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New Sevenfriday M-Series Watches

Sevenfriday M-Series Watches for Sale

M1B/01 captures the casual yet sophisticated weekend style - a juxtaposition of cleverly contrasting materials inspired by the marks of industry, but with a definitive futuristic twist, creating a modern-day classic. The multi-level interface features an iconic time-reading system by discs and two deep stamped-pattern plates. The blue sandblasted animation ring and the exclusive denim strap complete the right tonality.  

The M2/02 takes inspirations from copper pipes, a quintessential mechanical element during the industrial revolution. Featuring a stainless steel box with rose gold PVD treatment and a polished rose gold PVD identification plate, the M2/02 has a dark grey mirror PVD treated bezel with rose gold highlights. It’s stainless steel animation ring is sandblasted dark grey PVD while the interface is comprised of seven dark grey and rose gold layers, alternately finished in cast iron grain stamped pattern, opalin, matt and satin. Three customized discs indicating hours, minutes and seconds allows time reading from right to left.  

Sevenfriday presents to you the M2B/01 watch, the latest addition to the wildly popular M-Series. A best seller from the moment it was introduced, the M-Series combines our love of industrial design and the drive for originality that we are known for at Sevenfriday! The M2B/01 is a sophisticated addition to the family with understated greys complemented by flashes of rose gold colouring.  

Emblazoned with black and red and speed all over, the M3/01 is light years ahead. Seven layers and 11 applied parts create a multilevel interface with three-dimensional effect. Sandblasted and polished black and gunmetal discs form an aerodynamic Y-Wing emblazoned with the Sevenfriday logo at the 3H mark. The Y-Wing shape leaves space to showcase the three overlapping white discs indicating the hours, minutes and seconds, read from left to right. 

Striker red highlights placed at the 9H-mark indicate the hour on the left and striker red arrow indicates the minutes on the right. Seconds float in increments of 5 above the identification plate. Asymmetrically placed decorative screws on the upper disc enhance the industrial spirit of this edition. The grooved black silicone serves as bumpers on the animation ring and black calf leather straps.  

Since releasing six years ago back in the year 2013, Swiss company Seven Friday has had a huge impact on the international horology industry. Obviously, the brand mission from the get go was to shake the very core of what is one of the globe’s most rigid areas, covered as it is in ancient ideas and roots. What Sevenfriday want to do is take old Swiss watchmaking techniques and put them to modern, industrial inspired timepieces that redefine what it means to be a watchmaking brand from Switzerland.   

The watches have now proven their worth as some of the most beautiful and good looking watches to be created in recent years. Seven Friday timepieces turn the very idea of a watch on its axis, focusing on blending complex build with modern day styling. These watches do not simply aim to look good on the wrist, their intention is quite clearly to adore and even shock all who come across them. 

Truly, Sevenfriday watch ideas live long in the memory and it is no wonder that this range of watches has caused such a burst in the industry in just a few years since creation.

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