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Tudor Monarch: Simplicity in Luxury

The Tudor Monarch is a classic collection of luxury dress watches that are perfect for everyday wear. The timepieces in this collection from Tudor showcase elegance with a modern-retro style. Coming in various designs, each of them features cases that are 35mm or smaller, making them well-suited for both men and women alike. In all, the collection is a great fit if you’re looking for an everyday watch that can be used for work and play.

Prices at a Glance: The Most Popular Tudor Monarch Watches





Tudor Monarch 


$1,159 USD


● Stainless Steel case

● Quartz movement

● Stick indexes

● Black Dial

Tudor Monarch 


$2,199 USD


● Stainless steel case

● Silver dial

● 100M Water resistant

Tudor Monarch


$3,569 USD


● Stainless steel case 

● Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal

● Automatic movement

Tudor Monarch 


$1,789 USD


● Stainless steel case

● Sapphire crystal

● White dial

● Date window

● Automatic movement

Tudor Monarch 


$1,249 USD


● Stainless steel case

● Silver dial

● Quartz movement


How much is a Tudor Monarch watch?

While Tudor Monarch watches are rare today, there are still pieces in the marketplace that you’ll be able to snag at reasonable prices. Here are a few models that you should keep an eye out for:

The Tudor Monarch 15720-000 is an eye-catching stainless steel piece, coming complete with a stylish black dial. Ideal for ladies who are on the go, this watch adds a touch of glamour to any outfit, making it ideal for both at work and during dates. The Tudor Monarch 15720-0001 is priced at $1,159 USD.

The Tudor Monarch 15850 is another great timepiece to add a subtle spot of elegance to your outfit. Encased in a 25mm case, this watch is ideal for ladies who are looking for something that will suit their daily outfits. The Tudor Monarch 15850 is priced at $2,199 USD.

The Tudor Monarch 38080CG is a men’s watch that stands out for its unique design, where the 12 Shinto Buddhist zodiac symbols are arranged in a ring to form the circumference of its face. This firmly establishes this piece as a statement piece, merging tradition with modernity to produce a classy watch. The Tudor Monarch 38080CG is priced at $3,569 USD.

The Tudor Monarch 38600 is a watch that's perfect for both genders. This unisex watch exudes personality and simplicity at its finest. It can be used for any occasion and you won't have to worry about it looking bulky or flashy because it sits at a 35mm diameter which is a fine fit for both genders. The Tudor Monarch 38600 is priced at $1,789 USD.

The Tudor Monarch 15730 makes a strong statement with its silver dial, ideal for lady bosses as they hustle on the daily. This model is not only stylish but it's also a great piece that will accentuate your fashion and elegance. The Tudor Monarch 15730 is priced at $1,249 USD.

Tudor Monarch — Is it a good investment?

In general, Tudor watches do not retain their value. This makes them ill-suited for investments, with the exception of limited-edition pieces or models that sold out quickly. 

Specific to the Tudor Monarch collection, despite proving to be rare on the marketplace, its value has not necessarily increased. On the whole, you won’t be able to resell the pieces in this collection for good prices — especially if they have already been used.

Tudor Monarch's History and Design Details  

The Tudor Monarch collection was first released in 1991. It's one of the more classic collections from Tudor that blend elegance with tradition. The collection is best known for featuring timepieces of various sizes, materials, and designs, making it ideal for those who are looking for a bit more variety when it comes to their watches. Due to this, the Tudor Monarch collection is suitable for all genders. 

The timepieces in the collection are 35mm or smaller. This ensures that it is the perfect fit for any wrist. Moreover, you have the choice to purchase the watch in stainless steel with a minimalist bezel, yellow gold, or a two-tone color — this all depends on what you are looking for. The collection's two-tone color is a mix of yellow gold and steel, making it ideal for those who are looking for a minimalist piece with a pop of color. 

The watches in this collection are also customizable, as you can change the bracelets and the dials to make the piece more personal. Each watch bears the famed Tudor logo to add to the elegance of the watch.

Tudor Monarch watches are water-resistant up to 100m, making them unsuitable for diving expeditions. Additionally, the timepieces are also equipped with the 2824 self-winding movement that helps to preserve power for up to 38 hours.

In terms of design and functionality, the Tudor Monarch collection falls a bit short compared to Tudor's other collections, but this doesn't discount it as it is meant for everyday use. The watches are great if you're looking for something that will add a bit of flair to an otherwise simple outfit. 

Ultimately, the Tudor Monarch watches are a great combination of design and function. While it doesn't have the same power as other Tudor watches, it still provides enough function for you to accurately tell the time. 

Reasons to Buy a Tudor Monarch Watch

1. The Tudor Monarch has a wide variety of designs. Timepieces in the Tudor Monarch collection might be simple, but they have a variety of designs that are very pleasing to the eye. The Tudor Monarch 38080CG particularly stands out, tastefully combining elements of Shinto Buddhism with modernity to give rise to a fashionable watch. 

2. Tudor Monarch watches are affordable. While they are luxury dress watches, they are comparatively cheaper than dress watches of other brands.

3. Tudor is the sister company of Rolex. It retains the ideals and principles of Rolex all while offering timepieces at affordable prices. Tudor has since eked out a reputation on its own, producing its own in-house movements in 2015 that sets it apart from Rolex. 

4. Tudor Monarch watches are elegant. Needless to say, the timepieces in this collection are elegant in their own right. Despite being pegged as a sporty watch, it’s no surprise that its elegance shines through its design. In this way, Tudor Monarch watches live up to the brand’s reputation of producing timelessly elegant pieces.

5. Tudor Monarch watches can be worn any time. Whether you’re going for a party, attending a meeting, or meeting up with your friends for a casual lunch, Tudor Monarch watches are great for all these occasions. Due to their simple and elegant design, they are a great match to any outfit and they can be perfect for almost any occasion. 

Tudor Monarch: Elegance and Simplicity on the Wrist

Ultimately, the Tudor Monarch collection has timepieces that are ideal if you are looking for watches that they can use anytime and anywhere. While the collection isn’t as prominent as the rest of Tudor’s selections, it definitely serves its purpose as watches that you can use for your everyday hustle. Whether you’re going to a meeting or attending a formal dinner, Tudor Monarch watches are the ideal match for you.

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