belt loop. The most interesting way to accessorize is that you can use your pocket watch as a broach or even a pendant and put it on a chain. It will give a great vintage look.

In the end, you shouldn’t forget that whatever you wear you must carry it with confidence. We hope that these tips helped in enhancing your style statement. Good luck!

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