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New Sevenfriday S-Series Watches

The Younger Generation’s Luxury Watch

The S-Series collection is an accessible luxury watch with a visually complex appeal. Great attention to detail has been paid to each model from the multi-layered dial, avant-garde hands, exposed screws, and even to the small window that reveals the balancing wheel. While it is most famous for its industrial-themed structure, the S-Series’ use of a high-performing Japanese Miyota movement adds to the watch’s status as a novelty timepiece made with innovative engineering. All in all, the S-Series is a highly practical, robust watch with a unique design that caters to the younger generation. Most notable of all is its ‘squround’ cases, a design language it shares with the P-Series, SevenFriday’s very first watch collection. 

Price list at a Glance

ModelPrice (approximate)Description
SevenFriday S-Series Ref. S1/01$1,049 USD
  • 47mm polished and sandblasted stainless steel case and bezel
  • translucent nylon animation ring
  • metallic blue PVD structural screws
  • black leather with soft-touch padding and black stitching
  • hardened anti-reflective mineral glass
  • automatic movement Miyota 92S5 
  • 40-hour power reserve
  • 3 ATM splash/rain resistant
SevenFriday S-Series Ref. S1/01M$1,340 USD
  • 47mm polished and sandblasted stainless steel case and bezel
  • animation ring made of recyclable translucent nylon
  • metallic blue PVD structural screws
  • stainless steel strap with adjustable links
  • butterfly buckle
  • K1 mineral case glass
  • automatic movement Miyota 82S5
  • 40-hour power reserve
  • 3 ATM splash/rain resistant
SevenFriday S-Series Ref. S3/01$1,199 USD
  • 47mm stainless steel case with sandblasted black PVD polished outer and sandblasted black inner bezel
  • black EPDM with crown protector animation ring
  • polished stainless steel with NFC-chip embedded within globe case back
  • black silicone seatbelt design with red stitching
  • automatic movement Miyota 82S5, 40-hour power reserve
  • 3 ATM splash/rain resistant
SevenFriday S-Series Ref. S2/01$1,250 USD
  • 47mm polished stainless steel case and outer bezel
  • matte-black PVD inner bezel
  • sandblasted antique brass PVD
  • hardened anti-reflective mineral glass
  • embossed black calfskin leather with soft-touch padding and black stitching
  • automatic movement Miyota 82S5
  • 40-hour power reserve
  • 3 ATM splash/rain resistant

How Much is a SevenFriday S-Series Watch? 

SevenFriday’s S-Series models retail at a little over $1,000 USD, positioning itself on the more affordable side of the spectrum for a luxury watch. At this price point, it is quite surprising to have such top-quality materials and a thoughtful design language. For many watch enthusiasts, the look and quality of these SevenFriday watches make them look more expensive than they actually are. 

The first model to check out from the S-Series collection is the SevenFriday S-Series Ref. S1/01, available at a price of $1,049 USD. In designing this watch, the brand drew inspiration from clean industries and recycling. This was made evident in the choice of material as well as in the conscious construction of the watch, as it efficiently mimics products that have been made out of recyclable material. This 47mm rounded square watch is made from polished and sandblasted stainless steel. It comes with a specially hardened mineral glass coated in a layer of anti-reflective material. The S-Series Ref. S1/01 introduces to the horology community the novel use of translucent nylon in a stainless steel body, which allows wearers to see the blue PVD structural screws that keep the watch’s components in place. The hood of the watch is lifted to reveal the engine inside. As a final detail, we can see a recyclable number 7 in the animation ring that serves as encasement. Like all the watches in this collection, the S-Series Ref. S1/01 contains the Japanese automatic movement Miyota 82S5, with a power reserve of 40 hours. This watch comes in a comfortable black leather strap. SevenFriday also offers a variant of the Ref. S1/01 with a fitted metal bracelet, dubbed the SevenFriday S-Series Ref. S1/01M, which retails at $1,340 USD.

Subsequent to the first model is the SevenFriday S-Series Ref. S3/01, retailing at $1,199 USD. This eccentric-looking timepiece is dressed in a sleek black PVD case, a crown guard, and comes with a black silicone seatbelt design. What makes these watches uniquely interesting is their gunmetal satin dials that are arranged in complex layers. Like all the S-Series models, the Ref. S3/01 has an open case that exposes the chassis and the engine. It also contains an NFC chip embedded in the case back which connects the watch to an app for the wearer to authenticate and register the watch. 

Filling in the gap, we have the SevenFriday S-Series Ref. S2/01, which costs approximately $1,250 USD. It has a more vintage look compared to the other S-Series models, paying homage to the industrial machines that are synonymous with the second industrial revolution. Of course, the choice of the rhodium and brass material in the S-Series Ref. S2/01 alludes to the industrial valve that patinas over time. Looking at the time with the S-Series watches may seem intimidating at first, given their complicated designs. But a closer look at the S2/01 reveals that you can easily spot the brass-colored hour hand and the rhodium-colored minute hand, both painted with luminescent material for full visibility even in dark. Between 4 and 5 o’clock, you can also see the seconds display indicated by rhodium arrows. Finally, the opaline dial ring shows the minute track. Of course, there are exposed screws as well as an exposed oscillating ring which you can peek at through a window placed at 7 o’clock. These are the little details SevenFriday designed to fully embody the S-Series’ quaint, industrial look. 

SevenFriday S-Series' History and Design Details

SevenFriday is a fairly new lifestyle brand that started in 2012. It achieved huge commercial success with the launch of its antecedent collection, the P-Series watches, as they carried novel, outside-the-box designs at remarkably affordable prices. SevenFriday went on to produce other collections such as the M-Series, Q-Series, and V-Series in successive years. In 2017, it launched the S-Series, with its first model being the Ref. S1/01, which had a recyclable translucent nylon case that is heavily inspired by clean industries. SevenFriday later produced the Ref. S3/01 which draws inspiration from old-school industrial engines. To fill in the gap, it then created the Ref. S2/01, named after the Second Industrial Revolution, which it pays tribute to. 

Reasons to Buy a SevenFriday S-Series watch 

Chances are if you’ve come across the brand before, then you’ve already seen SevenFriday watches through Instagram where its presence is exponentially growing. With such a creative and eccentric design, coupled with the vibrant colors of the models, especially seen in the M-Series, it is not surprising that the younger generation has come to love SevenFriday watches. Design and price-wise, and unlike other Swiss watch brands, SevenFriday is far from intimidating for the young watch collector.

The S-Series, having a robust and industrial look, is somewhat intriguing. To be honest, it is not a versatile watch. Some users might think that the 47mm case size is a bit large for a regular-sized wrist, but its lugless design actually means that the S-Series timepieces don’t feel hefty at all around your wrist. Furthermore, in terms of wearability, this is the watch you want to switch up your collection. It might not be the best option for a beginner collector, but for those seeking a true statement piece, or for watch collectors who want to add genuine innovative variety to their collections, the S-Series is where you should look. This is a casual watch to wear from time to time, as a break away from your usual classic dress timekeepers. 

A Novelty Casual Watch

The S-Series Collection is like no other casual luxury watch you’ve seen before. This is a big and bold statement piece that you shouldn’t miss adding to your collection.

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