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Whilst initial versions of the watch were crafted from gold, something which, paired with the timepiece’s sporty silhouette, puzzled many as to who exactly the Quai de l’Ile was aimed at, more recent iterations have been crafted from stainless steel. This, and a general paring back of the dial design and the introduction of a moody blue hue, positioned the Vacheron Constantin Quai de l’Ile as an excellent entry level timepiece for those new to this most prestigious of brands.  

Once with a dial made in just a pair of colours, black or silver, the Quai de L’ile is now perhaps most famed for its stunning blue colour. Paired with the gorgeous matching strap, the watch is one of the most highly regarded of all in the luxury sports category.   

Quai de L'ile Watch Features

41mm in diameter, the case has a distinct lozenge shape that has also become a clear hallmark of this watch. A clean layout allows for a range of blue hues to dance across the dial, with the date disk in black and the dial is somehow both vintage and modern, a triumph of both the old and new crystallised in one stunningly beautiful timepiece.  Inside there is a Calibre 5100 which clocks in at 4Hz and sports a lovely 60h power reserve. 

Transparent  sapphire crystal, shows off the fascinatingly complex interior of this timepiece, a beautiful array of modern microengineering at its finest.  What makes the Quai de l’Ile stand out so much is the fact that this is an entry level watch (at least within the creme de la creme of Swiss watch brands) with very similar specs to the top percentile of watches on earth. Indeed, with a Geneva Hallmarked movement, the internal function of this watch is exactly as one might suspect; flawless.   

All of this means that the watch is ideal for those enthusiasts who are successful enough to purchase a watch of this calibre yet who are by no means avid collectors. Rather, this watch is aimed at the discerning buyer who wants a luxury timepiece to wear on a daily basis for many years to come yet who has no time for frills or potential pitfalls in design or execution.  

As this watch bears the name of one of the very finest watchmakers on the planet, there is no doubt whatsoever when wearing it then the Quai de l’Ile is a top level wrist watch that, although considered ‘entry level’ by those at the very, very peak of the horology world, is to the vast majority a symbol of history and luxury that will never cease to impress and thrill.

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