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New Sevenfriday Q-Series Watches

Sevenfriday Q-Series Watches for Sale

The Q1/01 is an industrial essence tribute to the soundboards and audio equipment that make music. The round stainless steel box with squared edges features black, silver white and gunmetal colors found in a recording studio. The multi-level interface features a decentralized 24H disc and seconds disc both showing the wheel of multi-track tape players. The date feature displays at the 3H mark. Boasting the FAST Strap Changer (FSC), the “quick release” pin can be taken off easily.  

The metallic gold, opalin black and gunmetal hues seen on the engine order telegraph of steamboats inform the industrial revolution colours of the Q2/02. The total stainless steel box with squared edges has powder printed gold, black and rhodium colors found on the inside of vintage steamboats. The multifaceted interface shows a decentralized 12H disc inspired by the engine order. The date function is displayed at the 3H mark. Equipped with the FAST Strap Changer (FSC), the “quick release” pin is genius.  

In the industrial revolution, the idea of steam locomotives bringing transportation to a new level was huge The black, gray and copper colors located in a locomotive cockpit inspired the colors of the Q2/03. The moving disc redesigned to 12-hour disc with AM/PM indicator give a glimpse into the earner working of these iron beasts. The moving minute hand and timer recall the manometers that gauge pressure with every shift of the locomotive. The railroad track leather strap is wax-treated and offers a worn leather sensation with all wears. The leather used is a natural material, with all straps varying somewhat and each able to develop a vintage patina from wear adding to their style. Most scratches and scuffs can be removed away with a slightly moist cloth.  

The Q3/05 takes ideas from the pit lane, bringing design features from accurate mechanical things. There's a unique ambience on a race day, the sounds, smells and sights of engines being ripped to their end. We saw modern and age old ideas used from pit lane garages down the ages, drawing especially from tire pressure measurements when making this watch.  

Swiss watch brand Sevenfriday has created a large impact on the world watch industry in less than six years. Clearly, the idea from the launch was to move the centre of what is one of the world’s most loved industries, shrouded as it is in centuries-old knowledge and beliefs. What Seven Friday want to do is take traditional Swiss watchmaking concepts and apply them to modern, industrial inspired timepieces that change what it means to be a watchmaking name from Switzerland.   

Sevenfriday watches turn the very ideas of a watch on its head, zoning in on combining cool construction with modern day looks. These models do not simply aim to look good on the wrist, their intention is quite clearly to adore and even shock all who come across them. Sevenfriday watch designs live long in the memory and it is no wonder that this range of timepieces has caused such a piece in the industry in just a few years since launch.

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