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New Sevenfriday Q-Series Watches

SevenFriday Q-Series: Vintage Industrial Watches for Men

SevenFriday is popular for releasing watches that can match every style and fashion. Along with its famous M, P, and V series of watches, SevenFriday introduced the Q-Series several years ago with affordable prices for everyone. Sleek, vintage, and industrial are the primary descriptors of these Q-Series watches, which are the  perfect timekeeping companions for men. Despite being a fairly small range, the Q-Series still manages to provide wearers with a diverse set of options, with fun pieces that draw inspiration from travel, racing, and music, so there is sure to be something for everyone. 

Price List at a Glance: SevenFriday Q-Series 


Price (Approx.)


SevenFriday Q-Series Q2/03 "CHOO-CHOO"

$1,099 USD


  • 44.3mm diameter
  • Brown dial color
  • Polished stainless steel case back
  • 40-hour power reserve

SevenFriday Q-Series Q3/05


$1,099 USD


  • 44.3mm diameter
  • Black dial color
  • Polished stainless steel
  • 40-hour power reserve
SevenFriday Q-Series Q2/02

$1,149 USD

  • 44.3mm diameter
  • Brown dial color
  • Polished stainless steel
  • 40-hour power reserve
SevenFriday Q-Series Q1/01

$869 USD

  • 44.3mm diameter
  • Gray dial color
  • Polished stainless steel
  • 40-hour power reserve

How Much is a SevenFriday Q-Series Watch

Despite its unusual industrial design, the SevenFriday Q-Series comprises very affordable watches, which is one of the reasons why it is adored by so many. The price of a Q-Series timepiece starts at $869 USD, and can go as high as just $1,149 USD. 

The SevenFriday Q-Series Q1/01, which comes with a silver steel case & black leather strap costs around $869 USD only. Inspired by the world of music, the timepiece showcases a crisp polished stainless steel case and dial that echo the vintage, monochromatic analog recording instruments and mixing consoles of the music industry during the 1960s. The Beatles’ famous Abbey Road is the perfect epitome of this. 

This timepiece is fitted with a hefty 44.3mm diameter case with a vertically brushed top bezel. The round, polished stainless steel in the dial complements the square-shaped edges of the case with a combination of black, silver-white, and gunmetal colors. All the components visible on the dial are made to match elements in a recording studio. The distinctive decentralized 24-hour ring is part of the multi-level interface on which you can find the seconds disc and the date functions. 

If you’re looking for something which pops with a little more color, check out the SevenFriday Q-Series Q2/02, which features a combination of metallic gold, opaline black, and gun-metal colors. These colors are usually found on the engine order telegraph of steamboats, so you can clearly see where the inspiration for this model came from. For a price of $1,149 USD, this timepiece comes with an equipped FAST Strap Changer (FSC). This is a quick-release pin that can be used to remove the classy brown leather strap without needing any special tools. 

The Q-Series Q2/02 also has a round stainless steel case with squared edges, just like the previous model. It features colors that evoke the image of the industrial revolution, such as powder printed gold, rhodium, and black. The Q-Series Q2/02’s 12-hour decentralized disc is found on the multi-level interface along with the seconds disc that resembles an old-school engine order telegraph. 

Another affordable watch from the Q-Series is the SevenFriday Q-Series Q3/05, which retails at just $1,099 USD. This stylish men’s watch takes inspiration from the pit lane on a race track. As such, it features a suave black stitching strap, a sturdy case made from polished stainless steel and PVD gunmetal with a vertically brushed finish, and hardened domed mineral glass. 

All the components of this Q-Series Q3/05 timepiece are designed to resemble precision mechanical equipment. Modern and vintage equipment from pit lane garages, especially the tire pressure gauges, served as the primary inspiration for the making of this watch. Just like other Q-Series models, it has Arabic numerals with sharp silver-toned hands. The use of extra-large central hands allows the wearer to tell the time more easily. 

Last but certainly not least, we have the SevenFriday Q-Series Q2/03 "CHOO-CHOO", a $1,099 USD timepiece that is made to be the perfect representation of an industrial design. It is an automatic, men’s watch inspired by the look of steam locomotives during the industrial revolution. It’s copper dial and brown leather strap serve to give it a very vintage look, especially since it uses a genuine, wax-treated railroad track strap. 

In addition, the Q-Series Q2/03 is a truly one of a kind watch with its sandblasted stainless steel circular case with squared edges. It uses a specially hardened mineral glass for better protection from scratches. The manometer placed on the dial allows the minute hand and timer to measure the pressure being exerted on the watch with every move of the locomotive. 

Seven Friday Q-Series' History and Design Details

SevenFriday is a Swiss lifestyle brand that has been creating industrial-inspired watches since 2012. Its vision in creating these watches is to give every wearer a chance to have an extraordinary experience with a highly functional companion on their wrist. The company was founded by entrepreneur Daniel Niederer and designer Arnaud Duval after Niederer returned to Switzerland from Thailand as a distributor of luxury watches. 

Since these SevenFriday watches were birthed in the 21st century, you can expect them not to be the typical heirloom watches from your grandparents. These watches compete in the modern world with their unique, industrialized, outside-the-box designs.  Unlike other brands that follow the designs of classic, vintage watches, SevenFriday adopts eccentric designs through the combination of different colors and materials. More than anything else, SevenFriday stands out with its non-digital, non-traditional time displays enclosed in a “squround” watch—an uncommon style that combines square edges and round-shaped cases. 

The SevenFriday Q-series, in particular, flaunts the company’s FSC mechanism. It is a Fast Strap Changer that allows you to quickly and easily remove the strap of the watch without any special tools. All you have to do is press the pushers at 8 and 10 o’clock, and you can change the straps without any hassle at all. 

Additionally, the most eye-catching and interesting feature of the Q-Series is its multi-level interface. These are multiple layers of dials that give unconventional time displays to all wearers of SevenFriday watches. These interfaces have a 24-hour or 12-hour disc and an “additioner principle” seconds disc to allow for a more precise keeping of time. 

SevenFriday Q-Series watches are all powered by a customized Miyota 2819 automatic movement. The Miyota 2819 is a high-performance Japanese movement that offers a central hour hand. SevenFriday decided to customize the movement to distinguish themselves from other watches by emphasizing the date display. The movement functions at 3 Hertz, with 21,600 vibrations per hour, 40+ hours of power reserve, and an accuracy of -20 to +40 seconds per day.

The case backs of all Q-Series watches have NFC chips which allow for authentication through SevenFriday’s mobile app. It is a convenient way to track anti-counterfeit measures using RFID and other such applications. The printed industrial origins of the brand are also found on the case back. It shows headquarter maps in Zurich, Japan, Hong Kong, and China. 

Five Reasons to Buy SevenFriday Q-Series Watches

There are thousands of watches available on the local and international markets today. But the SevenFriday Q-Series watches are still worth every dollar you spend on them. Here are the top five reasons why you should definitely own one:

1. High-tech authentication. 

Most traditional watches use only cards or serial numbers for authentication. However, with counterfeit watches becoming increasingly advanced in terms of their production and imitation, the risk of getting scammed into buying a fake timepiece has only grown in recent years. SevenFriday’s use of the NFC chip allows for more secure authentication and registration of watches, as well as an easier application of the warranty. 

2. Fast Strap Changer (FSC) mechanism. 

With the Q-Series, you do not need to worry about your patience being tested while changing the straps or bands from your watch. The Fast Strap Changer mechanism is here to give you a hassle-free process by just pushing on the side of the case for instant release of the strap.

3. Intricate dials.

The Q-Series’ distinctive, multi-level dial is quite a state-of-the-art design that cannot be found in most other brands. Its 3D effect gives the watch a high-end look that is enhanced by the use of a better finish and polished sandblasted cases. 

4. Affordable timepieces. 

The price range of the SevenFriday Q-Series starts from just $869 USD as the cheapest to $1,190 USD as the most expensive prices for brand new models. Even though SevenFriday offers very affordable prices, it never waivers in producing high-end, functional watches that everyone needs in their busy lives. 

5. Innovative industrial designs. 

The Q-Series’ interplay of colors and materials draws from different fun inspirations like racing and music, bringing the designs of these watches to a whole new level of innovation. 

SevenFriday Q-Series: Sleek and Unique

The SevenFriday Q-Series watches are an excellent pick if you want a statement piece to complete your contemporary look. Moreover, if you are looking for a specific model to buy, the SevenFriday Q-Series Q2/03 “CHOO-CHOO” would be a great option. It is a very affordable and popular model with an inspired locomotive-based motif. That said, the Q-Series draws from a variety of unusual influences, which leads to a diverse catalog of watches that is sure to cater to every customer. 

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