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New Sevenfriday S-Series Watches

Sevenfriday S-Series Watches for Sale

As a nod to the workers, the S1/01 uses industrial ideas and brings them into focus. With recycling coming as a product of industrial design, the recyclable number 7 transparent animation ring shows the internal construction. The translucent nylon lets the stainless steel body and fixing screws be seen too. The interface is minimal to allow viewing of the complete engine and the hands have been made with metallic blue and Super-Luminova® for total visibility. 

Like the top valve that patinas with good use, the S2/01 is a piece of the hard-working machines that were able to define the second wave of the industrial revolution. The rhodium and antique brass open design detail surrounded by an antique brass animation ring of the S2/01 shows the deep love for the valve as the worker of the revolution. The S2/01 is a stunning timepiece that shows for the individual, the love and development of its industrial revolution roots.  

Sevenfriday is in love with the process of how brands become just that. In contrast to some ideas, it’s not so easy as simply getting a name and logo that feels current. Indeed, the basic development of a brand from scratch or re-branding can be a long process and takes time and will to be both clear and open - maybe easier said than done.   

With roots in global corporate branding and retail interiors architecture, founders Nick Wills and James Coates met circa 10 years ago in the agency world in Shoreditch, East London, where their like-minded approach formed a creative partnership which led to the birth of BusbyWebb in 2014.  

BusbyWebb has an idea that starts with one very core old rule that branding is much more than just placing a badge on something. It most certainly is and the core for these guys is that any successful brand must get the importance of awareness who it is, what it wants to do, who it is targeting and how to move effectively with them.  

The idea of purpose, appeal and then delivery front of mind, the boys and girls at BusbyWebb believe that any good company should be fully thought of, appropriate and have a clear idea and way of speaking and that any in-coming brief be fully questioned to fully comprehend the goal.  

In respect to design, the guys are looking to stress the key of everyone involved keeping up-to-date with new makes and market insights so that each one fits with the ethos and essence of the client. And it seems that cool elements to the BusbyWebb business are often being powered by other creative fields.  

The team here moves around a lot, and collectively they find it remarkable how much street art is around the place. The whack of inner city art has moved on and gathered pace since it started to receive great acclaim in the 1970-80’s through the Hip Hop culture in New York/US suburbs.  

The creators of the art such as the likes of Philadelphia’s ‘Corn-bread’, Jean-Michel Basquiat and latterly King Robbo, allowed an enterprising world where real talent became more loved and loose. Where Banksy works are sold for plenty and artists like Keith Haring are using their talent to bring art to the world.

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